8 Tricks That Will INSTANTLY Improve Your Style

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you 8 tricks
that will instantly improve your style. And when we say style, we’re not only talking
about the clothes you wear, because style is so much more than that. It’s your morning routine, the decisions
you make every day, and the way you carry yourself when entering a room. And when you take all these factors and mix
them all together, they’re what make you… …You. But we get it… It’s not easy finding your own personal
style, so don’t worry. We’ve got you covered With 8 tricks that will INSTANTLY improve your style. 8. Try Before You Buy Unless your pants split and your crotch is hanging out,
You should never rush a clothing purchase. And here’s why:
As we’ve said a million times before, your clothes need to fit properly,
But one of the most frustrating issues you’ll face while scouring the outlet mall is that
different brands fit differently, And to make it even more of a pain in the
ass, once you find a brand you like, There’s always a chance that they’ll redesign
their clothing lines, Making the brand you’ve fallen in love with
over the years fit like a trash bag. So always, always, always take a trip to the
fitting room and read reviews before you buy some new duds. It’ll take more time, but at least you won’t
have to return clothes that don’t fit – or worse – wear them because you already ripped
the tags off. 7. Keep the Mane Tame Most guys know that facial hair can be ridiculously sexy… But they forget that it needs to look intentional. After all, even Jason Momoa’s massive beard
requires some daily TLC. But how do you decide whether to go full viking,
a more manicured JCrew outdoors, or a subtle stubble? Well… According to research published in the journal
Personality and Individual Differences, Women considered guys with a little stubble
to be the most attractive. And they were also more likely to choose men
with light stubble for both short- and long-term relationships. So if you’ve struggled with choosing the
right length for your facial hair, struggle no more. Short and clean is scientifically proven to
make a girl crazy for you. And it’ll instantly improve your style. 6. Moisture is Key You ever notice how women always seem to have smooth skin? Well it’s because they rub lotion all over
their bodies. And you should too. Because let’s face it… Absolutely zero girls want to date a dry,
scaly, Lizardman who sheds his skin flakes all over the place. So be sure to rub some lotion on your body
and nutrient-rich oils on your face after a shower… Oh, and speaking of showers… Take short, cold ones instead of long, hot
ones. Why? Because while yes, water is wet, it’s not
what keeps your skin moisturized. Your natural oils do that. And excessive exposure to water washes those
oils away, which dries out your skin. Hot water just makes it happen quicker. So the bottom line is this, fellas: Most guys
don’t have smooth skin, so women love to put their hands all over one who does. And just like a trimmed beard improves your
style, a smooth body does the same… It’s just not fully evident until your clothes
are off. So if you want to be the talk of all the girls’
social circles, having smooth skin is definitely one of our favorite tricks to get girls to
chase you. Wanna learn some more tricks for keeping your
body in stellar condition? Check out our other post on skincare. 5. Dress for Your Inner Badass Guys, did you know that wearing socks with sandals will guarantee your acceptance into
the hobo hall of fame? And did you know that dressing like a penguin
will make you look like a penguin? While penguins are cute, guys who look like
penguins are not one of the things women are highly attracted to. But they are attracted to guys who take all
the timely style advice, And then put their own badass stamp on it. But don’t get us wrong… It’s not like these guys are out there dressed
like an alien from another planet (which is common in the weird world of fashion shows.) Instead, they take what’s stylish and inject
it with a big old dose of their personality. Truly owning your style as a reflection of
your individuality will have a huge impact on how you carry yourself,
And it’ll make women wonder if you’re as interesting as you look,
Instead of writing you off as just another boring catalog cutout. 4. Boots Should Be Boots If you had a time machine, you could travel to any fashionable time period,
And you’d find that boots are always super IN. So it’s best to have a pair or two. But with men’s style mags saturated with
images of boot and beard combos, How are you supposed to know which boots are
for you? Well, here’s our no-brainer advice on snagging
the perfect pair, It’s one of our universal tricks that will
instantly improve your style. And it’s super simple advice: boots should
be boots. There’s nothing attractive about a guy tiptoeing
across a puddle ‘cause he doesn’t want to get his vintage boots wet. Making sure your accessories are actually
functional is crucial to selling the authenticity of your style. It’s one of the critical details that makes
men’s style… manly. So make sure all of your accessories not only
look amazing but serve their intended purpose, too. 3. Timeless Basics One of the biggest drawbacks to giving a funk about style at all is this:
Nice threads are expensive. So be smart about what you’re purchasing. The biggest mistake you can make that you’ll
always regret is to follow the trends too closely. The thing about trends is that they can change
quickly; that’s what makes them trendy. And trying to refresh your wardrobe to keep
pace with the fashion industry will quickly thin your wallet
The solution? Find those timeless components that will never
go out of style, such as dark denim; clean, logo-free, crew-neck
T’s; and the most versatile blazers you can find. Follow this advice before you go into debt
chasing vanishing trends that never truly catch on,
And be confident and at peace with the knowledge that you’ll never be out of style. 2. Define Your Style Another common mistake guys make is trying to build a wardrobe portfolio that matches
too many different styles. Take denim jeans for example. Whatever your favorite brand might be,
You’re going to have many different style choices: original, classic, regular, skinny,
boot cut, relaxed fit. The style choices are endless. Experiment with as many as you need to find
your specific style that makes you feel great, Then stick to that fit with just 1 – and no
more than 1 – variation. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have variety
in your wardrobe because you absolutely should. Nobody wants to be pegged as the guy who wears
the same clothes everyday; It can scar you with a bad reputation of being dirty. But stick to your style and create variation
by adding different colors or washes in that same style. This will help you clearly define your style
without becoming completely uninteresting. 1. Hair Style A flower has its corolla. A lion has its mane, and a peacock has its
plume. And you… you, gentlemen, have your crown. No, not that crown. Your hair. It’s your crown jewel (pun intended) and
can make or break your entire ensemble. Get it right, and girls be like, “whaaaaaaat? Who’s that? Is that that guy?” Get it wrong and girls won’t be like anything
because they just won’t notice that you exist. So what’s the secret to taming your mop
top into an alluring centerpiece? Use product. El natural has its place and time,
But most of the time, you need to utilize the gifts of men’s hair styling products
So whether it’s wax, pomade, cream, gel, or spray,
Find what works best for you, and never leave home without applying the finishing touches. Those are the 8 tricks that will instantly
improve your style and the one thing that will never work. And while you’re here, why not check out
these other powerful videos? Thanks for watching!


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