7 Men’s Summer Shoe Mistakes & What Shoes To Wear

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today we’ll discuss 7 summer shoes mistakes
that most men make summer changes our wardrobes and it’s fun
to go along with the seasons but when it comes to shoes, summer shoes are really just for
summer and so they’re inherently different to the shoes that you can wear during spring,
fall, and winter. Of course, people can wear absolutely anything
today and trust me, they do. But as a gentleman, there’s certain classic
style rules that help make you look well put together even during the peak heat of summer. Mistake number one, wearing sandals or flip-flops
for anything other than very specific outdoor occasions. Sorry, gentlemen, but if you’re serious about
your outward appearance, wearing sandals or flip-flops on a regular basis is simply not
in the cards unless you’re rafting or walking in a rocky riverbed. You should never wear sandals; the same is
true for flip-flops, they’re really best at the pool or by the beach but otherwise, don’t
show up with them at a restaurant. Ultimately, no one wants to see your hairy
toes and calluses and that aside, I’ve never come across a really super high-quality pair
of flip-flops or sandals that just had piles of craftsmanship in them. The second mistake is wearing sporty trainers
with your trousers and elegant summer outfits. It simply doesn’t go together. Trainers are fine if you ride your bike or
go to and from the gym or workout in them but outside of that, there’s really no place
for them in your general wardrobe. Nothing makes you look like an old grandpa
than white trainers with white tennis socks so just skip them and put on proper summer
shoes. The third mistake is not understanding the
difference between driving mocs, loafers, and boat shoes. All three of those are great summer shoes
because they are slip ons where you’re after tying if so it’s not just convenient but usually
they also have deeper cutouts which is exposed your ankle more to the air which gives a nice
flow that is cooler than wearing other regular lace-up shoes now what’s the difference between
those three shoe types loafers are considered to be the most formal one out of the three
you can wear the most slacks with seersucker x’ even a seersucker suit or even
a railer suit except if it’s double-breasted then loafers are typically not appropriate
but double-breasted is not advisable through hot summers anyways so you’re good here sometimes
people even since we were in them barefoot however I don’t suggest that if you want to
go for the barefoot look always go with no-show socks it’s much better for your feet and for
the hygiene and it makes you more comfortable in your shoes all day next step down in firm
melody are driving marks if you want to listen something a little more formal go with a penny
loafer a little less casual go with it’s hassle over I like sweet for summer shoes because
they’re casual and you can even go in more exotic colors so just maybe gray navy blue
or dark green driving marks are a step down in terms of formality they’re usually worn
inside the house or while driving but during the summer a lot of people were done just
on the street very soft they’re comfortable but with the typical sole that is not solid
rubber you probably wear them out prematurely if you wear them outside of the house or your
car finally boat shoes are the least formal a classic staple would be a medium chestnut
brown if you want to be a little brighter you can go with blues or salmon reds maybe
green and blue combinations it’s a fun shoe if you adhere to the kind of waspey northeastern
American style the first mistake is buying sewed formal shoes from the uppers such as
Darby’s Oxford’s or wingtip brokes that are then combined with colorful trainer soles
we get it summer is more casual and it also reflects in your shoe board that being said
it’s wiser to play with the colors and letter materials but keeping the letter Sol then
switching to a kind of rubber sole that is green or yellow or red yes it makes you stand
out in a way but it’s more clownish than tasteful that being said rubber soles wear it much
more quickly you can just replace them very easily and so it’s not a really good long-term
investment instead buy a classic leather sole or a classic rubber sole and make a change
of the uppers it’s a much better investment The fifth mistake is buying sneakers and using
them to masquerade other shoes by that I mean people try to buy leather sneakers that are
more expensive and nicer and so all of a sudden they think they can wear it for business casual
or with a suit and it just looks odd and it’s not meant to be worn in that way the
sixth mistake is to pack away all of your other shoes from your closet and simply use
the specific summer shoes now yes you want specific summer shoes at the same time you
can still get out your old brown loafers for example that you can wear in spring and maybe
in the fall or you’re sweet desert boots those are all good shoes that you can utilize also
during the summer so it pays to go through your shoe closet and yes you can
set aside your black Oxford’s or the triple salt boots because that’s not something you
wear during the summer but Brown Jones maybe reddish tones and sweat letters are great
for summer combinations last but not least one of the biggest summer shoe mistakes is
not owning a fun pair of distinct summer shoes they’re really lots of ways to have fun even
with a classic men’s shoe wardrobe and that can include a white pair of buckskin shoes
with colorful shoe laces for example and in general if you want to spice things up and
you can’t quite afford to invest a lot in summer shoes just going with colorful shoe
laces Really change the whole feel and the look of the shoes and you will immediately
look summery with a very small investment for a large selection of round and flat high-quality
waxed cotton shoelaces in over 15 different colors please check our shop here they’re
all made from Fort Belvedere and they come in packages so the more you buy the less expensive
they get alternatively if you’re looking for shoes look for a woven leather shoe or maybe
something with a perforated leather because that will allow more air to get to your foot
so you sweat less and you’re more comfortable if you like softer shoes maybe a pair of colorful
boat shoes or driving locks or something to invest in apart from lighter desert boots
that are unlined and actually very low I suggest you invest in a pair of green shoes because
Green is really underrated especially for summer lately I’ve seen it much more come
up in suits and sport coats and even shirts but for shoes it’s still not really popular
and it’s particularly good in a darker shade such as for a screen or maybe olive green
and with a suede texture apart from that classic spectators can work as well although the black
and white spectators work I think brown and white are better suited for summer because
it’s a less stark contrast and it just goes weather with the warmth outside if you want
to learn more about different shoe types such as loafers or boat shoes Oxford’s Darby’s
the differences please check out our in-depth guides on the website and if you are interested
in summer suits or to eight hallmarks of a great summer jacket please subscribe to our
Channel and stuff like this comes right here in box also use a search function because
we have a lot of things about summer and hot weather in today’s Africa combination with
an off-white jacket that has Center box pleats which makes it easy to move around it’s made
out of a thicker coarser Panama weave fabric it’s from Ralph Lauren purple label and I’m
combining it with a light blue open weave summery shirt and a mattr silk tie in dark
bottle green with blue or yellow accents Fort Belvedere it matches the green belt as well
as my green shoes which are made out of suede leather and are a wingtip Oxford from Scott
Oh so to make it a little more summer without being too bright I edit dark purple shoelaces
that contrast shoes work with a summery theme but they’re not super loud measures a barrel
cuffs because cufflinks would be simply too hot and so I’m wearing a little pinky ring
with malachite which picks up the green color just like the pocket square which ties together
the green tones of a tie and a shoe as well as the light blue of the shirt Nasir Sakura
trousers because the shoes are colorful and seersucker is bright I opted for a dark pair
of over the calf Khan socks in navy with clocks because contrasts a shoe as well as the pants
and creates a nice combination to learn more about how to combine shoes pants and socks
police check out this free PDF guide and if you’re interested in all the four bail deer
accessories showcase in this video you can find them in our shop here

