8 Style Tips To ALWAYS Look Polished & Put Together

8 Style Tips To ALWAYS Look Polished & Put
Together [0:00:00]
My first tip to always look polished and put together, organize your accessories like you’re
a prisoner in Alcatraz. Whoa! What am I talking about? Let me explain.
So, when you take the Alcatraz tour and you go to the kitchen, notice how they store their
knives. Now, this little white box makes two things very easy. One, the prisoners know
exactly which knife goes in which location. And the second thing is accountability. The
guards know if a knife has not been put away and that someone’s going to get shanked
tonight. [Sound effect] So, how does this apply to you? Because, gentlemen,
when you want to look good when you want to dress sharp, you want to be able to find your
accessories. Case in point, I couldn’t find one of my favorite watches and I put it in
one of my jacket pockets. And guess what? That’s not where it belongs.
I couldn’t find it, didn’t even make my watch collection video versus other watches
which I put in watch winders, I put in watch boxes the vast majority of my collection,
therefore I know where it’s at. Guys, leverage the power of boxes. Maybe a
catchall for your keys, a jewelry box for your cufflinks. Whatever it is, guys, find
what works for you and leverage it. I’ve even got a little leather case where I keep
my extra shoelaces. Next up, an emergency Dopp kit; one in your
office, one in your vehicle. And this doesn’t have to be fancy. You could use a simple plastic
bag. The point is you’ve got the items you need whatever you’ve got that big presentation
you didn’t expected. Or you pulled an all nighter and, yeah, you’re going to have
to clean up and still go into the office that morning. Guess what? You pull out your emergency
Dopp kit, you can still look good. So, what do I keep inside? Usual suspects.
I want a fragrance that I can wear it to the office is going to be inoffensive, something
that’s relatively light and fresh. Hairbrush with a styling cream, so I can keep my hair
in place. Oh, you don’t have hair? Well, guess what?
You’re still going to probably need shaving gel, you’re going to need a razor. I’ve
got a disposable right here. Toothbrush, I’ve got toothpaste in there. I’ve also got a
body moisturizer. I get really dry hands during the winter.
Basically, you want to have in here the items that you would normally use. Yeah, it’s
going to cost you a few dollars, but, guys, when you need it, it’s going to pay dividends.
Now, let’s talk about bags. Gents, upgrading your everyday carry is one of the easiest
ways to look more polished and put together. So, it’s a good-looking duffel, right? Imagine
taking this to the gym, how it’s going to level up your style versus taking that torn
up canvas backpack that you’ve had for years. These are things you want to look for no matter
who makes the bag. First up, you want to look at the hardware. You want to make sure that
right here we don’t have any cracks, that the hardware is solid. A lot of companies
are going to skip here. Looking at the D rings, I’m looking at the
rivets. Rivet basically that metal part right here that’s going to reinforce the stitching
because that’s the next thing you want to look at is the stitching. Are the lines straight?
Did they use quality thread? Are there loose stitches? This is what you want to look for
when you’re looking at bags to make sure you get a great deal.
Guys, if you’re interested in this hundred percent full grain classic duffel, you want
to go grab it over at Mahi Leather. They’re the sponsor of today’s video and I’ve
talked about these guys before because I love what they’re doing.
In case you’re not familiar with Mahi, they’re over in Uttar Pradesh which is in northern
India. Basically, this is the hub for quality made leather goods. And what we see is that
these guys are delivering on that promise. They’re making a wide variety of great leather
bags and leather goods at honest prices. Now, this duffel right here as I said it’s
a hundred percent full grain leather. Whenever we open up we see a nice cotton lining. And,
what I love about this bag, I’ve had one very similar to it for almost two years I’ve
used that one as my go-to gym bag. It’s a rugged tough bag that’s functional. We’ve
got this pocket right here with YKK zippers right here on the outside. They use good hardware.
Now, one thing I love about Mahi is they got a wide variety of products and every product
is made to order. And guess what? When you order it, you can also get customization.
So, if you want to have your initials, you want to get something on it, you can do that
as well. Now, all the leather used by Mahi is a byproduct
of the meat and dairy industry. Also, for every sale, $1.50 towards clean water causes
throughout India. These guys also have a really good business model because they don’t have
inventory, they have a very small footprint. Again, they’re not making excess inventory
of things they can’t get rid of. They make everything to order.
Guys, I’m linking to Mahi down in the description of today’s video with the best deal you’re
going to find out there. Use that discount code, go grab your bag over at Mahi.
Now, this next tip for looking polished and put together sounds easy, but it’s harder
than it sounds because it requires a change in your habits.
