3 Dress Shoes Every Man Must Have

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! In
this video, I’m going to highlight the three men’s dress shoes every man must have, what
you should avoid when buying dress shoes and I’ll even have bonus two pairs for you. In 1960, the Esquire author, George Fraser
once said “If you want to know a guy is well dressed, look down.” And boy was he right.
Shoes can really make or break an outfit, if you have a nice pair of shoes, it really
upgrades anything you wear. It can be a cheap suit, even if the fit is not ideal, a really
good, well – polished and nice looking quality pair of shoes will just upgrade your outfit
and make you look more professional and respected. On the flip side, if you have a cheap pair
of shoes, even the best fitting, most expensive suit will simply not look good because of
the choice of shoes so it’s extremely important to invest in a quality pair of shoes so you
get an overall great look. A good pair of shoes will not be inexpensive,
it will cost some money, but the good thing is you can wear it for a long time and so
the effective cost per wear goes down. For example, I bought my first pair of quality
men’s dress shoes in 2002. It was a wingtip derby and I’ve resold it many times and served
me really well. By now, the cost per wear is probably about 20 – 25 cents which us extremely
low compared to a pair of shoes that you buy for 50 bucks, but you’ll have to throw after
6 or 12 months because they’re already worn out. The cost per wear is much higher so it
really pays to invest in quality and to build a shoe wardrobe that you can wear with many
different kinds of outfits and that’s what we’re doing in this video today. Your shoe wardrobe should probably look different
than mine because it depends on many aspects. It’s about your profession, your age, your
style and also your environment and many other factors. However, these three men’s dress
shoes that I’m going to talk about today are really the best start for 99% of the men out
there and I’m sure they will work for you as well. These shoes are elegant, versatile
and will help you to round out your look and be more respected and well dressed. Shoe number 1: Black Cap Toe Oxford – I recommend
black cap toe oxfords to every man because it’s the first shoe you should start with.
It’s great for business suits, great for formal outfits. You can wear it even with a tuxedo
if you can’t afford a patent leather shoe which is fine and this is the first shoe that
you have when you’re a grown up. Even though it’s great for business suits and everything
professional, it’s not a great shoe for jeans or khakis so you should wear it more with
formal outfits, with suits, sometimes with combinations but not for casual outfits. it
should be made of box calf leather and it should not have any broguing. If you want
to learn more about Oxfords, what constitutes an Oxford and how it’s different from a Derby
or other men’s dress shoes, I recommend you take a look at our in-depth Oxford shoe guide
where we show you anything from how to actually lace an Oxford, how to buy them and how to
pick the right model for your wardrobe and budget. One thing to really keep in mind,
the Oxford is a dressy shoe, it’s a men’s dress shoe after all and so you want it to
be polished and you want ot be made of box calf leather and must have a leather sole
because it’s just more elegant that way. The second essential men’s dress shoe you
must have is the brown Derby in a full brogue or a semi brogue version. So what does that
mean? A derby has an open lacing system versus a closed lacing system. You can learn about
the differences here. A derby is a perfect shoe for all kinds of casual events, semi-formal
events. You can wear it with jeans and chinos even like suits. Although for very formal
outfits, you should probably go with the Oxford. It’s a great travel shoe and because it’s
more open, it gives you the option to fit even bigger feet. So most men would say the
Derby is a little more comfortable. With broguing, I mean that little hole perforation and simply
add some more casual character and you can have a wingtip or you can have a half brogue
which means just broguing on the cap, but it’s a straight cap. Both of these shoes are
extremely versatile and they should be a part of every man’s wardrobe. In terms of color,
brown comes in hundreds of different shades so for your first pair, try to go like a medium
brown because it’s super versatile, not too dark, not too light and you can just combine
them really well. Number three on the top three men’s dress
shoes is the Oxblood or the cordovan loafer. Now many men would have never thought about
an Oxblood or Cordovan loafer. What I mean by that, it’s a dark, red loafer and the advantage
of this color is that it literally works with everything. You can wear it with charcoal,
navy, khaki, off-white, green, brown, you name it. It works with every color and that’s
why it’s essential to have this kind of dark red oxblood colored shoe in your first three
shoe collection because it allows you to just add very few items and create a lot of different
looks. The color also works really well with any kind of suit, chino, jeans, combinations,
slacks, seersucker, madras and so there’s just endless variety. I suggest you get a
loafer because a loafer is slightly more casual shoe and you already have an Oxford and a
Derby. The loafer is even less formal but it allows you to really kind of wear it in
your spare time, on the weekends, afternoons, even at the office it’s perfectly fine. Specifically,
I would recommend you get either a penny loafer. If you want to know what the difference is
between those two, please read my article, my in-depth loafer guide where I talk about
all of these things. If you think it’s a shoe that just your dad
would wear, trust me there are lots of cool looking styles on different lasts. They are
really young and fresh-looking and modern and classy at the same time.Also, make sure
that you get a matching belt, matching in a sense of color because you always want to
pair the belt and the shoe in the same color otherwise, it looks off and it’s a faux pas
and people will think you don’t know how to dress. If you enjoyed this video, please sign
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classic men”s clothing and style. Thank you!