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  • Always great advice. Cheers

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  • The best summer shoes I ever had were replicas of the shoes Roman soldiers had worn 2000 years ago. It was pretty sad for me when my shoemaker told me that he couldn't repair them any more…

  • I am heading back to Japan to work at a collage. What that means is that through the course of the day shoes come on an off so many times that as a middle-aged man lace ups are impracticle. For a summer shoe.i can wear with a suit or sports coat etc I can see the loafer being practical. My question though is what would be a suitable Autumn and winter shoe for suit and sports coat attire?

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    for example christmas… one year I was in shorts, the next year it snowed, we only really have one month of cold weather, and even that can vary… hmmm

  • "I've never came across a really super hight quality pair of flip flops or sandals…"Look as far as Birkenstock. High quality leather, comfy, healthy, durable, tons of colors, styles and for laughable 45 Euros you get a resole with a new foot bed. The problem with sandals is not that people wear them, but that people wear them wrong. With socks, or with long disguisting nails and dirty feet. Of course if you, like yourself, live in your own imaginary 1920's, then a sandal might be a no go, who knows. But then, why is short trousers not a no go? Short trusers for men should be forbidden by law for all men. This is the ULTIMATE man fashion sin.

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  • I knew a guy who got a doctor to verify he had a foot complaint, so he got to wear sandals in the office – like, in those days we needed permission to take our jackets off. A loosened tie and rolled up sleeves were de rigeur on hot days.

