5 AM at Freddy’s: The Prequel

*vent noises* Hi Freddy! Ah, aha! H-Hey Bonnie! Have you seen the night guard? He’s not wearing his costume again Haha, Pshhh. Well, you know him! Yeah… But we’ll find him eventually It’s just… difficult with that spare Freddy head he’s been wearing Well as you can see, he’s no where around here So… why don’t you go look else where! *Distant* Night Guard! I’m gonna kick your ass! AARRG! Fucking- Ahhh! Wait, you saw the night guard? Aye! That’s the night guard, right there! No, that’s just Freddy No! He’s doing that thing with the… spare Freddy head again You know? ‘Messing with your facial scanners AHHH, Dammit! If he’s Freddy… Why does he keep flashing that wretched flashlight in my face?! Well obviously, you’re scaring him Scaring him?! I’m gonna gouge your eyes out! Foxy! Calm down! NO! I’m the ONLY one in this damn place who can see through that disguise! Balloon Boy, back me up here I don’t really care if he’s Freddy I’m just trying to get my hands on his sweet succulent double A batteries (Foxy) I’ve had enough of this! Show them you’re the night guard! Ehhhh, that’s a prop *Growls* You know what? Where’s Freddy? There can’t be two Freddys right? FREDDY?! Yo Well… Now we’ve got TWO Freddys in the room! Cool! Bonnie, oh my GOD. I will slap you! Wait, what’s going on here? We’re looking for the night guard He’s the night guard! Hmmmm… Pretty sure that’s Freddy Oh, God DAMMIT. You’re Freddy! Where are you going? (Musically) Fuck this shit I’m out Uh, I don’t get what’s confusing Bonnie? Listen… Oh wait What time is it? Hey fellas! Oi, Mangle! What time is it? It’s about 5:59 5:59?! It be the night guard! The night guard!? BATTERIES?! No, no, no! I’m Freddy! Right guys? OH GOD (6 AM bells) HURBEBLBLESJEILFSFNLS Umm… Hello?


  • it's funny when they say cuz words.

  • 0:39 – 0:42 found the puupet easter egg?

  • oh i cant believe i remember this word for wors after 2 ½ years

  • Foxy : where are you going ?

    Freddy : fuck this shit am out

  • andrei

  • sapi

  • Fuck this sheddddaI'm out

  • Did anybody see the puppet under the desk

  • 2:11 Bonnie be like “where the hell did she come from?”

  • Me: Foxy you realize that there’s toy Freddy right

    Foxy: Oh right


  • The best

  • Toy Bonnie: "That's a prop."

  • You know, every time I watch this, I just imagine what it's like to be the night guard. Here you are, sitting in a small room, surrounded by 7 foot tall plastic and steel monsters, ready to mutilate and murder you in an instant, and the only thing keeping you alive is the incompetence of most of them. Meanwhile, the only one who knows for sure that you're one of them is desperately trying to convince the others that you're not one of them.

  • Phone guy: umm hello

    Golden freddy :aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Phone is closet……..

  • 0:12 hey bro watcha doin?

  • Foxy:i'm the obly one in this damn place who can see threw that disguise

    Puppet: Am i a joke to you?

  • 2:22 PUPPER MASK!!

  • Ah yes what I always wanted :3

  • Nobody:

    Golden Freddy: Horific bass boosted demon screeches

  • Why did the guard not rewind the music box?

  • Foxy: Mangle what time is it? Mangle: 5:59 Foxy: great so I can slap bonnie

  • Hi fweddy


  • Night guard I'm gonna kick ur ass

  • There are a ton of freddy's. But we have discovered a new species of freddy's. Nightguard Freddy….

  • 1:19 creepe

  • 1:47
    Foxy: Oh My God! Bonnie I will slap you!!

