3 AMAZING Shoes That SCREAM For Attention! Dress Shoes YOU Must Check Out! RMRS

3 Shoes That Scream For Attention
[0:00:00] Gentlemen, today we’re talking about three
dress shoes that are uncommon. Dress shoes that are going to set you apart
from the pack. [Music]
I’ve talked about before the first five dress shoes. I’ve talked about like the core dress shoes. These are none of those. These are dress shoes that you’re going
to want to buy after you’ve got your core ones you’ve got your first dress shoes out
of the way. These are the ones that when you wear them
people are going to give you compliments. They’re going to talk about these dress
shoes. They’re going to ask you where you bought
them where you grab them. And, you’re just going to smile because
it’s a conversation starter. And I’m going to start off with this shoe
right here. This is an ankle boot with a basically the
double monk strap going on this. Now, double monk strap, this has been around
for a long time, we’re talking since Medieval times. Nowadays, what you’re going to see on a
lot of these is they’ve actually got a little bit of elastic built in there, so that your
foot can slip right in and that’s what I love about these. Other details about this shoe in particular,
it’s going to be the color. This one right here has got a darker brown
here on the toe. You can actually buy a lighter colored pair
of shoes and you could use certain types of polish to bring this in, but I like it whenever
I find it in the shoe. Now, this design up here at the front, this
is a cap-toe. A cap-toe is when they’ve got another piece
of leather thrown on and that right there But, the cap-toe adds a little bit it does
make it more casual, but overall this is a casual shoe something that, you know, casual
dress shoe, still something that, you know, you can wear for casual suit, you can wear
I think it looks great with jeans, maybe with, you know, odd trousers, gray flannels. Anything you want to incorporate there. We have a little bit of broguing right in
here. And we’ve got a single line of stitching. So, having owned, you know, shoes similar
to this for years, I can tell you this stitching is top notch and it’s got the double stitching
in the key areas that we need it. So, on this side right here we see where the
quarter is thrown over the vamp, again, this is sign of a blucher, but they’re using
a strap versus lace. Next up, I want to talk about suede. So many of you guys are afraid to wear suede,
don’t be. Now, I know you say, “Antonio, what happens
if I’m walking through water, I’m trudging through mud?” Well, then, wear the appropriate footwear. You just wear this where it’s appropriate. Now, the penny loafer in of itself has been
around for seventy years. It’s a classic shoe design and we see it
a lot out there, very common very – one of the bestsellers out there. But, in suede, the texture is what’s
key here and it’s going to – it stands apart. With shoes like these casual shoes, you want
to wear no-show socks. Don’t wear no socks, no socks is bad because
you’re going to sweat in here and you will damage the shoe from the inside out. You could also wear this with a casual suit,
you could wear this with a pair of jeans. You can look at maybe a light gray color. You can go for a dark gray color. You could, you know, go – maybe just want
to bring in the penny loafers. And if you don’t have any penny loafers. But, what I focused on here with this on in
particular is the suede Now, let’s talk about the wholecut. This is a dress shoe that for me is more of
the guy that understands he’s confident in who he is what he stands for and he’s
not afraid to stand out from the pack. You can buy this in black. I think it will look great with the tuxedo
with black tie. Polis it up, just give a really nice shine
to it You can go with oxblood, you can go with the dark brown, you can even go with
a lighter brown whether that’d be with a light gray casual suit, maybe a tan suit,
it’s going to look amazing. This design why this is so beautiful is it
takes one solid big piece of unblemished leather to make a great wholecut. So, just a great-looking shoes, something
– you want to look for a Blake stitch a Goodyear welt on this. And, by the way, Goodyear welt Blake stitch,
both of them are very durable. Goodyear welt because they have actually a
thicker heavier sole. Yes, is over if you would have measured the
number of steps, it’s probably going to be more durable. But, I think both of them are amazing built,
it can be resoled and I think I really like the Black stitch, it’s a more elegant design
for this particular shoe style. So, guys, those are three styles. And, I would love to hear from you down in
the comments what you would have added, what you’re like, “Antonio, you totally mess
this up, I would have added this.” You guys know I love learning from you, I
love getting better and I appreciate you guys being part of my community. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. [0:05:10] End of Audio


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