5 Tips for Finding Flattering Shoes

Good choose take you to good places but
having said that how many times have you bought shoes to regret it later? In
crunch time all your shoe knowledge may have just
ran out the door so here are five tips to keep in mind when shopping for shoes.
Tip number one: Know your body shape. I know, I know I sound like a broken record
constantly talking about body shape but it’s true your shoes are part of your
outfit and help you create balance between your upper body and your lower
body. For example, if you’re bigger on top and small on the bottom choose
shoes that have more of a block heel or a wedge so you can visually add more
volume below and create that balance with your upper body.
Tip number two: know your leg shape. Similar to your body shape you want
to consider your leg length and width and for example if you have shorter legs
and you want to create the illusion of longer legs you may want to avoid ankle
straps which tend to interrupt the body’s vertical line and make legs look
shorter. So definitely look at your leg shape as well ones considering shopping
for shoes and which shoes look the best. For a more slimming effect pointy toe
shoes are actually very great in a lengthening and slimming your look. Tip number four: Consider your inner style. In fact,
study has shown that you can judge a person’s personality traits by their
shoes. So choose wisely and don’t afraid of color! Maybe if you wear many classic
pieces for clothing you want to try a pop color in your shoe and last but not
least tip number five: Get your feet measured. 9 out of 10 women wear shoes
that are too small for them. So have your feet measured to make sure
you’re wearing at the right shoe size for you and there you have that your ada
style minute. If you haven’t already downloaded your body shape guide below
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ada deferrari blog. Stay stylish my friend and I’ll see you next time on
ada style minute.

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  • as a man i have to say that all women shoes in general are flattering and men would love to touch them and feel them…many men go even further that they'd love to taste the insoles specialy after the shoes is taken off,,,, i know its weird but its true…and real…sorry no offend but i liked your video…plz do a try on video for your shoes and lets have some comments….

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