$5000 Electric JET ENGINE (Flying like Iron Man Update)


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    Plus the cool Iron Man helmet I got from Killer Body, maybe they'll send me a whole suit for the project! https://store.killerbody.com/products/wearable-upgrade-helmet-1-1-iron-man-mk7

  • Endondonde consiguiste ese ventilador compadre

  • Why don't you replace the thruster on the 3dmg from attack on Titan with that

  • u should make a super strong tornado machine with an engine like that

  • I wanna put that on my little styrofoam kid plane I have and just throw it off my house and see what happens 😊

  • 100/100

  • Song at 1:11?Anyone know?

  • 8:37 LOLOLOL

  • very very very nica

  • where i can get that jet….

  • Put two jet engine on the ankles but on each then putntwo on the wrists then two on the back if I am correct it just might work it could flies but also might go rong I can't do it because I do not have enough money because I am 15 but it might work😐

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  • Whit 5000 you could have easily bought an real jet engine whit about 320 N of thrust…. I say this was money thrown out of the window also how the fuck are you planning on carrying this huge amount of batterys whilst flying..

  • 8:33 😂

  • Капитан Америка 😂😂

  • you are the real captain america

  • 1:25 is my manager at work

  • Wy to wszystko kupujecie zróbcie coś swojego od podstaw

  • Using electric power to fly?
    Good luck with that

  • আমার এই মেশিনটা লাগছিল বললে অসুবিধা হতো কোথায় গেলে পাবো আমি একটা বস্তু বানাইতে চেয়েছি প্লিজ বলবেন কোথায় গেলে পাব আর দাম কত

  • Where can I find this machine and where will I get locked in your bed?

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  • I'm prom vietnames

  • How do you do the hologram?

  • Anyone have an idea on how he built the thrust test jig

  • Why don’t you attach the two jet engines to the back of the Ironman suit
    To test the flow, program, and probability.

  • Please try

  • Where's the fuel inlet and what kind of fuel does it burn? Because that looks and sounds like an electric ducted fan to me.

  • Why dont you strap the big one to your back and the other four to your wrists and ankles, it shold be able to lift around 60 kgs, its a start

  • لا إلهَ إلا الله

  • For $5000 it better be a flying platform

  • LLP

  • 5:21 when ur mom sees ur report card 🤣😂

  • You look a lot like captain America

  • استمر يا مبدع انت اسطوره حقا صديقك من العراق

  • Sa

  • Hey u can make iron man bots with your old jet

  • Why you didn't try to put your stupid head in it

  • How can i buy this electric jet engine

  • Now I believe that Tony Stark was really a BILLIONAIRY…..

  • hey you lool loke captain America

  • I need your help
    Project is fly with air
    My wttsapp number 9755347535

  • I wish you good luck

  • Make jet boots

  • Combine every engine you tried to. Fly with

  • He captain America

  • You and mrbeast should make a video together

  • Make Harri potter broom wath completely works

  • @10.47 is it possible to increase the thrust by a fraction more if the blades in the inlet and the exhaust nozzle internal surface are rough finish instead of polished surface . as turbulent flow is better than laminar flow (please try on a redundant piece 😉

  • Đéo biết tiếng anh hihihi

  • Tactical EDF incoming 8:35

  • Everyone tries rockets or air to make them hover, but the problem is power. What about charged plasma? That can be used to make an Arc Reactor, right?!

  • Test the edf's with children. They're lighter.

  • apa nama dinamo nya saya orang pakistan

  • Bullying 32 airplanes in merge planes app and playstore

  • me: … fu-
    youtube: nani

  • Hi

  • 5k for a tiny EDF
    I’d rather not buy it even if I’m rich

  • 7:74 Smoke weed everyday

  • You Look Same Like Captain America Make Video Like If U Become Captain America What Will Change.

  • Types of engenerring to be like tony stark

  • You look like cap from infinity war

  • Este tipo de imbéciles tienen todo para inventar algo grandioso tecnología, material, espacio,, pero en lugar de eso hacen puras estupideces,,,, como dicen en mi país Dios les da gigante cabeza al que no tiene cerebro.

  • I need to see ur project
    Like hover board of goblin

  • We donate 1$ you get 100 000$

  • If any mallu in here

  • Now just strap 2 of them on a scale model airplane and youre good to go

  • Have you considered using a Newman-style motor?

  • He is like messi ?

  • Subtitle indonesian? 😩

  • Put your hand on it

  • Jet engine big ✈ by Iron Man

  • "Get used to flying" Jumps off building without jetpack…

  • Make a repulsor iron man real shooting

  • That isn't a jet engine at all. It is a fan. lol wtf

  • i love this making tautology

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