5 Running Tips for Beginners 🏃 5 Things I Wish I Knew about Running from the Beginning


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    Happy running!


  • i'm about to run after 1 hour to lose few pounds but i was making excuses not to go out and was looking for motive over YT to make me goout lol and found u gd vid dude 🙂

  • I wonder if there is an app that makes running like being chased by a dog

  • Why can't you just talk about practical running all what is here is apps and belt and chose and 🍌 you just got people attention by the perfect title

  • You look good in them shorts…that is why I clicked on the vídeo

  • Great tips…Thanks sweetie

  • i need help!

    1. I ALWAYS GET CRAMPS. it doesn’t matter if i’m running on an empty stomach, had a salad two hours prior or ate more recently. it doesn’t matter if i drink more or drink less.

    2. my asthma makes it very difficult. even my inhaler doesn’t do the trick.

    3. my bones are always clicking.

  • Useless video, wasted 8 mins of my life

  • you have to wear 2 sport bra's and put your stuff in between 😉

  • I really enjoyed your video and thanks 😊

  • Loved it! I hope it helps! I'm starting today.

  • An ad for snug belt !!!

  • Miss how-come you do not look ripped and toned in this video, if you have actually been running for a while now?!

  • Pacing is really a thing!

  • 看起來有像阿婆暗袋

  • 0:57 Variation?


    The fatigue gets you in 3 seconds after abruptly stopping. You will feel less tired after slowing down more and more and then stopping.

  • wireless earphones are a must… you can some pretty decent ones off aliexpress for cheap,no idea how you can runwith those wires dangling. they usually come with wing tips that make the earphones stay in your ear very well

  • that banana guna defeat the purpose of the run it like half of the daily carb intake u should eat to loose weight in one lil fruit 💀

  • You are making me wanna go to run

  • Wow!!! This was an amazinf video. It motivated me. I am a total beginner. I am considered a couch potato lol ish… I do work out at home and then go straight for the tv after… Point is, I've been inspired lately to run… Idk y. But I want to give it a go! Thank you for this inspiration!

  • the body does what the mind tells it to ! great advice !

  • Thank you, it was very informative! Now I feel like I'm ready for it

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