5 designer shoes I WOULDN’T buy again! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY $$$

hey guys it’s Cassie welcome to my
channel if you’re new welcome back if you’re a seasoned subscriber today I’m
going to be talking about the five designer shoes I wouldn’t buy again okay
and there’s some surprises in here cuz there are some like fan faves guys if
you are new here my name is Cassie I’m a self-diagnosed luxury addict I put out
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when are we going to rehab never guys are you ready let’s go like I said there
are some fan faves in here and I’m gonna start off with a big one that everyone
loves that I just cannot deal with the Chanel ballet flats yes I know that this
is probably surprising because this is a very like un-me shoe
she’s ladylike and polite and elegant and although I am polite I wouldn’t
really describe me as elegant I got these for like work and all of that and
I just cannot I do not find them comfortable at all and listen I have
worn these sometimes I just I find them very uncomfortable they’re not soft and
buttery like I would assume for them to be but basically these are a no from me
I can’t deal with them this is a love story that is never going to begin okay
so the next one is the Stuart Weitzman Highland over-the-knee boots okay and
listen this is a specific one because I do love these shoes and I feel like this
is such an every woman staple like you need to have these boots in your fall /
autumn winter wardrobe okay it is a must but I wish I hadn’t got them in the
black suede I wish I’d got them in the normal buttery soft leather a I feel
like just imagine I feel like it looks better visually aesthetically than the
suede also the suede is just too much upkeep that I cannot to be bothered to
deal with this is like Reese Witherspoon in every film and then the
leather ones they like shiny leather ones are just Angelina Jolie next are a
pair of Manolo Blahniks who the hell am I who the hell am i coming for these
top-tier brands honestly I think that these look beautiful I think they like
that they are beautiful and feminine and just like again a style that should be
in everyone’s wardrobe these particularly these are far too delicate
for me to relax in honestly I am like wibblewobbleing on this stiletto fearing
for my dear life toes grasping for life on the end of this bit okay it’s a
struggle it really is and it’s literally because there’s so little to these shoes
as opposed to something like the Stuart Weitzman nudist heel much more like
robust she can take you there you can last she’s gonna have your back
this one is like at the first sign of danger she’s that friend that’s running
and she said I will see you later you know there are so many stresses in life
I don’t need an added stress which is like lord please keep my feet in these
shoes so I don’t look like a messy bitch you know if you’ve been on this channel
long enough you already know about Number Four I did an entire video on why
you should not buy the Chanel espadrilles okay they if we’re talking
about being a messy bitch these shoes will take you there I have literally
heard of people buying these every year because of how messy they end up looking
they are on the complete opposite side of the Chanel ballerina flat these are
soft they are comfy okay but they soften up so much that your feet are flapping
in and out yes you have feet are sliding from side to side coming out to the back
I mean it just ends up looking like a sloppy sloppy mess okay and nobody needs
to be described as a sloppy mess when you’re flexing and feeling your best you
know and finally a shoe that I’m sure nobody bought except for me and I don’t
know why I did it because these are the dsquared Rihanna slip-on shoes right so
you slip them on and then you’ve got all this tie going up the ankle okay in theory
oh what a cool concept okay that’s very interesting on the ankle how cool
she’s a vibe is she this bit on the toe I cannot explain to you how much of this
cuts into your toes it becomes unbearable I can not okay the other
thing is that these leather ties around the ankle are all fun and games until
they start unraveling and you end up having to like bend down to tie your
shoelaces like a nine-year-old child every 10 minutes I wish I never had you
yeah whether whether if you’re not done with me trashing my own items I did a
five designer handbags that I would never buy again that I’m gonna link
right here for you guys do you have any do you have any shoes that you are like
I would highly recommend nobody buy these okay let me know in the comments
hope you enjoyed this video have an amazing morning afternoon or evening
wherever you are and I will see you in my next video yeah bye guys


  • LoL!! #messybitch ??

  • ????

  • I love your makeup, looks so stunning.Those are beautiful shoes. But I know everyone is different. I don’t have Chanel espadrille and I did hear some people complain about it. Thank You so much dear for sharing. ❤️

  • I hated my Chanel espadrille. I didn’t even give them a chance

  • Hi.. Cassie
    Thank You for sharing the info.?
    Love It. ?

  • Yup I learnt I can’t deal with suede shoes

  • Yup I can never make those shoes with ribbons to work for me, they always slide down

  • lol “I wish I never had you” you are so funny Cassie ??

  • Your feet be like begging you not to be a crazy ass biatch xx but HA we always be a crazy bitch 🙂

  • Somewhere out there Reese Witherspoon is blinking fast to hold back tears lol ?

  • Salvatore ferragamo Swede sneakers first and last Swede anything I would buy in my life, I have to baby them everything I walk on them

  • Hello, Cassie, another great video! Have a great weekend.

  • Hi Cassie! Your commentary was hilarious! As always good content! ?

  • Luckily a guy over here and don't have to worry about this problem too much lol. I've only had amazing experiences with all of the shoes I've bought. Although a pair I have been most impressed with are my Prada America's Cup sneakers. They have been with me for a little over three years and have been around the world with me especially during some messy adventures in mykonos lol 😉 They are still in great shape and are the comfiest sneaker I have ever worn! Totally recommend even though they are not the cutest thing out there

  • Great and funny video, good content as always! Would love to know what's on your eyes..its stunning! Thanks.

  • Completely agree about the Chanel flats.

  • My Gucci snake heals – my wedding shoes.. HORRENDOUSLY uncomfortable. They also have that teeny strap across the front ?

  • Lv the way u say Wn we gona rehab . Never ?

