500,000 Steps in Dr. Martens vs Solovair – (4 Things I Hate About Docs)

I wore these boots for 250 miles doc
marten premiums made in England on the right
solovairs on the left and I really started to hate these boots the Doc
Martens so let’s go through and compare these
two boots and talk about why these premium dr martens kind of suck
I’ve cut apart ten plus boots since I first did the Doc Martens and I’ve
learned a lot since then I’ve worn these a lot since then and usually I don’t get
too opinionated or positional in these videos because cutting a boot in half
kind of speaks for itself and it’s easier to just let you guys draw your
own conclusions because you can literally see what’s in it but I’ve kind
of formed a strong opinion on this one so if you disagree before you go rage at
me in the comment section first thank you for the comment and second hear me
out watch to the end of the video because I think I have some pretty good points
that you can get on board with and I have a feeling you’ll agree with me by
the end of this video and if not we can still be friends everyone’s got opinions
when I did the video where I cut these in half I had enough foresight to cut
opposite sides so that I could wear them side by side and so I walk about 8 miles
per day and most of my walking is in the shop like 99% of it and the concrete is
a smooth concrete and I’m doing mostly standing so a lot of my opinions are
formed in that way so that can kind of help frame this video for you and
there’s lots of things that we can talk about and compare and contrast with
these two boots but we’re just gonna stick with a 5 the most important things
that I noticed so if you want to see a full breakdown of both of these boots
I’ll put a link to both of these videos in the description but the 5 things that
w e’re going to talk about are style comfort the leather the shank and the
welt and then the price of these two boots two hundred and thirty dollars for
the Doc Martens two hundred and ten dollars for the solovairs so one of
the biggest difference is people are gonna notice right off the bat is the
thread color around the welt the Doc Martens have this classic yellow
stitching the solovairs have more of a silverish stitching and I noticed
while wearing these that the Doc Martens they are not as waterproof has the solovairs because the solovairs this this stitching you see on the outside is
actually a decorative stitch it doesn’t actually stitch the welt to the boot
that stitch is hidden inside so the Doc Martens are far less
waterproof boot than the solovairs the solovair s are still not waterproof but
they’re more water resistant and some people are just gonna like the color of
thread better I don’t mind the yellow stitching but a lot of men and adults
kind of shy away from flashy colors like that the other thing that I noticed is
the toe’s profile so if you look at the height of the toe box on these the Doc
Martens is a lot slimmer and lower toe box versus the solovairs is a lot
larger and taller more like the classic Doc Martens that’s a more kind of
bulbish bulbous bulbish Bulbasaur looking toe box if you’re going for that
classic Doc Marten style these ones are a lot closer both of those are kind of
minor issues so now let’s talk about comfort starting with like initial
comfort like the first couple days of wearing the boots
so the Doc Martens were really pretty comfortable right off the bat and I
think the main reason for that is you’ve got this pad at the ball of your foot
and the leathers a little bit softer versus the solovairs the solovairs
we’re a little bit harder compared to the Doc Martens at first and it’s cuz
you don’t have the pad of the ball your foot and the leathers a little bit
stiffer but there’s kind of a saying with boots where if they’re
comfortable at first they’re not going to be comfortable in the long run if they’re
uncomfortable at first or they’re stiff at first they’re gonna be really
comfortable in the long run and that turned out to be the case with these two
boots because at about the 100 hour mark the comfort of these started to go
downhill as they became more and more broken in and the comfort of the solovairs just got more and more comfortable as time wore on a lot of that has to do
with the leather the construction no pad at the ball of your foot so we’ll go over
more of that as we go on but overall comfort the solovairs are way more
comfortable the doc martens are a little bit more comfortable up front but they
really start a plateau and head downhill at about the hundred hour mark and now
to the leather so the leather in the Doc Martens boots they it’s just a bad
leather initially when I first did this review I really liked this leather but once
I started wearing them I kind of realized how bad it was and especially
once I started cutting some nicer boots in half I realized how bad this leather
is and it’s the thin leather the fiber structure is really loose and it doesn’t
have a whole lot of structural integrity to the leather which to me is not a big
deal because I don’t mind like a floppy boot because most of what I’m doing is
walking around in a shop I don’t need a lot of ankle support but a lot of people
are gonna hate that versus the solovairs it’s a lot thicker leather it’s a
the fiber structure is a lot more tight it’s not nearly as loose and
floppy these are gonna be a little more uncomfortable at first because it is a
nicer leather it’s a stiffer leather but once it’s worn in it’s gonna fit you
like a glove and it’s not gonna completely lose all of its structure
like the Doc Martens did they’re both a finished leather which finished leather
can kind of go one of two ways the better way is they take a nice leather
and they throw a finish on top of it and make it look even nicer make it look
classy make it look really clean or they can take a kind of a poor leather throw
a finish on top and kind of disguise it as a better leather and I don’t
think the Doc Marten did that intentionally because having a shiny
finished leather is kind of Doc Martens thing but they definitely threw a nice
finish over top of a cheap leather so overall solovair’s is a way better
leather it’s gonna last longer it’s gonna be more comfortable in the long
