3 Best Tips for Running 800-Meter Dash | Sprinting


  • ok 🙂

  • You don't sprint 800m just saying..

  • Run through a bad neighborhood. Holding a pile of cash and flipping the bird

  • whats up with that guy?

  • Lol I have the same shoes as that guy.

  • Well i only got 1 tip from here that i accept

  • I followed all 3 rules I've gotten 2:21 sec

  • 800 meters is not a dash…

  • Middle distance.

  • 800m dash? gtfo

  • I do 3:29 #worldrecord

  • I'm at 2:00 flat and I'm 16

  • last year in 8th grade best 800 was an 2:21.03 still trying to break 2:15 this year.

  • no one cares what time you run

  • 800s are really Dash's, it's considered a distance sprint.

  • I'm doing this in p.e. in 2 hours 😭😭😭 dreading it

  • Kann wär das Übersetzen? Ich kann nichts verstehen

  • I m an 800m in 2.20

  • my race is tommorow I'm so nervous just watched like 20 of these vids and I feel less nervous. Like if u think il do good at the 75000 metre race at my school?

  • Is 2:04 a good time for a 15 year old?

  • Just broke my PR today in the 800m 2:14!

  • did he just start down for an 800?

  • I ran a 1:13 in 1st grade…

  • Dash phahah

  • is 2:46 good for a 12 year old boys first meet i got 4th out of 20

  • Wait, is it good if I kick at the 100 meter mark because I already know I have a good kick since I can't spring a 200 good.

  • Sir hindi / videos are make

  • liked but… can you please provide tips for beginners

  • For the point on running form i'd say focus on it for the first lap ONLY. Once you hit the bell you are going to be dying and it's just about making it round with as much willpower as possible

  • Hahahahahahahahah

  • Hi how was your day

  • :v

  • Sir 800 Mt kon -2 technige use hoti
    Sir video bataye

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