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5 Men’s Shoe Must Haves for 2019
[0:00:00] Today’s video, gents, five dress shoes that
every man should own. [Music]
Coming in at number five, gentlemen, we’ve got the wholecut. Now, a decade ago, this wouldn’t have been
on any of my top ten list, but I have watched the shoe evolved and be picked up by more
and more men because they realize this is going to be a modern classic because of its
elegance, its simplicity, and the overall look. When you get a pair of wholecuts, you understand
that this right here is a quality shoe. It’s built from one large piece of leather. Why is that important? Because a large unblemished piece of leather
is very difficult to find. And, let’s talk about color. So, black is going to be the most formal of
colors. If you had a black pair of wholecuts, I think
you could pull off even with black tie. But, right here what do we have? We have a dark brown chestnut that then goes
darkens into a very dark brown and then into a black, a very nice finish. This right here will work great with a blue
suit. Now, right here I’ve got a wholecut in burgundy. Burgundy is a great color because if you like
black shoes, any outfit that goes with your black shoes is going to go with burgundy. Burgundy is going to bring a lot more pop. This is going to look great with a charcoal
suit, a dark gray suit, even a blue suit you could pull this off. Gents, throughout this video, you’re going
to see some beautiful shoes. If you want to grab any of them, click on
the link down in the description and go check out Ace Marks, they’re the sponsor of today’s
video. I’ve been talking about them since 2016
because they make amazing shoes at a great price. And, gents, in case you haven’t heard, Ace
Marks is now making shoes with a Goodyear welt construction. And for those of you that love the Blake stitch,
don’t worry, guys, they’ve got you covered and, in fact, they’ve made it even better
with their factory access program with Blake stitch shoes starting a $150. Yeah, you heard me right, gents. We’re talking about shoes made up of quality
leather that they could be selling for over $600 that Ace Marks is selling directly to
you for less than $150. Guys, I know thousands of you have already
taken the plunge and grabbed your Ace Marks. Why do guys love them? First up, the quality. The shoes over at Ace Marks are made by a
fourth generation artisan family. Everything is handcrafted in Italy, so they
only use premium leathers, 100% full-grain calf leather. Now, with the insoles, they use a memory foam
cushioned insole that molds to your foot over a very short amount of time, so you have all
day comfort. Now, the styles of the shoes, this is where
they get it right. So, the best thing that Ace Marks does is
they talk to their customers. So, guys, all these styles they’ve got on
the website, it’s because you’ve given them feedback of what you want, what actually
you want to purchase and then they make it. Guys, use the link in the description of today’s
video. You’re not going to find a better deal out
there. Please take advantage of this deal. Those shoes are amazing. Coming in next on the list we’ve got the
double monk strap, again, a modern classic. Over the last ten years, I have watched this
basically come from a novelty shoe to one that many men are going for and for good reason. Why? Well, if you look at the single monk and nothing
against it, I think it’s a good shoe, but the size of the buckle it just looks a little
bit clumsy. What I love about this is you’ve got the
two smaller buckles. Now, you’re going to hear some guys say
that the double monk is actually more comfortable than the single monk. I haven’t noticed the difference owning
both types of shoes. It’s also a loafer, so it’s able to go
on and off without any type of laces. This is not something that’s going to be
the most formal of shoes, but it’s very versatile and it’s great for traveling. I love that I can actually slip these off,
put them back on without having to tie anything. Now, there’s a wide range of color options
out there and textures. The most formal is going to be a solid black. What do you want to start with? I like to have a little bit of fun with my
double monk. So, as you can see, I went with a contrasting
color here. For me, I just really like the look, it works. I go for usually darker brown or oxblood or
burgundy shoes in my collection. But, for some of you guys that are just starting
off, a black is great or just go with a solid brown. Now, if you’re going to go with something
textured, let’s say you want to look at maybe a suede or you want to go with something
a little bit brighter in color, maybe a dark green, this is not going to be the most versatile
of shoes, something with a brighter color or texture like that is going to stand out,
be remembered. But, if you want a shoe that just rocks and
you like the look of it, then go for it. And, let’s talk about the outsole. The outsole is going to be the bottom of the
shoe. This one in particular, I went with a rubber
sole. Why? I wanted to have a little bit more traction