  • 👻👻😼👻😼👻😼👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👹👹👹👹👹👿👿👿👾👾👾👾👾

  • XD this is the funny part 1:39

  • 1:52 eyyyy the puppet got included
    Edit: 2:22 and again under the table,and again at the end,in the tunnel

  • Random puppet faces a pear through the vidoe

  • "There can't be two Freddys right?"
    Toy freddy: Am I a joke to you?

  • 1:40 can someone told me what foxy says?

  • 2:37 Mark’s luck basically

  • Sweet Succulent Double A Batteries.

  • F*ck this sh*t I’m out XD

  • 2019?

  • This animation is so cool

  • Please deposit five likes

  • Why is the puppet there I'm so confused but impressed at the same time

  • This came on my recomendations, and i remember watching this when it first came out

  • 2:03 fuck the shit im out

  • Toy Bonnie is weird

  • Feddi

  • How did he survive that long without winding the box

  • Make a Sister Location version

  • eh… that’s a prop

  • I haven't seen this in 4 years

  • 2:11 who know what she’s saying
    Foxy: me

  • "Fuck this shit I'm out!"

    Me every day before school

  • Your a REAL og if you remember this
    (I remember because of how funny it was)

  • 😂

  • This was f ing hilarious

  • Happy Five Years at Freddy's 2!

  • "Cool"

    "Bonnie, Oh my GOD I will slap you!"

    Me: Practically dying from laughing at that point

  • Fun fact: if you Put "Piemations FNaF" this is the first result.

  • “There can’t be 2 Freddies, right?”


  • Did anyone see the Marionette in the bottom left corner at 1:53

  • Night Guard: oh no why doesnt my flash light work?
    Balloon Boy: I took ur batteries b*#&$!
    Foxy: I f*#&[email protected]# knew it! He was DE NIGHT GUARD!!!!

  • Just give foxy some coffee. It’s early. He needs it. He’s been asleep for so long

  • LOL

  • God dammit you are fredy

  • Im the only one in this damn place who can see through that disguise!

    Marionette: am i a joke to u?!

    Also there is more then 1 freddy: toy freddy twisted freddy molten freddy funtime freddy golden freddy shadow freddy Nightmare freddy Fredbear and withered freddy Phantom freddy rockstar freddy withered golden freddy
    Withered shadow freddy


    2:04 when i see gay ppl kissing

  • 2:22 look under his table

  • Anyone else see the puppet in the background

  • 2:18

  • I saw the puppet

  • Why did foxy not take the mask of.

  • Anybody else just suddenly getting into fnaf again?



  • Hey if mangle is in it where did chica go?

  • 1:52 poopet in the lower left corner

  • Fuck This shit im out!

  • Uhh… That's a prop

  • I saw an Easter egg at 1:52 The marionette's face. Behind freddy

  • I thought ballon boy said berry's but it's batteries

  • “Hey mangle what time is it?”


  • 2D

  • Back when YouTube was hilarious

  • Foxy | it be the night guard balloon boybatteries

  • 1:11 Nazi calm down

  • R.I.P piemations cause of next year

  • No one

    Literally no one

    Dubble a



  • ('__|__')

  • Yeah foxy

  • Foxy: I'm the only one in this dammed place who can see through a disguise!

    Puppet: am I a joke to you?

  • 2:13 there in the manitore visible face of the mary

  • 2:35 did anyone else catch marienet in the left vent?

  • Oh the implications of foxy being bent over the desk.😈

  • Foxy: in the only one in this place who can.see threw that disguise puppet: are you sure about that

  • Still great

  • Fucking hilarious. Rewatching these videos after literally four years. I missed this without even knowing it.

    Also, anyone have the link to the Orchestrated Version of the Toreador March at the end?

  • Was the song at the beginning Stella Stella ola?

  • Nice

  • Damn

    What a classic

  • I remember when I was younger and saw this and was afraid my parents would see it

  • 1:54 there’s the puppet!

  • 0:36 When your mom finds out you haven't take out the trash

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