6 MUST-HAVE LOOKS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey

(lively rock music) ♫ You got the look, oh ♫ Yeah, you know we do it better. ♫ You got the look, oh ♫ Yeah, we know we do it right ♫ – What’s up guys!
– Hey! – It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey and today’s video is going to be a Back
to School Fashion video. We’re so excited, some of
these outfits are so cute! – Yes, I feel like they’re super stylized. – Yeah.
– This year, I’m actually coming into my fashion
and becoming a woman. – It’s the senior in us now.
– Yes, it’s the senior. – Because we are seniors
this year, which is crazy! – Insane.
– But before we go on to the video, we have some exciting news. In case you guys didn’t know… – We released… – [Together] Merch! – If you guys don’t know this already, Bailey and I created a merchandise line – And we have tons of–
– Oh, that is so cute! – …Cute, amazing stuff
on there, so check it out. Go and buy yourself some
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so buy those tickets and buy the merchandise,
because we’re so excited to put it out there and we
want to see all of y’all wearing it and using it. So click the link in the
description box below or the information button right up there. Now, let’s get on to the official– – show some cute clothes.
– … Video. – My first outfit is really
unique and fashion-forward and I actually adore it
because it channels a bunch of different styles that I like to wear. So the first item in this outfit
are gold metallic sneakers that are from Steve Madden. They’re really comfortable and stylish and they match almost anything,
so you guys can wear them with any outfit that you want to. And then on top, I have
a corset and a tunic. These came as a set from Top Shop, but you don’t have to wear them as a set. And this corset is super
cute and fashion-forward, which I love this trend. And then underneath the tunic, I have some black shorts
from American Eagle. Y’all can put whatever
shorts you want underneath. And then I also added some
silver jewelry from H&M, just to add a little bit
more style and girly feel. And then on top I have your
classic Kendra Scott necklace and a little bit of a choker to give it more of a little vice in there. And then on top, I have our BB merch hat, which is the porcupine white
hat, which I love and adore. It gives it a little bit
more of a grungy feel. And that completes outfit number one. (lively rock music) – Hey guys, it’s Bailey
and this is my first outfit for this video and I’m
super excited about it. So to start off, I have my
blush lace ballet flats, which are actually from
Target and, you guys, guess what, ballet flats
are coming back in style. So if you haven’t checked these out, go check them out, from Target,
along with my skinny jeans, which are green and those are from Zara. Guys, I’m telling you, Zara’s,
like, my favorite store ever! I can’t walk into that
store and not buy something. Not only did I get these
jeans, but I also got this tulle embroidered
blouse from Zara and, literally, I saw it and
freaked out, it’s so cute. Along with that, I just put a
simple, black cami underneath just to make sure that
everything is covered and modest. And along with that, I
have my gold jewelry. This ring is from Madewell
and then the necklace is from my mom’s closet,
which is so typical of me to steal my mom’s jewelry
and then I probably forgot to give it back and she probably got mad. That’s pretty much the
story of this necklace. And then, along with the necklace to match it all and wrap it all together, I have these gold hoop earrings from H&M. And they have great
jewelry, so if you guys ever want good jewelry, go to H&M. And that’s my first outfit. – For my second outfit for y’all, I’m kinda channeling my inner rocker. So the first item in this
rocker outfit are my shoes, which are hi-top floral Vans that I paired with the BB Black logo socks, just to kind of give an edgier feel. And then on top, I’ve got a
black corduroy overall dress from Forever 21 that I have put over our black Spunk Funk and Love BB merch shirt that y’all can get on
BrooklynandBailey.com as well. Super comfortable and you
can wear it with anything. On top, I’ve got some accessories. I have a hoop heart silver
earring that is from H&M along with a hat from H&M as well, that is just a bowler hat
to give it a little bit more of a rocker, edgy vibe. – Hello again, guys, here
I am casually walking down a bridge, hello, hello. I think it’s time for my outfit number 2. So, let’s get started. Okay, first things first, shoes. These are from Nordstrom
and they’re actually Steve Madden shoes and
they’re so comfortable. I would highly recommend.
Yeah, they’re great. In case you just want comfy shoes, those are the ones to go to. Along with that, I have these
adorable American Eagle jeans that we actually DIY-ed the fringe on, so maybe a video coming for that. And then, of course, my top is from Zara because it’s my favorite store ever! And then along with that, do you guys see the bracelet that I’m wearing? Yes, that bracelet is actually a choker from our merch collection. If you haven’t checked that
out, you should definitely do that by going to
BrooklynandBaileyshop.com. Go check out our merch, it’s
actually awesome stuff, y’all. And that is all I have for this outfit. Peace out, peeps! – All right, guys, I’m back
again for outfit number 3. And, guess what, I actually
had to do a dress this time. So I got this adorable
blue dress from Zara, which nobody should be
surprised about that. And I also got these
cute flats from Target and, when I wear them, I get
so many compliments, you guys. And they’re super comfortable, so bonus! This yellow belt is actually
again from my mom’s closet and it’s probably something
that I also forgot to return. Sorry, mom! Next up is my choker and
guess where this is from? That’s right: Brooklyn
and Bailey merch line. If you guys haven’t checked that out, I promise this stuff is great, you guys should definitely
go check it out. Along with my choker, I
also have these earrings for my jewelry and these are from H&M. H&M has great jewelry, just
in case you’re wondering. And now I’m holding one of our
very own wallets and lanyards from Brooklyn and Bailey merch. I don’t know how many times
I have to tell you guys this, but I promise, you guys
will love the merch, so definitely go check that out. Along with that, I have this
super cute jacket from Zara, which I fell in love
with the second I saw it. Along with my gold rings,
which we found from Madewell. And that’s all for my outfit number three! (rock music) – So my last outfit for y’all
is my girl power outfit. When I wore this outfit,
my mom actually said, “Wow, you look, like,
fierce girl power all over.” I said, “That’s what this outfit is, “It’s my girl power outfit.” And the first items are my
boots, which are from Zara. They have some gold, little,
metallic studs around them and they come to slight point, so they’re super styled and really cute. And I’ve matched them with
some ripped up black jeans that I bought from American Eagle. They are a little high-waisted,
so they fit really well. And then on top, we have our
maroon BB merch collection T-shirt, which I love. It’s super stretchy and super comfortable. And then on top, I have
a little, black choker, which is from the BB collection as well. Y’all can get at BrooklynandBailey.com
both of these items. And then on top in my
hair, I have a little hair metallic band, which is from H&M. It’s kind of just an extra
accessory that I love. And then, last but not least,
I have a black leather jacket which y’all can get any
jacket to go with this, but this one I actually
stole from my mom’s closet. So, you guys can just
look at it and admire. (rock music) – All right, guys! Thank you guys so much for watching. If you haven’t subscribed
to our channel, you should. You should click the red button down below that says “Subscribe.” It’s giant and red, really hard to miss. Click that button right now! – If you guys want to buy
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tickets while you’re there, so definitely check all of those out. We’re going to 16 cities,
so we’re definitely gonna be near you. And also, if you want to
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– Mwah! Love you all!

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