$400 3D Printed Shoes

Trying On 3D Printed Shoes! New Balance Zante
Generate 3D Printed Shoes / Under Armor! Hey, what’s good, guys? Keaton here. I’ve been
waiting for this specific package for a few weeks now. I’m really excited that it’s here,
and, in case you don’t know what these are, basically, it’s the world’s first 3D-printed
shoe. So, let’s check it out. So, this right here is the New Balance Zante Generate, and
it’s the world’s first 3D-printed shoe, which I think is freaking awesome. And, this name,
it took me a few times to get right, but I ended up getting it right, and, to be honest,
I’m a huge fan of 3D printing. Now, I don’t actually own a 3D printer, just ’cause they’re
a little bit pricey, but I really like some of the stuff that it can do. You can print
food in 3D form. You can print shoes in 3D form, or, at least, most of a shoe, and, honestly,
the possibilities are endless, so, when I saw these shoes come out, I knew I had to
have them, and, before we actually hop on into the box, New Balance sent me this note,
and it says, “Welcome to the future of running.” Because, you know, a few years, all shoes
are going to be 3D-printed. Or, that’s what they say. And, it’s just a little note about
why they made this particular shoe, because, in case you guys don’t know, and haven’t been
subscribed to the channel, these shoes are super limited, and I really like limited edition
stuff, like those Rihanna headphones. If you haven’t seen that video, check up there. But,
they only made 44 pairs of these Zante Generate. And, well, this is pair number 44 out of 44,
so, I feel really honored. So, we’re gonna set this note to the side. Before we hop on
in, I wanna check out the box a little bit, just because, if you don’t know me, I’m a
little bit of a sneakerhead, and a hype beast, and I really have a good appreciation for
packaging. So, this box is awesome. It’s got a nice, soft touch. You got some holes here,
to kind of show the whole 3D printing kind of aspect. I’ve seen some pictures of these
online, but I haven’t actually seen these shoes, so you’re gonna see my impressions
live. I got size 12. I’m actually, like, a size 12 1/2. I have really wide feet, so I’m
hoping that these fit. These are running shoes. Say New Balance right up here. Zante Generate.
And, let’s open these. I’m really excited. Never seen these. Little sad that, in shipping,
the box tore, but I will get over it. Here we go. Got the New Balance right there. Lookin’
nice. The packaging. Oh, my God. Whoa. The smell is hitting me first. That’s, right off
the bat, what, That’s really strong. I’m kind of in a daze. Whew. So, this is the shoe right
here. Wow, dude, this 3D printing is insane! It looks like a honeycomb. Did honeybees engineer
this shoe? So, this is the other shoe. Okay, I didn’t really know what I’d think about
this 3D printed midsole, but I really like it. It’s really eye-catching. Alright, we’ll
set this aside. And, what is this? The box is lit up. The box is, legit, lit up. I don’t
know if it’s been lit up from shipping, but you can definitely tell. This is a light.
You could see that? This is a light. This is a light. It’s got a USB cord. So, I’ll
be recharging my box? Um, didn’t know I’d ever be saying that. First impressions. It
feels moderately light. I thought it would feel a lot lighter. I don’t know why. I just
had this idea in my mind that, like, this wouldn’t really weigh much, but it weighs
like a normal shoe would. I really like this design. At first, I was a little stunned,
but it reminds me of honeycomb. It looks freaking sweet. I’ve never seen this before. And, as
for the shoe color, it’s kind of a like a purplish navy. Didn’t know what to expect
there, in pictures, but doesn’t look horrible. I think I can definitely rock this on my feet.
It’s more of, like, a unisex shoe, so, got these shiny New Balance branding on the back
there, so you won’t get hit by a car at night when you are runnin’. And, for the pull tab,
it says, “The future of design. “The future of running. “Take bold steps towards the future
with New Balance.” Well, I am a futuristic kinda kid, so I’m excited to put these on
my feet, and what I’ve been told is, these size 12s right here, they only made three
pairs in total, so this is one of three pairs, and I guess my pair as a whole is pair number
44, so I’m kinda feeling super special right now. ♫ Putting ’em on my feet right now
♫ Oh, boy, these are a tight fit. That’s, like, the most workout I’ve seen all day.
Alright, now for the next one. So, these shoes, they don’t really feel any different on my
feet than, like, a traditional shoe. They don’t give me any superpowers. I don’t feel
like I’m from Back to the Future. I thought I would feel a little bit lighter in these,
these midsoles that are 3D printed would feel a little bit springier, but, to my surprise,
they’re not. They’re just normal shoes. They do look really great. They are comfortable.
But, I thought I would, honestly, have a little bit of a superpower goin’ on here, and that
is definitely not it. Worth the 400 dollars, but no superpowers, and I will not be in the
next Marvel movie, so, sorry. And so, that’s pretty much it for this video. If you guys
enjoyed it, a like would be really awesome. The things I had to do to get these shoes
were pretty insane. Go ahead and get subscribed for more cool stuff like this, and, yeah,
I’ll see you guys soon. Peace.


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