Now, most men after they wear something, they just put it away and then they say, okay,
I’ll polish that shoes, I’ll clean up my jacket before I wear it next time. Well,
guess what? When you got to wear it next time, you are in a hurry, you’re running out the
door. You want to polish your shoes, you want to
clean off your jackets, you want to do that type of stuff immediately after wearing the
item. Have a brush that is dedicated to nothing more than removing salt, dirt, grime, anything
on your shoes after you wear and then, have a quick applicator.
So, this isn’t going to be a long polish, you’re just simply going to have an applicator
that you’re going to use and put a little bit on there. Is this as the same as doing
a full polish? No, but guess what? It’s going to put a small protective layer. And,
when you want to wear those shoes the next day and you’re running out the door, they’re
going to look great. [0:05:00]
Now, the next tip to look polished and put together is to give yourself margin. This
is time to actually prepare. Time in which you’re not going to be rushed, time that’s
in your calendar that, yes, you can take care of yourself.
Thirty minutes on Sunday mornings that you actually dedicate to grooming. All the deep
grooming, yes, cutting your nails, most men actually don’t have a grooming kit like
this and I think they should. But, they also don’t have a time set aside to take care
of their nails. Go for a nicer longer shave. There are shaves
that don’t just take two minutes, but you could actually take a good fifteen minutes
get a nice lather, use a straight razor, use a safety razor, whatever it is, guys. But,
enjoy that shave and actually take time to take care of yourself.
The next tip to always looking polished and put together, clean your clothing in bulk.
And, again, have a time that you take it all maybe to the laundromat or that you do it
yourself. I find that when I iron my shirts, it’s easier just to iron ten in a row. And
I also own enough shirts that I’m able to go through them and not worry about running
out in a week. Think about this in advance and do things
in bulk because all the time it takes to bring out the iron and set it up, that right there
can be enough of a barrier that you’re not going to do it, so when you go out and all
of a sudden you got wrinkles there. Guys, take care and set up those systems. Do it
in bulk, so that you’re able to spread out that time and you’re able to look amazing.
The next tip to looking polished and put together is to say no to good enough. What am I talking
about here? I’m talking about that you wear clothing that doesn’t actually do you any
favors. You don’t actually like it. Imagine going out to a fancy restaurant taking
your date and all of a sudden they put out some food that does not look great. In fact,
they didn’t even try, there was no effort here. Are you going to feel satisfied? No.
Then, why do we put up with this? When you go to the gym and you spend an hour
at the gym five to six days a week and then you wear clothing that actually makes you
look worse, why – why not wear clothing that you love every time you put it on you
feel great. Break up with all that clothing that just is okay and start to replace it
with items that you absolutely love. When you start to build up a wardrobe like
that, gents, all of a sudden you are taking your style to the next level.
Next up, say, hell, no to mediocre shoes. You want to wear shoes, again, that you absolutely
love. So, it’s pretty closely related to the last point, but I want to focus in on
footwear because this is something that people notice. They get fixated on shoes.
For centuries, shoes are something that indicated how much wealth you had. It’s something
as a society we look down and we make judgment. Remember back in high school, if you didn’t
have the right shoes, you were not cool. Guess what? This still applies to us all though
hopefully we’ve outgrown, you know, the need for it, but it is still pretty nice when
you’re wearing shoes and people stop you and give you compliments. People are saying,
“Hey, where did you get those?” You wear a western boots over in Europe, people
are going to try to buy those things off you. Point being, guys, is if you want to feel
like a rock star, wear boots that make you look like one.
Now, this next tip most guys never figure out, and that is have a go-to color that you
can build your interchangeable wardrobe around. You can build into your interchangeable wardrobe.
A lot of guys, purple, it’s just not something they have a lot in their wardrobe.
But, for some guys they, you know what? I love purple. They find a way to bring in a
purple suede jacket, they bring in purple shirts. They find a way to even bring in purple
in on their shoes and their trousers. Guys, find what color works for you. I know
for me, olive green. I just got so many jackets that have green in them, shoes. I find a way
to bring green in because I absolutely love it. But, the point is I’ve got it in the
right pieces. When you understand that, you’re able to bring in something that sets you apart
and that you could own completely. Now, let’s talk about avoiding temptations.
So, any of you married guys working in agency in which you are the only guy and there’s
fifty beautiful women surrounding you? Yeah, that sounds like a lot of danger right there.
So, why are you doing this with your closet? You walk into your closet and you have honestly
just stained clothing, clothing that doesn’t fit you, clothing that you shouldn’t be
wearing all over the place. Guys, package all of that up. Set your closet, so guess
what? You walk in and you’ve got the right clothing that you want to wear.
All right. So, how to take action on this information? Well, guys, check out this video
right here, how to go from ordinary boy to extraordinary man. Actually, I talk about
how to make the style upgrades. I talk about a bit in this video, but you want to check
this one out because I’ll go into more detail on how to take action.
[0:09:23] End of audio


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