5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love – Pt. 2 (ft. D-Trix)

– Some videos are so
important for humanity, that you just have to make a part two. (horse galloping and neighing) What up everyone, it’s
your girl, Superwoman. And this video is my way
of encouraging guys around the world to do cute things
for their girlfriends, and when I say that what I mean is: Can a man please do these things for me? What? Who said that? Okay don’t act like
I’m a different person, just because I step closer
to the camera Lilly, okay? Let’s be real, you thirsty
in a close up, and in a wide. True. (sighs) Here are five things
guys do that girls love, so fellas, take notes. Or ladies, if you’re dating other ladies, you can also take notes, although
I guess you don’t have to take notes because the same
stuff might also apply to you, because you yourself are a woman. Oh my God, being gay actually
makes a lot of sense. Number one. Fellas, there is fine
balance between dating a boy who needs to be taken care of, and dating a boy who we
want to take care of. In general I’d say most girls
don’t want to date a guy who can’t do anything for himself. But if my man has his ish together, and is usually independent,
and just killing the game, but in this specific
scenario needs my help, yeah. Something about that, turns me on. Perfect example, injuries. It might just be the innate
motherly instincts I have, but when a man gets hurt, I like it. Hello therapist? Yeah,
booking for my friend. She’s in the wide shot. I don’t know what it is, I
like taking care of people. Hmm, yeah, would you like
to rephrase that sentence, this time using your psychology degree? Sure, zoomed in Lilly. I like to feel needed. Babe, what happened? – I just hurt my hand. (soft gasp) – You hear that? He
survived a serious injury. – I was just flipping through a script. I have no clue what happened. – He almost died at work. – I wasn’t even reading fast. I was practically just
staring at the pages. – Yeah, he probably fought off a robber and saved the company. – Maybe my hand slipped or something. – He’s being so strong about this. Oh, my brave hero. – I’ll be fine though. – Wait what? – I said, please help me babe, I’m desperately in need of your care. (soft piano music) I don’t know what I’d do without you. – We’re in this together babe. – You’re saving my life. – I’m here for you baby. – What the hell are you doing? – Huh? – What are you doing?
It’s just a paper cut! Eww, no stop! – Number two. Terms of endearment are tricky
because in some instances, they might actually annoy a girl, AKA; “Babe make sure you don’t put
tomatoes on my burger okay?” “Okay, princess.” “Excuse me?” Or like after you messed up. Hey beautiful. Boy shut the F up. Do not use terms of endearment, just to make a situation better okay? Because words, boo-thang and emojis, don’t make situations better okay? Actions do, come on now. And don’t say them in
every sentence either because then they lose meaning and value. You want to use them casually,
and also know that calling us sweet names, will
impact us differently, depending on the situation. Here’s the breakdown.
(soft whistle) – Hey babe.
(kisses) (bright cheerful music) ♫ Baby I like your style Goodnight beautiful. (kisses) (Lilly sighs) – So I was like, I gotta
cook these muffins, somehow. What should we put it into? An oven? What are we in that right now? Are we the muffins? Oh, hey sweetheart. (kisses) Yeah, so I feel like a little muffin. Just a little muffin in an oven. Little muffin in oven. (he laughs) So yeah, do you guys agree? Are you hot? You look a little hot. You look like you’re sweating. Allow me to be the most basic right now, and admit that you calling me beautiful before we sleeping, that’s nice. Okay, but you calling me beautiful
in front of your friends, that just makes me think, okay. My baby’s willing to be calling whipped to call me beautiful. (cheering)
Come through! Okay, but am I? Cause that’s exactly what
your friends are going to say. (soft cheering) Number three. You know what makes me
want to be single forever? Scenarios like this. – And… (camera snaps)
Got it. – Okay, lemme see. Are you dumb? Are you dumb? Are you dumb? Are you– – Does that mean you don’t like it or… – You’re telling me that we
fart in front each other, but you still don’t know
me well enough to know, I’m not going to like
this picture of myself? Where is the effort, huh? Where is the love? You out here acting like I’m
a stranger on the street. Asking you to take a picture
for me and my family, cause we’re on vacation. It’s like no, hoe where? I ain’t no tourist, okay? You know I spend two hours getting ready. So you better get them angles, like you see and appreciate,
these curled lashes. (camera snaps) – And got it. Oh wait you know what,
you won’t like this. Let’s try it again. Okay, chin down, and
a little to your left. You know what, lemme get higher, and try and smile a little bit more. Ahh, there you go. (happy music) – Oh my God, it’s perfect. How did you, the outfit, the setting. – Portrait mode. (Lilly sighs) – I love when you talk like that. – Portrait mode. – Again.
– Portrait mode. – Say it again.
– Portrait mode. – Again.
– Portrait mode. (Lilly moans) – Portrait mode girl. Portrait mode. PM, PM, PM. (Lilly moans) – One bae secure enough to help you get a fire picture for Instagram. (Lilly sighs) Number four. Spontaneous hugs from behind. Yes boy! I honestly can’t even explain
and don’t even completely comprehend why girls like it so much, and I know what you’re thinking,
it’s not that ya nasty. Okay, it’s just, I dunno what it is. It’s just unexpected and nice. Makes you feel warm and safe. And most importantly, it
100% of the time evokes this reaction from our friends. (girl sighs) That’s so sweet. And we live for that reaction. It’s no biggie. (clicks tongue) (slurping) – Mmm, no you know girl,
no yeah he always be doing cute things like that for me. Yeah no, it’s just a
regular Thursday ya know? (laughing) Number five. I’m gonna be honest, I’m
pretty shy when it comes to sexual stuff, like if you
say a sex joke in front of me, of course I’ll laugh, I’ll be like; (laughing) But inside, I’m like. (nervous laughter) They’re talking about the pee pees. So when it comes to relationships
I’m pretty reserved, and I don’t like PDA. And only one thing can change that. Alcohol. Okay, so two things can change that. Number one, alcohol. Number two, music. Because when I hear sexy song, it’s not just a sexy song to me, no. This is my chance, to live
out my dream music video. (Lilly sighing) Hey babe. – Oh, how was rehearsal?
– Good. – Oh was it? Does that mean you’re in
the mood for some, you know? – No, no. I’m sweating,
need to take a shower. (he sighs heavily) (“Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez) ♫ If you’re the art I’ll be the brush ♫ Oooh you’re taking up
a fraction of my mind ♫ Oooh every time I watch you serpentine ♫ Oh I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ Oh tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m
tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ Not to think about you
not to think about you ♫ No no no no not to think about you ♫ Not to think about you ♫ No no no no I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ Oh tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m
tryin’ I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’ ♫ Not to give in to you give in to you ♫ No, no, no, no, not to give in to you ♫ Give in to you ♫ With my feelings on fire ♫ Guess I’m a bad liar ♫ And oh baby let’s make (phone ringing) – Babe, the music! – Oh, got a phone call. – Oh my God, I’m taking a shower. – No, no, Selena’s gonna come back. ♫ Oh baby it’s Selena it’s Selena – Ooo, I swear to God, music
transform me as a person, okay? Just from shy Lilly, to Optimus Grind. (loud thud) Yo, sorry Dom couldn’t
be in this end card. I bit his lip too hard. He’s bleeding, it fell off. He’s bleeding, but yo, we
did a video for his channel. Make sure you check it out. The link is in the description. Show him some love. My last video over there. Bloopers for this video, and
there’s a lot, over there. Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every
Monday, and Thursday. One love, Superwoman. That is a wrap. And, zoom!

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