5 Extremely Simple Things That Men Can Do To Look Better

5 Extremely Simple Things That Men Can Do
To Look Better. While little by little men have begun to pay
more attention to the way they dress, there are still several mistakes they often make
when choosing the right clothes. In fact, regardless of whether it is for comfort
or style, the truth is that experts generally classify fashion into two categories: what
should be done and what shouldn’t. And if you are one of those who believe that
to look good it is mandatory to invest a high sum of money, you should know that it does
not have to be this way, since by following some tips you can get very good results. Then we leave you with 8 tips so you can improve
your appearance without necessarily making a great effort. 1- The indicated shoe. One of the most important aspects in the look
is footwear, an aspect that helps to look good, regardless of the clothes we are wearing. Dave Pompel, vice president of the Rockport
store, explained to the Askmen site that something to keep in mind when choosing a pair of shoes
is to be as comfortable as possible, since otherwise “you will have a very challenging
day”. Always keep in mind that if you wear shoes
that are uncomfortable for you, the people around you will notice your pain. 2- The perfect combination. Combining colors in your accessories and shoes
allows you to clean your appearance and increase your level of sophistication, according to
Pompel. According to XY magazine, specializing in
trends for men, none of the traditional colors of footwear will look bad in a navy suit,
while brown clothing is one of the most complicated to combine. 3- Remember the details. One of the most frequent mistakes among men
is to assume that small details will not be noticed by others. However, the specialists pointed out that
these can make a difference. A good tie knot is a clear example, while a clip to keep it
in place will also allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest. “If you think nobody notices your white
socks with dressing shoes you are wrong. It is those details that make all the difference
in clothing, ’emphasized’ style expert Matthew Simko. 4- Leave the logos aside. Another key point that fashion experts advise
is to forget about logos so that you don’t become a “walking ad”. “Choosing a color or a pattern says more
about your personality than any brand. Finding the pieces that go with you is your best option,
”said Tony Kretten, creative director of JackThreads. 5- Eye with the beard. According to a study published in the journal
Evolution and Human Behavior, a leafy beard tends to increase an individual’s facial width
in proportion to their height. In addition, having a wider face reflects higher levels
of testosterone during puberty. However, the researchers noted that a key
aspect in this type of situation is that of the jaw, since if the size of the jaw is large,
having a thick beard can have a negative effect on the opposite sex. It is important to take measures so that the
beard is neat and does not end up dirty with food, which is unpleasant for others. Please don’t forget to like the video and
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