You hear many people say that you need at least 10 or 15 pair of shoes to look stylish Which I think is definitely not true. In this video I’ll give you a list of just 5 shoes that you need to look crisp and stylish all the time. Number one on this list are my personal favourite : Sneakers This should be the first pair of shoes that you invest in. Instead of choosing chunky running sneakers Go in for classic sneakers like these blue ones from Adidas, or if you want to be even more stylish You can always opt for white sneakers The best white sneakers on the market right now in my opinion if you have the budget for it is Adidas, Stan Smith. Sneakers look great with any kind of outfit including a suit in some cases So definitely invest in a quality pair that will last for a long time Next up are dress shoes, and I feel that every guy must own at least one pair of dress shoes. The first one you buy should be either black like these from Clarks Or something like these brown patina shoes from Woodland. They work with so many different outfits everything from a suit to casual wear just make sure that these shoes have brogues on them for extra style points. Only after you have these classics you can invest in other kinds of formal shoes to have variety in your closet Third one on the list are Athleisure shoes. If you workout or play a sport like I do You definitely need these shoes. The ones I have are these Rim Reapers from adidas and are by far the most comfortable shoes I own If you’re looking for workout or running sneakers, the best ones right now are the Ultra Boosts again if you have the budget for it. Next up are slip-on shoes. These can be penny loafers boat shoes espadrilles or anything of that sort I don’t think you need to spend a lot on these shoes but one tip I would give you is to wear no-show socks instead of going sockless as It will not allow moisture build-up and help the shoe last longer. The last one on the list are boots These are by far the most versatile shoes on this list if you know how to style them well. You can look at Pinterest or even Instagram for style and outfit inspiration I would suggest your first pair to be leather chukka boots like these because they are really easy to style and you can’t go wrong wearing them. Thank you so much for watching and do subscribe to my channel I have tons of new content coming up really soon We are close to almost 2000 subscribers, which is a huge number for me Also follow me on Instagram link to which is in the description and leave a comment about your favourite pair of shoes on this list I’ll see you guys next time #StayAwesome!

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