All right, what’s up my name jeff I love your whole outfit today, tell us more about it This whole outfit doesn’t cost much tbh for example this vest cost me about RM20 at bundle/thrift shops it has Korean words at the back this vest is from bundle as well and roughly RM30, it’s quite new as well so I quite like them This trousers are from Brands Outlet and I get it tailored after Do you have any favourite brands? Do you think which are more important, brands or style? From your look I believe it would be style but plz elaborate for us I don’t chase for hype, I wear and style my own most of the time I like to be unique on the street, don’t really like it when everyone is wearing the same ting (SuPrEmE, BaPE) I prefer everyone to have their own styles and attitude So to have that attitude is the most important thing Same as tattoo don’t do it because of the clout or hype What you are wearing on you or tattoos are what representing yourself so let it to be some sort of diaries We got a cute boi over here, what’s your name? Joshua Ang How old are you? So tell us what you wearing today Bape chain and then free gift from Asics Tiger and then the…..(Takashi Murakami) Bape shirt and then Adidas jacket Uniqlo pants and then Yeezy BLACK PANTHER 700 and then Stoned socks When did you start buying streetwear or sneakers? or into Bape and stuffs I think this year What’s your favorite brand Yeezy So you like Kanye West? Yaaaas What do you like about Yeezy Because they look cool, AWESOME So, are there any other friends in your class do they buy Yeezys as well? Yeah ##ks%$&*[email protected]$%idk&*^gHELPas*^% Okay, straight to the point tell us about your outfit today and how much does it cost This top is from my own design, own brand My pants is from Nike, about RM100 My shoes are Matthew William x Nike These are around RM1300 Brands or styles are more important? Styles>Brands, fo sho You should wear your own style and “mONEy Can’t BUy YOu StyLe” What do you think about the sneakers event (Sneakerlah) today? It’s cool I noticed the culture is getting bigger So I think it deffo worth our support, support local and I reckon eventually this event could bring the culture to another level So I think Sneakerlah should keep doing this and us local must keep supporting locals Alriiiight… Subscribe to my channel SNIS-519 So look who we got here What’s your name? Hans Abdullah waddup man Tell us how much your outfit worth today in Ringgit Malaysia? I paid RM1.4k for this Christian Dior thing. I’m not sure what it is is the visor. Hey, what up? I paid about uhh 1.2k and for this and The shorts are like 200 bucks the normal Nike The socks are like rm400/500 the shoes are RM30K Look at that shoe thirty thousand shoe How much do you spend on buying clothes or sneakers every month, like average usually I don’t really buy a lot of clothes but I just buy a lot of shoes maybe at about RM8k maybe a month on shoes. Depends on what they’re yeah. So do you think like brand is more important or style? Alright? I’m guessing style. I don’t really care about brand, but mostly style I guess So here’s your booth, right? All right, tell us what is it all about So this is MadeCurate x HypeVault It’s a collaboration between me and Paul company called Madecurate and Hype Vault we are basically giving away shoes. We are giving away like RM300K worth of shoes We’re doing it because why not? Okay, so it is only at Sneakerlah you buy one t-shirt for RM100 and you get one ticket you can buy 10 t-shirts for like 10 tickets, you know like we’re not gonna stop you so basically all you do is you just buy a t-shirt, join and at the end of Sneakerlah Draw a lucky number and if you win you win What’s your name? I’m Xavier Ou Let’s talk about your outfit I’m wearing my own brand and my own design today From trousers, jackets and vest are all from my own brand Have you learned about fashion design and how did you started My background is game art design, I learn fashion design on my own Or learn from my fashion designs friends about pattern, tailoring, styling etc What’s more important, brand or style? I think style would be more important Because style represent you as a whole If you match it wrongly it feels like you will be overwhelmed by the brand Hence I think style still comes first and second will only be brand Tell us how much your whole outfit worth My vest is RM370 My T-Shirt is RM170 Trousers are RM399 Do you have any favourite brand or designer? I like sUPreME, VIRgil AbLOh of Fear of God Alex Matthew William and J0j1 Yo what’s up we’ve got a BAPENATION over here So I love your outfits today. So BAPENations Tell us how much is your outfit worth? RM1.5k Yeah, my shoes is Nike what about t-shirt or necklace This is a plain t-shirt from Topman. Yeah, and this also from dummy What about you? Full set BAPE X PUBG LIMITED EDTION How much? Totally with bag, hoodie and pants: RM6.8k Show us your bag I Can’t sEE YoU i cANt See U Chicago Off White 12K wait one more one more FLEX FLEX FLEX Big FLEX What’s your favorite bread? OFF-WHITE™ Off white?! You are wearing full Bape and you are saying off white!? No 2 is Babe 😉 How much do you guys spend every month on buying shoes or clothes? 1 month ah? I think 10K above hahahahahahahhahhaa wait how old are you again? 23 years old babe 10K.. big baller… ben baller Now today from Sneakerlah we interviewed a few people Their opinions towards the streetwear and we saw what they are flexing today So make sure you follow my Instagram and make sure you [ Like, Comment and Share ] our videos stay tuned on our next episode xoxo


  • that dude with the full bape outfit has ZERO fashion sense. wtf is that outfit christ, at least match your chicagos with some red bape ffs.

    and i like how at the end u didnt ask them if style or brand are more important, because they have absolutely no style lmao

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