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  • I would rather die than be caught wearing a loafer. The style simply does not work in 2015. At least not if you live in Sweden and don't want to seem like a douche.

    Also, my personal opinion is that brogues look dressier than ones without.

  • I actually refuse to buy black shoes, leather just was never intended to be treated that way. Same goes for any color that is more paint than dye. If I cannot see the natural beauty of the leather, then the cobbler or designer did the worst of "sins". As such I boycott most black in my wardrobe, unless it can be paired with cordavon or brown…. Just my own personal style, by and by there is almost no good reason to spend the same on black as they can and do use leather that would be considered too blemished for brown or colors in which the grain shows through. Besides the dying process for black is extremely hazardous to the environment.

  • Can you talk more about ways of protecting your dress shoes during winter months. I think you mentioned galoshes, what else is out there worth investing on. I live in Canada and finding it hard to justify wearing my expensive shoes in the snow/slush.

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  • I work in men's high end retail clothing where we make sale and make custom suit. I am always perplexed how many men miss this important part of their wardrobe. It can be somewhat disappointing when you work hard to get a gentleman looking their best by getting them in a great looking and fitting suit, only to look at their footwear and they have a pair of cheaply made shoes.

    I try to inform them of how the suit and shoes work in concert to complement each other. I tell them you just spent 2500 to 5000 on a suit but only want to spend 100.00 on a pair of shoes cheap Johnston & Murphy, Bostonian or other low end shoes seems counterintuitive.

    Men please if you can afford it, invest in a high quality dress shoe. Companies like Adlen, Allen Edmond, Peal & Co, Crockett & Jones, and Edward Green are great options and all have recrafting program. This will extend the life of your shoes for many years. I meet a attorney awhile back that had a pair of Crockett & Jones cordovan shell leather shoes for 20 years! Taking about cost per wear..lol!

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  • Forgive me for being late to the party.

    Great suggestions, especially about buying quality shoes. One thing I would point out is, you can get good shoes on sale or go with factory seconds, for not much more than a cheap pair of shoes.

    As for the specific suggestions, they are solid, but let me offer a little bit of a perspective. I am in one of the few professions where I have to wear a suit almost every day and I haven't worn my cap toe oxfords with one of my suits in several years. So what do I wear with a suit? Black monk straps. Black plain toe Derbies or Bluchers. Whole cuts in dark chili or light brown. Dark brown or Walnut half brogue bluchers. Or even dark grey Chromexcel leather full brogues for a change of pace shoe or as a slightly dressier alternative to a loafer.

    On the other end of the scale is the whole loafer thing. Don't get me wrong. I bought my son pair of black loafers last year because he needed a black shoe for his high school orchestra concerts, and he just isn't ready for black oxfords yet. But I have found the loafer just isn't for me. i used to wear penny and tassel loafers, but I have found they don't stand up to our winters and in summer, I am fine with lighter colored lace ups.

    I am not saying my judgment is any better than anybody else's. But I would say it depends. It is possible that in Boston or in New York, for example, that Black cap toe oxfords isn't too dressy. But I find in the Midwestern city I live it, it is, for all but the most dressy occasions.

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