run it’s gonna give you some support in your ankle it’s just a better leather
now to the shank so the Doc Martens do not have a shank the solovairs have a
wooden shank and this might be the biggest problem with the Doc Marten
boots is they have no shank whatsoever and if you haven’t seen the why a boot needs
a shank video I’ll put a link to that in this video wherever the cards are but
this boot needs a shank and it’s not obvious right up front but about once
again the 100 hour mark this whole boot starts to collapse and you lose all
support in this arch area and after standing for a long day with the boot
without a shank and a boot with a shank the Doc Marten boots are
so much more uncomfortable and my my foot was so much more tired because I
didn’t have that support in the arch and part of that is probably because of the
midsole the midsole is this kind of matted material and it might as well not
be there because once it starts being compressed it doesn’t really make any
difference it’s so thin compared to the solovairs you might as well not have a
midsole in there versus the solovair boots which in the solovair video I kind
of threw some shade at them because they use a wooden shank but I kind of retract
that statement and that sentiment because this had a lot more support in it and
that wooden shank actually did provide a lot of support so solovair
significantly better outshines the the Doc Martens by 10 times I would I
would way rather have a wooden shank than no shank any day and then to the
last thing that we’re gonna talk about is the welt and kind of the footprint of
these boots the Doc Martens I actually really like the way these boots are
structured it’s got a really wide footprint and the welt
sits along side of the upper versus the solovairs they’ve kind of got that
classic Doc Marten style where the welt is kind of tucked underneath the upper
and that’s one thing I do not like about the solovairs
I hate when boots do this because when you’re first wearing them in your pinky
toe feels like it’s sitting on top of a ridge and even when the boots are really
broken in you still have a little bit of pinky toe rubbing versus a boot like
this it has a wider platform and the welts sits like outside of the upper or
on the side of the upper you don’t ever have to deal with that problem and it’s
I think it’s a more comfortable boot initially and it’s more comfortable in a
long run because there’s a structure underneath of the insole that the welt
is stitched to so if your pinky toe is sitting on top of that there’s a lot
more like material for it to break in and it’s just not gonna break in as much
or as well as if it was just sitting on top of the midsole I think that makes
sense so you know I I really like the footprint of this boot and I like I like
the way that the welts it’s but once these are broken in they’re fine
any time I look at a boot that’s one of the first things they look
at is how is the welt positioned am I gonna be standing on the well for the
first three months of wearing these boots so on that aspect I do like the
Doc Martens better so that’s kind of like the biggest things that bothered me
about these boots so to bring it all together which boot’s a better boot solovair is a way better boot night and day difference everything but a few little
things like the welt position are better on the solovair they are better leather better construction they’ve got a shank everything’s just
better about the solovairs and they’re cheaper than the Doc Martens so solovair is a better boot so you might be thinking like well that wasn’t that
hateful but the thing that I hate most about these boots is they could be a
good boot but they’re just not like I feel like I’ve been sold like for 230
dollars this boot is kind of garbage you know when you really start breaking it
down and seeing what’s in the inside of it compared to a cheaper boot from a
smaller company who has less resources and less distribution to make a better
boot for cheaper like it makes me hate these boots because these boots have so
much potential if they spent time and money and make to make a decent boot
like I would love these boots but these are marginally better than their boots
that are half the price that you can buy on Amazon and so the thing I hate is
like I feel like I was a little bit lied to that these are premium boots it’s a
different leather and slightly different construction and they are made in
England but they’re basically the exact same boot has a cheaper boots they just
need to improve a few things and that’s the thing I hate when people disagree
with things or don’t like something and don’t have a solution so to make these a
better boot they just need to put a shank in it use better leather because
they used to use better leather they need a decent midsole like the old doc
martens had a decent midsole you know I don’t need a cork midsole for a $230
boot but give me something more than this freaking garbage and then if you
want to get real crazy let’s make Doc Martens resoleable like
why not like I know that like the like this seam sewing or like the heat sewing
is kind of their thing but if I’m going to spend 230 dollars on a boot I
would like to be able to resole them because these soles wear out fast
and like there’s tons of reviews on people like wearing these shoes for a
long time and the souls wearing out fast they don’t wear out as fast for me because
I’m on smooth concrete but like still I would like to resole these boots so I’m
actually gonna try to make better Doc Marten boots and I kind of talked about
this in a different video but I bought a pair of like $30
made in England used boots and I’m gonna try to improve it in all those ways so
be on the lookout for that video and let me know if I’m off on this am I just
like having a bad day and just hating on Doc Martens or do you guys agree with me
and if you’re Doc Marten lover was I off you know it’s kind of a crappy boot for
the money if it was cheaper I’d be all about it like if there’s $100 I would buy the
boot for $100 yeah that’s kind of why I hate these boots and I’m like hate is a
strong word but I just really really don’t like these if you’re a doc marten
girl and you didn’t get that reference are you Doc Marten girl see you