and that’s what you want to think of. In higher end shoes when you’re looking
at Blake stitch or a Goodyear welt, most of those are going to have a leather sole unless
you opt to get a rubber sole put on that. I do it for traction reasons, but if you want
to go with straight leather, that’s cool as well. It’s actually a great sign of quality. Coming in at number three and I’m going
to cheat a bit, I’m going to say grab a dress boot. Whether you want to go for a Chelsea whether
you want to go for a Chukka, it’s up to you, but I like to have a boot and really
it comes down to the elements. Boots offer a bit more protection. What I love about a Chelsea, it slips on and
off. Again, if I’m traveling this is a great
option, has a very simple elegant look. And, notice that look right there on the back? You want to look for that when you’re grabbing
a pair of Chelseas makes it really easy to put them on. Now, the Chukka boot is a great option, a
little bit more casual than the Chelsea because it’s got the three simple laces right over
here. It comes out of the desert boot out of WW
II. Now, it’s evolved into a dress boot. I think it’s a great option, again, when
you’ve got inclement weather or if you want to dress something down like you’re going
for a pair of odd trousers with a sports jacket or even a pair of dark-colored jeans. [0:05:10]
Coming in at number two on our list, gentlemen, we’ve got the classic blucher. A blucher is going to be an open laced dress
shoe. This is not going to be the most formal of
dress shoes, but it’s a very versatile dress shoe. This is one that you can wear with jeans you
can actually wear it with a suit in some situations. Now, it is not going to be formal, so you
want to avoid in my opinion bluchers that are black. For me, a natural color for a blucher is going
to be a medium or a dark brown. Now, to identify a blucher, what you’re
looking at is the back part of the shoe, the quarter is thrown on top of the front part
of the shoe which is the vamp. Now, this pair of shoes right here is a fancier
blucher and what do we notice right here? First, it’s going to be the blue suede the
contrast right here that is over on the back quarter, again, thrown on top of the vamp. We’re also going to notice this is wingtip
and it’s got broguing in and on this design, this one is going to grab a bit more attention
because of the contrasting colors and the materials used. But, overall, it’s the same shoe, we’re
talking a blucher should be in every man’s wardrobe. And, before I reveal the number one shoe in
today’s video, gents, let me know do you like this video, click on that like button. And, if you’re new to Real Men Real Style,
click on that subscribe become part of our community. The YouTube god, Crom, he has told me that
you guys need to interact with these videos. Let me know how I’m doing, so I can get
better. Number one on my list, gentlemen, the classic
balmoral oxfords in black. Why is this the shoe? It seems so boring. I know. And this one right here has a little bit of
a cap toe which you could see that detail. Why would I put this one at number one? This is the go-to shoe whether you’re wearing
black tie, whether you’re wearing a dark business suit, or even if you’re wearing
a gray casual suit, you could still pull these off. This is your go-to shoe for important events. When you don’t want to draw attention to
yourself, you want to simply show up and show your respect, this is the shoe that makes
things happen. It has been around for almost a hundred years. And guess what? I think it’s going to be around for another
hundred years. This is going to be your workhorse, this is
going to be the shoe you’re going to get your miles out of, so make sure to have it
in your wardrobe. And, guys, by the way, if you’re curious
what’s inside an Ace Marks shoe, I cut one in half. You want to see that video? Check it out right here. I cut an Ace Marks shoe in half to show you
guys the quality construction inside of Ace Marks. And, gents, if you disagree with me, let me
know down in the comments what shoes should have been on this list. Should I have had basically the penny loafers
should have been on the list? An oxford right here? Should I have gone maybe with a shoe like
this? Look at that, beautiful. Again, you can find this over at Ace Marks,
this is part of their signature collection. It’s got a Goodyear welt on it. Nice construction. Go check out Ace Marks. I’m linking to them down in the description. That deal is amazing. Just a great company. Proud to support them. I’ve met them in person, guys, they’re
the real deal. Go check them out. And, finally, kind of a side question, but
does anyone else out there just love the smell of a new pair of shoes? I almost don’t want to even wear these things
because they smell so good. You got to love new shoe smell just leather
in general just great smelling shoes. [0:08:07] End of Audio


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    Thanks Ace Marks Shoes for being the sponsor of today's post!

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