7 Time & Money Saving KITCHEN HACKS … | #Budget #Sale #MyMissAnand #CookWithNisha

di want Pomegranate juice.. even me too want it we’ve pomegranate but who’ll extract its juice Chachu plz extract Pomegranate juice for us tell your Dadi as she peels pomegranate so well Dadi plz get me Pomegranate juice OMG Juice… go dear and get it done from your Chachu Chachi plz extract Pomegranate juice OMG!! Your chachu is sitting there Go and ask him all became lazy no one is giving me the juice yeah its little tricky to peel it let it be ok lets eat banana This Seed extractor sort out this problem just cut it into into pices hold it like this put it like this and move it all around like this see how easy to extract juice with it kids generally have fun doing like this while eating so must keep a wooden napkin holder on your dinning table so anyone can easily take it and use it too much humidity lets take out a tissue god knows where I kept it Wow magic tell me what is it nothing just keeping these magical tissues with me and it looks like a candy and neither take too much space just add few drops of water and it turns into a wet wipe its too awesome and have a nice fragrance Mummy, Nisha Aunty cuts salad so perfectly I too do it perfectly its obvious as you don’t have this knife just take out its hook and start cutting veggies with it and its best for hard veggies we planed a party today so my friends are coming in the evening so plz make proper ice cubes this time I’ll give you awesome ice cubes this time so I use this box to freeze ice cubes place this jar and pour water now just allow it to freeze see how cute ice cubes we’ve got its little tricky to keep stuffs in a small fridge so fill this empty space with these three multicolour storage container so you can put small useful stuffs in this tray to save these biscuits and mixture from moisture I told in last hack you to use air tight container but if you don’t have that then use these super stretchable Silicon lid it is available in all size the best part is that you can reuse these and remove like it also no need to that plastic wrap Hacks means which makes our life easier either we do that by buying something or by making it ourself

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