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  • You confirmed a suspicion. Always remember that Docs used to be sold in the Army Surplus. They became a fashion icon because they were cheap and practical. I don't think they were ever particularly high quality. I gave up on them after blowing out footbeds all the time due to the compressed cardboard construction.

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  • I have one doc martens and I kinda like it a lot. Its comfortable to wear and its so durable. I love doc martens and even you are saying it lack support because of the absent of shank, well for me its I kinda like the feel of no shank or support in the arc, I love the feeling of no shank at all. The leather is also great though its actually premium. Anyway this is my honest opinion. Peace!

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    Where I come from, in the early 1970s when ALL teenage boys and twentysomethings wore DMs, arguments used to be settled by rival gangs going down to the beach at Southend-on-Sea and kicking the bejazus out of each other. The Easter holiday was a popular time for this. It's now mid-February so we've all got eight weeks to wear in our Docs or Solovairs and then head down to the seaside for a good old-fashioned traditional kicking party. Losers have to pay for the jellied eels afterwards.

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  • I agree with everything you say about Docs. There is a way to get better leather in the Docs. From time to time they have had runs of better leather such as Horween Chromexcel and CF Stead. I have pairs of both and the leather is very nice and much thicker than the regular leather. They are usually about twenty dollar more. Not cheap but better.

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    I am a huge fan of the Doc look, but they are wayy to expensive to be shitty. We teenagers didn't know what had changed – we just knew SOMETHING had changed. This is a very interesting video on why my friends had bad experiences with their stripey sole pattern Docs.

  • You complain about the wilt if it's there or not, make your mind up. The best DMs are the cheapest standard type from the 3rd world country's, maybe not the best leather but they Crees up & look the best & are easier to break in. All DM soles are the same standard except maybe the big thick ones. I'm sure solovair cost more then the Docs in Britain. Thanks.

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  • Solovair had the contract to make Docs… that's why old docs still last and they look the same. I have friends with docs from the 70s/80s that are still going strong. Docs are actual toilet now. Cheap made. Always buy solovair.

  • I had a pair of Timberland Earthkeepers and got 5 years of wear out of them until the soles were completely smooth. I loved those boots and particularly the last 2 years they got a lot of wear as I went from liking sneakers to liking boots – these ones were comfy at the start but still moulded to your foot and stayed comfy and I wore them everywhere: casually, smart casually, and I even hiked a mountain or two in them.