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  • Some women are wearing sandals for 9 months a year (march – december), while men do it only for <4 months (june – middle of september). Still those 4 months, the percentage is too low for the season. For example in Athens in lunch restaurants, to watch 2 guys in flip flops at the same restaurant you have to try and search alot, even in July. But now in March, i saw 4 women, 2 in sandals and 2 in BEACH FLIP FLOPS (those 2 drove me crazy) all in the same restaurant. When i will go 4 months later, it will still be very hard to see more than 4 guys in the same restaurant in flip flops. More likely to watch them wearing those thick, winter-like, white nike air forces, even though the temperature will be at least 32oC. How can someone want to make guys in sandals extinct, when the amount is already ridiculously low ? It's depressing to see less guys in flip flops in summer than women in march and april. Sandals isn't a mistake in the 3 summer months, it's the opposite of a mistake. But when only a small minority wears them, some people will consider it as a mistake.

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  • I remember when I was a boy my dad brought me to a local shoemaker and we each got a really nice pair of leather sandals.

  • Sneakers……never wear gym shoes, such as Criss trainers or running shoes outside the gym. If you choose to wear sneakers, make sure your wearing jeans or shorts, maybe maybe kakis. Acceptable sneakers Chuck's, Vans classic collection, Nike Cortez, Reebok's, and Adidas classics or walking shoes.

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  • I do not think any of these shoes are capable of comfort.

  • “Sandles are only ok for the pool or the beach” orrrrr literally anywhere in Southern California.

  • In Aussie we call 'flip flops, ' 'thongs' (I know that elsewhere thongs are for ladies & are brief undergarments), and here we call 'trainers', 'runners'.

  • A friend of mine didn't need laces. Watched the video. Currently on Fort Belvedere looking at laces.

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  • Boat shoes are classic southern staple for guys too. Your videos are always so great to watch. As soon as you brought out the white shoes, I was all abound with cheer.

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  • I love your video always rich of good advice, well put together, very transparent, and quite helpful plus very entertaining, keep up the good work.👍

  • Great advice. Hm…what? Formal shoes on half pants are okay but no sporty trainers with a casual suit? I totally agree with the transhistorical dress code or manner but it seems no generosity and individuality at all.

  • While I agree with a couple of the recommendations, this is generally not advice for gentlemen – it's advice for men who take themselves too seriously (or 80 year old men, at best). Come on, this is 2019, not 1925.

  • Flip flops are definitely conform prison/hood style etiquette. It's not very gentlemanish to assume those people can't be gentlemen. You don't have to be "in the closet" to know or decide what you should or shouldn't have inside it.

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    Also, all your pants are so baggy that even a perfectly sized jackets start looking bad.

  • Penny loafer and bit loafers are acceptable for suits, and Cary Grant wore them with black tie, although that is not usually seen as appropriate. Tassel, Belgian, and Venetian loafers are business casual.

  • rip my crocs lol

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    That's a sin

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  • I’ll have you know that my cordovan flip flops are Goodyear welted and receive compliments everywhere I go

  • If dressed in a light colored suit and summer shoes in the Bahamas or on a cruise, should you dress like this in the evening or only during the day?

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  • Nice work Raphael, but you've missed a trick on this subject. Do some research and present a video on tying shoe lace knots. So many people learn a basic two loop over knot as a child and never progress further. I generally sport a under-loop knot on formal shoes and go a bit off reservation to express style with other footwear.

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  • I'm going to have to disagree with your statements about trainers here. Personally I love the look of a minimal white trainer with formal trousers or a suit as long as you don't have a shirt and tie with it. As a younger guy I think its a great way to look more dressed up but not out of place when all my friends are wearing tracksuits with sliders.

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  • I disagree with you on the colorful soles. One, rubber while it is harder to replace, will outlast leather. Two, they work well with suits but they have their place; nice restaurant – no, casual wedding – yes. They look better than any loafer/moccasin or colorful lace which just looks childish

  • hey try some visvim sandals u get the best sandals in history

  • Driving shoes are like glorified slippers, they have very little interior support and usually a fairly narrow and thin sole. These shoes are made this way so that while driving you can easily feel the pedals with your feet and the narrow sole prevents the edge of a wider sole from catching the edge of a pedal accidentally. The more they are genuine driving shoes, the worse they are for walking, I learned this the hard way at the expense of my poor feet.

  • Great advice.

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