2019 September Urban Outfitter Unboxing [Eng]//UO网购开箱视频 [中英字幕]

Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel I recently bought some clothing in Urban Outfitters so want to make this video to share with you guys I bought everything online so there are some problems with sizes as we all know the bad thing for online shopping is that you can`t try it We have different shoes, bags and clothing here to show you guys Before we start you might find we use a new light mode today If you have any suggestion for that, please let me know All right, let`s get it First of all I got these two a hoodie and pants you can see they are matched as color and brand I really want to buy something like this Like Kappa and Adidas I tried this hoodie before and felt it was actually small to me I have to return it These are sport-pants I can wear them to dance if I want Everyone must know this brand – Kappa Super trending brand These pants are a little wider than I expect If I do not buy this hoodie then these pants are not either This color is hard to match They have other colors you can check it out if you like them The fabric is 100 Polyester So you might feel warm if you wear them for a while Okay The second one is from Kappa too These pants They have web design inside so it is more like professional for sport like running or something and I bought this sling bag to match these pants However, this bag is extremely small even can`t take my phone I don`t recommend this one These pants are also too big for me The waist part is too wide I won`t keep it The next one is a black elastic pants This one is very light Must be good pants for dancing But always bought too big I don`t know why This sweater is my favorite this time I like this purple good for fall and winter I like this fur too it is so comfortable It is made from cotton and polyester There are three button on each side If you think this sweater is small for you you can open the button This is the brand Next one is this Fila sling bag I can take this bag with my purple sweater I really like these colors they looks great The size is perfect too You can wear color blue, white or purple clothing with it Black is good too next one is this PVC glasses I think I need a pair of pvc glasses as it is very popular now the original price is $24 and it was on sale The next one is a pair of black jeasns From BDG Still bigger than what I expect I bought 31/32 instead of 30/31 They don`t have my size online It won`t shape your legs anyway I personally don`t recommend too I have to go to the store to get another one This my current favorite tee Lavender purple is a hot color recently It is so cute You can see all the “Simpson Family” here So now I finish all the clothing let`s go to shoes This is the first one from Fila I love this color blue and green it has blue shoelace too it can make you higher I am so sad that I got this one smaller feel tight when I wear them I might return them but I really like it Next one black sneaker from Skechers It is not what it looked like in the website It looked so cool online but actually, it is just a regular black running shoes You got laces with four colors orange, yellow, black and blue I literally don`t understand I don`t like the dark brown bottom and the cotton here It is not in my list Here you go Light green Converse High top It has a Chinese “Taiji” logo on the size and laces that is why I want to see it in real I like this color but just found it is hard to handle it for a outfit If you usually wear light color like white, pink, green or yellow you can buy it super young color All right this is our last one beautiful black leather booth from Dr. Martens I like this pattern in the back an up arrow Their booths are best sellers Rubber bottom which is good for snowing day and leather is water proof The one disadvantage of this is you may feel tight when you first time wear it so get yourself high quality socks with them They have many red parts too like the sew lines, the handle and insole That is it for my video today If you like my video remember to click “LIKE” and “SUBSCRIBE” my channel If you have any suggestions please leave it below Find out more information in the “Description” below Remember to follow my Instargram “happyandyworld” Thank you for watching Bye~

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