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Are your feet often sore at the end of the day? Let me ask you a question: Do you wear slippers when you get home? Even after a long day at work, the average person still spends a lot of time on their feet before going to bed. People who experience sore feet throughout the day actually amplify their foot pain by walking around barefoot, or in socks, at home. Here are 3 benefits of wearing supportive slippers. 1. Slippers with arch and metatarsal support will provide you comfort and reduce strain on your feet, legs, and lower back. 2. Slippers that have a grippy outsole will give you added traction around the house, and help prevent slips or falls. Here’s a tip: Look for ones that are produced from high-quality materials like leather, sheepskin, or cotton. 3. If you’re the type of person whose feet are always cold, you get the added benefit of keeping your feet warm and cozy – especially during winter. And if you know someone with Diabetes, a proper pair of slippers will also help improve blood flow to the feet, reducing the risk of skin irritations, and injuries. When your feet feel better, more mobility is possible. If you don’t have foot pain, wearing supportive slippers still a great way to keep your feet happy and healthy. Plus, when you put them on, you won’t want to take them off. To learn more about supportive footwear, check out the Kintec Blog.

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  • True about the support! I’ve really hurt my back and ankles by not wearing supportive footwear at home! You can even get sandals with good support, so don’t be stupid!

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