  • Where did you get the sweater from ?

  • I saw the D Squared on your shoe collection video and loooved how good they looked on you. Too bad they’re such a pain. I can relate as I have several pairs of cute ballerinas with ties that when they start to unravel (easily and constantly), it can be such a b***ch.

  • This was hilarious ? I have a pair of gianvito rossis(the plexi shoes) that also do the weird cutting across the top of the toes thing. I can wear them for a few hours but only if I do some serious preparation and it’s just too much. But they look so cute ? which is the only reason I keep them. But if I could go back in time, wouldn’t have bought them.

  • Good points Cassie, you could describe making pasta salad and it would be just as entertaining!
    Enjoy your weekend, FLEX! ? ?

  • I just realized you also posted your makeup products ????
    Thank you ? I always asked about your makeup ??

  • Literally one of my favorite Youtube content creators because of the commentary and intro lol When are we going to rehab? NEVER! Make a shirt please!

  • What eyeshadows did you use? Stunning!

  • What eyeshadows did you use? Stunning!

  • You are the funniest human EVERRRRR!!!!

  • Girl I wanted some manolos so bad, but I feel like I would be holding on for dear life with every step ?

  • Love it! Also, where is your outfit from? x

  • What eyeliner do you use? x

  • I didn't know stuart weintzman boots came in leather

  • I love your videos Cassie! You go straight to the point and provide helpful information… I don’t want any of those shoes!!! ?

  • The Chanel ballet flats, put them in the back of the closet until 70….. Love the over the knee but I get it… The lime green looks like a Messy B!£@h trying to strut her stuff….. A HOTT SLOPPY MESS…. YAAASSS, THOSE TIE UPS ARE ABSOLUTELY ENERGY DRAINING……NEEEXXXTTTT……. ??????????…….❗❗❗

  • that green eyeshadow stole my eye the hole video

  • ‘Toes grasping for life’ see you later Manolo! ??‍♀️

  • We live and learn sweet friend. Thank you for a great video, good to know the practical side of luxury…

  • Love this video Cassie!!!

    May I introduce you to a pair of shoes that I would pair for you…. https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4770-cubist-cupcake-black

    I have these pictured in my Instagram, these shoes are very ‘you’.


  • My negative Nancy self loves to hear about what you highly would not recommend ?

  • Yeah I definitely think the OTK would suit your style more in leather sigh you live and learn
    Also SHUT YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOURE TALKING TO ME ABOUT THE ESPADRILLES lol they are everything remind me what size you took? Maybe it was a sizing issue?

  • Hello Cassie

  • I am surprised about the boots.

  • I do know about #4

  • Have a great weekend sweetie

  • When are you going to do a makeover on someone?

  • i kind of regret buying gucci loafers just coz they crease so so much. and my feet are so wide that my shoes got misshaped now. so the appeal of that pair of loafers has gone completely.

  • Freaking Tory Burch flats… THE WORST!!!!!!! The Devil wears Tory Burch flats tbh!

  • Absolutely love your videos!

  • I got a pair of the Tod’s ballerines and they are SOOOO uncomfortable even after like 10+ wears. The only flats I find comfy are the Gucci loafers, otherwise much prefer a kitten heel or boot.

  • Louie this video ?????

  • I seriously wish I could be friends with you in real life… lol, really.. I need you in my life!! Thanks for always making me laugh ?

  • I feel the same way about the Chanel flats! They're super uncomfortable to me. I love my highland boots and actually prefer the look of the suede to the nappa leather but the nappa is a bit more edgy and I can see them looking great on you (I also love me some Reese so maybe that all tracks?) I have found some classic manolo styles don't work for me either. I don't understand the Chanel espadrilles craze. I don't find them partcularly comfortable and they're way too expensive to look so damaged that quickly. Thank you for sharing!

  • weirdly, M&S suede boots are great…. weirdly
    plus they do half sizes, when I got mine
    this one, heel varies based on year, not actually suede but look it

  • omg I am DEAD!!!! lol!!! I swear i love love love your commentary and descriptions so much! haha TFS xoxo

  • The intro to the last D Squared pair ?

  • Loved everything about this video! But I stay for the COMMENTARY ???

  • Can we give a moment to your amazing eye shadow? Gorgeous!

  • Hahaha….messy bitch….no one wants that look! But the color of the Manolos is so hot and I know you love that color. Too bad they’re not working for you. Great video as always. Love your channel. You and Caitlin Polowski are my absolute favorites. ???

  • The stuart weitznan leather boots stretch out and dont hold up. I was a their store and a lady came in wanting to find solution fir her leather boots falling down.

  • I saw the chanel ballet flats in pink tweed, and OMG i want them so bad, but i KNOW i will ruin them. I actually have a dupe i got for $100 last year, in a dark tweed kitten heel, and i really want a dupe in the pink tweed so i dont have to CARE if i ruin them.

  • Yes I agree about the Chanel ballet flats. Hated mine as they were never comfortable even after I bought different sizes. Gave themaway to friends.
    Also don't like my denim and canvas Chanel espadrilles- very uncomfortable.

  • Saint Laurent Sneakers are mine! The tongue is so hard it cuts into my feet so bad. I want to sell them but i dont want to spread that pain around the world. If you are considering run!

  • This weekend I saw the Chanel spandrils I was like “o no way I’m getting this cause I’m not a messy bitch” for this money I want my feet to look fabulous!

  • Those Chanel flats look like they would strangle your feet. They look so narrow.

  • She will take you there So funny very entertaining. So many shoes are so worthless I seriously wonder if the designer ever tried them on. Ha

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