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O Four does its best to say stocked with
all the current sneakers and this video further showcases that. Today we have the
adidas AlphaEdge Performance 4D in Black. It just launched a couple of weeks
ago – May 31st, 2019 to be exact, and it highlights adidas’ push for
futurism in the sneaker industry I mean Nike has it’s a HyperAdapt BBs
and adidas has the 4Ds. Before we get into the details, I just have to say how
awesome these shoes are. adidas really took into consideration the effects of
running on individuals. That includes the twists, the turns, the balancing act;
everything that encompasses running. It’s called 4D because of the 3D printed midsole
as well as the 4th dimensional aspect of the comfort, control, and stability that they
provide. In fact, adidas had this to say: “cutting-edge 4D design combines comfort, stability and cushioning in these men’s running shoes. The AlphaEdge 4D midsole
is precisely tuned for controlled energy return, providing long-lasting cushioning
and stability The sleek build feature – a stretchy heat
pressed upper that adapts the shape of your foot as it moves with area of
support for a stable ride. That was taken directly from adidas’ website. Now in
your hands you’ll immediately realize that these are a bit heavier than your
regular boosts, but not by that much It’ll still feel light on your feet and
when you step down and feel that comfortable compression, you won’t mind
as much anymore. The upper is the ever-present adidas primeknit but with
forged mesh technology as is found in adidas AlphaBalance. Forge mesh is the
tougher, rich material found along specific places on the upper. After over
a decade and a half of research adidas located the precise points where
the foot needs the most support. Forge mesh is essentially the upgraded version
of Forge Fiber used in the older models released in November 2018. Forged fibre
uses thermoplastic polyurethane coated yarn to maximize performance that adds
layer for ultimate strength and motion flexibility and lock down. The upper
really hasn’t changed too much from previous versions apart from the mesh
technology used and the design is pretty simple and unassuming. The main focus has
and always will be the 3D printed midsole. The midsole is
proprietary technology designed by a california-based company Carbon. The 3D
printed midsole is made using a process called Digital Light Synthesis. It’s done
by using oxygen and programmable liquid resins as the material molded into the
shape you see here. The result is a material that’s firm to the touch but
when force is applied becomes contouring and flexible. It’s definitely more
absorbent than boost and runners typically choose these over any other
styles for long-distance running or general active sports. All colorways have
the same color midsole – this ash green sort of color. Despite the porous nature
of the midsole, there shouldn’t be any worry of dirt or gunk getting caught in
between the gaps, and if that does happen as simple rinse will get it right back
to looking great. The outsole is made by Continental – yeah, the tire company. It’s
meant to be extremely resistant to the weather and wear, ensuring these are
absolutely long-lasting. It also adds another layer of comfort when running
outside. It’s even dotted with these bumps to increase grip on all surfaces. I
actually just got back from a trip where they actually sell my size. I actually
ended up buying three pairs of shoes. I got two Ultraboosts and a pair of Jordans. I
actually had the older version of the AlphaEdge in my hand but they didn’t
have my size and like the day I landed back was the day that the new ones were
released. So ultimately, it was like lose-lose for me. What I’m trying to say
is if I had the opportunity, I would have absolutely bought these. If you’re either
an active person or are extremely interested in the technology, and you
want to be connected to the pace of technology in the sneaker industry, these
shoes are perfect for you. They’re super hot on the market and they deserve a
place in your collection. And that’s it! Thanks for watching guys. Be sure to
follow me on instagram @ofour_reviews follow O Four @ofourme. You
know the whole spiel about the youtube thing, you know what to do. And i’ll see
you guys in the next one

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