hi everyone welcome to my channel today
i’m going to share with you my new purchase my beautiful pair of Christian
Louboutins and then I’m going to share with you four tips on how I save money
on luxury shoes so let’s get started now I picked these pair of shoes up not too
long ago and I just want to share them with you I picked up the very Gemma 100
Napa shining up a lab in black and light gold in the size 37 so I’ll just show
that and as you can see they are quite expensive they are one thousand dollars
and forty-five but I got them on sale and they are more than half off and I’ll
share with you in a little bit how I actually saved money on these shoes so
let me just show you these beautiful pair of shoes um look at the beautiful
des pay attention look at this beautiful beautiful des pay and let me show you
the beautiful pair of shoes I got look at these aren’t these gorgeous and these
are actually really comfortable because they have the soft lamb leather and the
reason these are on sale was because they were considered seasonal shoes
which is ridiculous because they look very classic to me but because they had
this little light gold bow here with this line well with the bow with a
ribbon going all the way down the sled oh it’s not considered classic pair of
shoes so they were on sale and that is why I picked them up and look at that
beautiful red sole and these ones are made while they’re made in Italy but
look how gorgeous this shoe is okay let me put this weight and then I’m going to
share my for tips on how I save money on luxury ships now i’m going to share with
you my for tips on how i save money on shoes and just let you know i refuse to
pay full price on anything if i can get a sale or get a deal on something that’s
the only time i will buy it honestly i believe i think actually know what all
my shoes i have gone on sale because I just refuse to pay full price I just
refuse I worked so hard for my money that I don’t want to be wasting it on
things that are full price okay anyways let’s get into the tips
I have found that there are two stores that I go to that have the best sales on
high-end and luxury shoes and the two stores are one whole run for you and to
nordstrom I mean I’ve gone to the boutiques directly to buy shoes and I do
find that their sales are never as good as these big stores and I don’t know why
but if you’re looking for two good stores that have sales on high and shoes
I definitely recommend going to Holt run a few and nordstrom it is very important when you buy shoes
have you ever noticed that some shoes go on sale one day and the next day they’re
back to full price yeah I’ve noticed that all the time and it bothers me so
much but I have figured out there are three times a year when to buy shoes and
the three times r1 Black Friday to boxing day the day after Christmas and 3
during the north from anniversary sale those are the three times a year when I
go specifically to stores to buy shoes because I find those are the best times
to go and they have the best sales really the best so recently the black
friday sale at Holborn few they had shoes for more than fifty percent off
and that is actually when I picked up those Louboutins and was your last year
the year before they had seventy percent off during Boxing Day and then I picked
up my bridesmaid shoes I bought the prada shoes and i bought my sister pair
of Valentino shoes and they were all seventy percent off and the shoe i
bought my sister they still have them in store for regular price so that’s one
day one sale and then during the nordstrom anniversary sale that’s when i
picked up my Jimmy Choo shoes for my wedding and they are the most beautiful
sparkly shoes that were more than fifty percent off they were gorgeous and I’m
so glad I went during the sale because i got it for more than half off so again
timing is very very important I have found recently that L some stores
you don’t have big signs when they are on sale and they don’t label everything
that’s on sale so then you end up missing things they’re on sale so with
the Louboutins that i recently picked up I only found out they’re on sale because
a sales associate told me I was trying on another pair of shoes and I was about
to pay and then I just ran on the asked him and I said you know are there any
other shoes are good deals can you recommend anything and then he mentioned
that the Louboutins are on sale and when we went to the Louboutin section there
was no sale sign anywhere to be fine there’s no stickers on the shoes letting
you letting you know they were on sale but they were on sale and he actually
pointed out so many pairs of shoes they’re more than half off and that’s
how i found the pair of shoes that i bought because he told me so don’t be
afraid to ask for sales associate which shoes are on sale sign up for store emails and join the
free rewards programs that is how you find out about sales ahead of time when
you sign up for these emails they normally let you know a week or two in
advance when sales are and normally be shot there regularly they actually let
you shop earlier than everyone else and that way you can go in early there’s
less people they probably will have your size and less likely to be sold out in
the shoe you want so definitely sign up for rewards programs and emails North
don’t always have pre sales and they’ll email you ahead of time so you can go
shop ahead of time and with North strong with every dollar i believe you get a
point know every dollar you spend you get a point and after so many points you
get money back that you can use in store which is another way i save money on
shoes and that’s the end of my video thank you so much for watching my video
please subscribe to my channel please like this video and please leave a
comment below please let me know what you think let me know if you have any
tips or tricks on saving money on shoes I’d love to hear from you and I look
forward to seeing my next thank you


  • can u wear ur high heels all day

  • you said Nordstrom and what was the name of the other store ?

  • can we see u do a high heel challenge pls

  • This year's black Friday sales were not that great in my opinion it seems as if you need to physically go to the store in order to get the best deals. You have made me reconsider paying full price for my pigalles. But I finally have the money saved up and don't really want to wait for the summer sale.
    I was waited for cyber Monday but the online options were limited…. I think I will just take the plunge for full price since I've been waiting for over a year to get the shoes. I hate paying full price too.

    Anyway this was a great video. I appreciate the tips and I actually follow all of those tips, except I don't have a sales associate as I don't live in the US at the moment .

  • beautiful you, perfect high heels

  • Thanks for sharing some people don’t share the secret. I never buy my high end shoes full price.

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