    I looked for a replacement pair but had to get them shipped from America and that made them so expensive, and I really wanted to try some docs, so got a pair of the 1460 Aztecs, crazy horse leather. I did a lot of walking for work and within 2 months the sole wore flat in one area. Also the comfort went from great to zero in the space of a week due to (what I now know to be) the lack of shank. I have flat feet so usually wear an orthotic but even with it in my feet were exhausted after a normal day of work and I lacked any sort of spring in my step. Decided to bite the bullet and go for some Iron Rangers and even though the break-in wasnt too pleasant and I still have more breaking in to do even after a couple of months, the difference they make to a day on my feet is immense. The soles are vibram and barely show signs of wear thus far, so hopefully it'll be a couple of years until they wear flat and then I can resole them and have a brand new pair of boots that are already moulded to my feet and keep going for more and more years. No more docs for me even though I actually really liked the way my ones looked, just not good for my feet at all.

    I know a fair few people who wear cheap shoes/boots and replace them every year who've said that more expensive boots are uncomfortable and not worth the money… If only they watched your videos! A pair of boots that'll ultimately be comfier while you wear them and last you longer at the same time is worth the higher upfront initial cost any day. It's great to see this kind of comparison where you can show every part, explain the differences and explain the effect it should have and back it up with your own experience. Love the videos, keep it up! Maybe I'll give a crazy horse leather solovair a try in future, if only they were easily resoleable…

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  • In part, you are paying for the brand name. That's how another company which does not invest as much in marketing can sometimes offer the same or better quality for less cost to the consumer.

  • I’ve had my British DM’s for about 6 years now and have not yet noticed any issues regarding support where the shank would be. Which would cause the arch area to sag, correct? What type of wood does Solovair use btw? If it’s a thick piece of hardwood such as oak or maple, then I don’t see a problem with them using it for a shank- at least it’s lightweight, unlike a steel shank. Still kind of weird though, one would think with our advanced technology that today’s companies would employ more modern materials like carbon fiber, or at least fiberglass.

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  • I personally love my doc martens, mostly probably because both pairs I own are considered "vintage" but in really good shape when I found them. I think it comes down to what you NEED in a shoe and if you have weak arches or foot issues, docs are probably not for you. I love both my pairs though.

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  • If you have the money, go for Wesco. Maintain them well and they last like no other boot. I've had three pairs and my current ones, which are now in their sixth year, are a long way from needing a rebuild.

  • PS I had 20-hole Solovairs and they weren't a quality item. The tongue on one boot tore away from the gusset within the first week, and the leather developed extremely sharp creases that I couldn't treat.

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  • I used to wear Docs a lot — shoes, boots — I think I have had a half-dozen pairs over time. I have had two pairs where the soles split apart and water got in and would slosh around inside the air pockets… naaaasty …and I've worn the soles straight through to the air pockets on a few others. I had a buddy who had the soles of his replaced with vibram hiking soles and it was the best choice he made for them, but this was thirty years ago when maybe they were made better. In any case, my main complaint with them is that these soles are SLICK on packed snow and ice, so they have limited utility. I made the switch to (and paid the premium for) Red Wings and have not looked back. No, I don't get the iconic styling of Docs, but I do have indestructible, resolable boots I'll have for the rest of my life. Still have a soft spot for Docs but my Doc days are done. Nice episode and conclusions. Thanks for sharing.

  • Not all Dr Martens boots are terrible though. I have a pair of Made in England "Pascal" Boots with commando soles which are lot more comfortable than my Made in England "1490". The leather was easier to break in and there's more room for the toes.

  • Isn’t Solovair the original Dr Marten? The manufacturer for them are the Dr. Marten people. Dr. Martens sold to Airwalk now, I believe.

  • I had 2 Doc Martens For Life Edition…. After 5 Month they are so uncomfortable I don't wear them

  • Doc Martin imo is 1 of the toughest shoes I had but the most uncomfortable shoes I ever had ……

  • Now this is gross, but I still want to ask. Would you want old boots to cut them apart? I have Vibergs and Redwings that are worn to death and I feel like you might benefit. That being said I also get why you would definitely NOT want to do that

  • My first pair of DM was 1987, since then I had around 15 pairs of DM. The quality has gone from good to bad to really bad. I found Solovair about 10 years ago and never look back.

  • For $200 I’m buying Thursday Boots.

  • My feet are too flat and wide i cant wear them wish i could…..i also cant wear Adidas at all, even though i love the style

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  • Thanks. Yup sadly, Dr. Martens (compared to my 90's UK one), soles, don't last anymore, I've noticed with my 1460 (my BEX version being thicker, will help a bit, make the sole last longer).

