8 Items I No Longer Wear And What I Replaced Them With

hi guys welcome back to my channel if
you are new to the channel welcome join us there’s lots of buddies in here
today we’re gonna talk about eight items I no longer wear I do this edit I would
say every like two years or so to try to figure out which items eight I can just
get out of my closet so there’s no clutter and be what attracted me to them
and why I no longer wear the first item I know all the where our big hats and I
invested in some really good big hats and I’ve been to like a phase where it
was all the rage for me I have to say though I have some really really nice
ones from Australia that I ordered online I didn’t go to Australia for I
had I wish I did for some reason like something just stopped doing it for me
so I have about six of them sitting in my closet this one is action is our one
that I got a long time ago and now I feel like I am all about that beanie
life it’s just easy and actually keeps me warm oh and you know what else I’ll
tell you exactly what happened when the wind blows the Hat goes with the wind
that was the reason I stopped wearing them anyways this doesn’t go anywhere so
now I have like several beanies that are my go to my favorite one to this day is
from the dollar store then I had like a really strong face I would say a year
and a half ago where my train hats English boy hat whatever you call it I
was all about it and I still like it it’s just like now feels too trendy for
me second item I no longer wear and this is
I have to fix the sentence because it’s not that I no longer wear that is that
now I choose very carefully where I wear them to because they are still so
beautiful and I cherish to shoot so much but these 120 millimeter stilettos just
don’t work with the 30 year old Valyria I’m becoming this doesn’t work I do
still on these I’ve had it for like eight years and they still can make an
outfit look like top-notch so I’m not getting rid of them there’s just really
few occasions throughout the year where I choose to wear them and most of them I
make sure that I’m not obligated to stand or walk for too long instead of
these I started buying more of this I started going towards the claw heels
something that still give me that height and elongated look but that won’t kill
me and I won’t have to line back for three days after wearing them so
definitely changed my heel game completely and I’m fine with it
look how pretty that the next fashion item I no longer wear our big logo belts
I remember these were all the rage and I did used to wear this one also the
bitchy one that was like a big big trend wasn’t actually pretty belt that was
happening on sale last year I came in and got one for myself and I got the
bigger buckle and I did wear it I enjoyed it but I gave it to my mom I
feel like right now just like where I’m going with my style it kind of like
evolved from there and still a beautiful belt and a lot of people still wear it
so it’s just something that I’m kind of like Kate I’m done with that why I’m
going for our more mutual belts this is even not so mutual this is shiny but
first of all I don’t wear so many belts in general but when I do I’m kind of go
for something that’s less of a statement and more just have functionality if it’s
like to cinch the waist and then I let the outfit actually be the focus rather
than the belle being the focus here’s another version who in New York when I
wore this like big blazer and I just put it to have the waist to be more defined
I just want to make a disclaimer all the stuff that I’m not wearing right now
there’s me no one wear them in the future maybe yours is gonna come out
with some with amazing belt with their logo on it and I’ll come in and buy it
the next item that I no longer wear and this has been for a while now are
actually big julep II obviously you can tell a huge huge shift in the market in
general with fashion of going for the more dainty more delicate pieces and I
have to say it works so much better for me and now I’m going towards more of
this dainty delicate feminine look and these are actually Leia by valaria me
valeriani I’m really really proud of these I curated my absolute favorite
ones and you guys can check it out I’ll put it all in the description box next
fashion item that my no longer where are first of all the
really really high skinny jeans I feel like they’re called
a boyband she’s the field that was what was happening there and I owned Oh quite
a bit of those but with time I needed to get more into like a comfortable fit
that actually works for me so not only that I’ve stayed away now from the
boyband jeans but I also started to wear less and less jeans with rips so before
I actually had quite a bit of these a lot of them I actually got rid of but I
still have this this is actually one from Topshop I still wear it unlike a
more kind of super casual run out days now I feel that I go for more first of
all lighter wash I don’t own dark dark jeans as much as I used to but also no
rips something more classic obviously mom jeans fit so it has to be
high-waisted I would say that’s the majority of the fits that I own these
days then we have our mix and match metals so before I used to be very very
specific with not mixing metals whatsoever when it comes to jewelry or
in general even if I like have a bag with like a gold medal I would never
have like a belt with a silver medal but I feel like now I actually love the look
of it with jewelry as well like even here I started mixing the rose gold with
the white gold there’s a mix of both so I’m not so strict about it anymore and
the same with fashion and clothes I usually don’t like get too obsessed over
it because I feel like now it actually brings like another cool aspect to your
look and then we have sunglasses you guys know I launched my sunglasses
line and they’re Leia Bible area and my absolute absolute favorite shape is the
cat eye no doubt about it this is all I wear
because I really found it to capture the essence of like my style it has this
timeless yet chic look to it and they just can upgrade any outfit so easily so
I have these in quite a bit of colors have the white ones I have the black
ones that are my go-to basic everyday as well as the tortoise and we have my like
fun color ones that I wear especially the convocations and these are wear more
during the summer I have to say so these are the mirrored red ones and all of
these are available I really wanted to make sure that I find the best price
with the best quality for you guys so you can check it out on shop Lea calm
but when I started wearing these I completely drop these other styles that
I used to wear a lot so big sunglasses a little 70s chic used to wear these a lot
not so much anymore probably four go to Coachella Music Festival I’ll run these
again and I also used to wear bigger square shade which don’t really tell the
story of Who I am so badly next item that I used to wear a
lot and this is a staple in a lot of closet so this is by no means me saying
that you need to stop wearing it it’s just something that I found that I
haven’t worn and white a bit and that surprised me by the way as well
like a lot so that one item I’m talking about is leather jacket I haven’t worn a
leather jacket in a very very long time in my opinion a leather jacket is such a
great piece to have in your closet for some reason I’m like over it so this is
one in Istanbul NC Agha and this I actually purchased probably
like eight or nine years ago it wasn’t flirting but I also knew that leather
jackets is something that you’re the best one and you have it in your closet
for a very long time so I’m definitely not getting rid of it I’m gonna wait for
a time where it will come back to me and just like feel more authentic to me but
right now that’s not the case so no more leather jackets for me but I swapped it
with a lot of other Blazers Tinashe a lot of books structured a lot of
different kind of oversized look Blazers and then with a lot of different
overcoats I found that overcoats and general gist you can play around with it
more I have a few different prints to them different colors and it’s just like
another thing that can upgrade or downgrade your look so I’ve been really
really enjoying pairing overcoats with casual clothes with a night out the date
night it really goes either way let me know what are some of the fashion items
you no longer wear thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you
next time if you’re interested to watch my
designer handbag collection click here thank you guys so much for watching


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