    The Made in England 1470, here is US$356.5, sadly.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

  • For those wondering why their old Doc are more like the current Solovairs, Solovair used to make the boots for Doc Martens. From Wikipedia: "Solovair is a brand of British-made boots and footwear, produced by NPS Shoes Ltd., NPS Shoes continued to make footwear under licence until the mid 1990s called 'Dr Martens made by Solovair'.

  • You should cut open a pair of Whites smokejumper boots (though I guess that'd be pretty costly…)

  • So I'm 54 years old and I bought my first pair of Docs when I was 22. I have only owned two pair and i still wear the second pair. I wish I could remember when I bought the second pair. They are definitely the old Made in England boots … probably bought in the mid to late 90's. I bought my first pair in 86/87. The pair I have now have some issues just because they are old and I abuse my boots. One of the lace eyelets has ripped out and the sole is all worn out. Oh and the loop in the back is pulled apart. But all in all the leather is nicely worn in and still comfortable. And I'm up in New Hampshire and I wear these things in the winter when I'm out shoveling snow so over the years they have been caked in road salt and dirt! Still great boots. If I were to replace them I would definitely go for the Solovairs! I can instagram you some pictures if you like!

    Anyway thanks for these super informative videos!!

  • I’d love to wear Solovair, but they just don’t work for my feet I suppose. It feels like my foot is hanging off of the side.

  • A technical review is valuable… nothing to disagree instead just thanks for your analysis and observations. Docs are becoming mainstream and they are approaching that trend for business. i’ve commented in other of your videos that I like Docs when they are newer. So it confirms my hypothesis that it doesn’t worth to pay more than 100$ and just buy the asian model as a discardable boot.

  • Sadly agree. Docs just ain’t Docs anymore. And it’s been that way for quite some time.

  • Docs seem to be more for fashion nowadays.

  • They went to shit. Went to grinders, now they are shit! Looking into NewRoks

  • Totally agree about the Doc Martens. Very comfy at first, eventually they suck.

  • It would be nice to have a pair of scales and weigh the boots to compare them side-by-side according to the weight.

  • Cool

  • Hmmm. I was price comparing online for the Doc chealsea boots and your vid popped up on my feed , what a coincidence . I was going to buy them tomorrow but will be rethinking . Thank you! I may go with a pair of Officine Creative on sale. Do you know anything about that brand

  • Brian the boot maker check out his channel , he resoles DMs

  • Hello, how does the solovair size compared to Dr Martens?

  • I have been buy and wearing Doc's since the 1980's. This will be my last pair.

  • I agree – Doc Martens quality is not that good. But let's be honest – a lot of people aren't buying doc martens for quality. If you want quality, go for Allen Edmonds or Thursday Boots. Most people nowadays buy doc martens because of the style which really adds edge to an outfit and for the immediate brand recognition. I don't really understand why people are bringing up Allen Edmonds. Sorry, they make great boots, but Allen Edmonds is not what I think when I think "edgy." So, you might say just get Solovair if you want edge. The issue though is precisely that Solovair isn't as recognizable. I have a pair of Solovairs, and while yes they are better in quality, I've definitely been asked if they were "off-brand" boots. I don't want to explain what Solovair is every time I wear my pair of boots, but if I don't, people think I'm wearing knock-offs.

  • Soooo???? I Love docs…. Just a stupid video to Make some dollars lol

  • I agree for $230 you should be getting a shank and better quality construction. I got my Mono pair for 130 and at price you may not always get a shank. But if I paid $230 for pretty much the same quality as their $130 pair I'd be quite pissed too.

  • I completely agree with you're opinion, Solovair is now and has always been what Dr Martens used to be. If you're buying any style of Doc's over Solovair because Dr Martens is a bigger brand then you're not investing you're money wisely.

  • Do some Redwings! Like the Classic Moc or something. I would be interested to see whats actually inside them. I have worn numerous pairs and always liked them, but are they good?

  • You’re not getting so many views that the ad revenue would compensate for the cost of the boots you keep cutting in half…are you spending your savings cutting stuff apart for us? I’m both flattered and horrified.

  • Please review corter leather wallet in the next video of the serie
    They are youtubers too and their products seems have a pretty high quality

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