2018 Homecoming Finalists | “Big Top or Big Flop “

I like how he gives zero
faith to the humans, but like the monkeys got it, they’re good. Hi, my name is Paige Kristensen. And I’m Ryan Clark. My name is Mcclain Narber. I’m Jase Huesner. Hi, my name is Anna Wegener. My name is Odwuar Quiñonez. I’m Sarah Peterson. I’m Tyler Nelson. And we’re gonna watch some videos and we’re gonna try to decide if these are Big Tops or Big Flops. I dunno, this never looks good. I think Big Top, I think
he’s got it in him. I see a face going to the ground. I’m gonna say Big Top. I think since he has a helmet
on, it’s gonna be a flop, cause he’s not confident in his abilities. Yes! Wow. I was expecting something
way worse for that. Are those monkeys? Oh, top, Big Top for sure. I like top. Monkeys are awesome. Monkeys will do it. Okay, I’m going with Big Top. These are monkeys, they can do anything. Yeah, Big Top. I feel like, I really
hope it’s a Big Flop. Because that’d be hilarious. Big Top for me. Big Top. I think we expect monkeys
to be good at this stuff But they’re not.. But they’re daft at it, so I’m gonna say, he’s gonna, he’s gonna bif it. Big Flop. Aww. I just wanted a peaceful day
at the zoo, and that happens. Oh my gosh, I have a feeling I know
what’s gonna happen. I’ll take Big Top. Big Flop. Flop. Look pretty muscular, so
I’m gonna go with Big Top. Yeah.. this is not gonna
work. This will not work. It’s in Russia. Oh, no. I don’t wanna watch. Oh, no. No. Oh. What?! Oh, they’re actually doing it. Sweet! Oh his shoe! He’s tied to it, I was like… I don’t think it’s Top. Are they gonna catch up to each other? Oh! – [Everyone] Ooh! – I knew it. How are they gonna stop? Yikes. That..and the beginning was
pretty impressive though. Is that considered a flop? Yeah. Okay. Oh, it’s a flop? Okay. Because they were going pretty strong. Any time you’re doing
that stuff on children’s playground equipment I feel
like you’re setting yourself up. Mmm, yeah. Uh, there are three wheels on that, that’s not going to work. Flop for sure. Flop. Unicycle did me dirty last time, so flop. Flop. I would say Big Top. I’m going Big Top as well. He has to know what he’s doing. I’m rooting for him.
I’m gonna say Big Top. Flop. I feel like something’s gonna break. Feel like he doesn’t have
proper footwear either. But would you try this if you don’t know what you’re doing? Oh no. This really stresses me out. Oh. Oh! – [Everyone] Ooh! Right in the face. He was doing him. No! What? I thought he was gonna roll over. You know the height he was,
is about tall I am typically. So that was a big flop. Oh my gosh, yes. Go with flop. I don’t really know what’s
hap.., go with flop. I’ll go, I’ll go with top. She’s obviously got something going on. She might be hurt already. I feel like this could
just be a pretty big flop. And that’s just my opinion. It’s gonna, they all fall down? Hmm, Big Top. I was gonna say that. She looks like she’s pretty flexible. She does. That bend is impressive. To be contradictory,
I’m going with Big Flop. Okay. This music’s intense. Very intense. What is this? What the heck? Oh, no. Are they doing a cartwheel? I’ve done this before! What…? What? Who thought to do this? Yeah… Who’s like, let’s try this? Like, this is gonna be cool. It’s impressive. Usually, these videos are
like, spot on and they do awesome. I’m gonna go with Big Top. I think there’s too many
people, so he’s gonna.. get nervous, yeah. Flop. Yeah. I’m saying Flop for him. I’m saying Big Top. Looks like he knows what he’s doing. He’s a street performer. I don’t think he can, I
don’t think he can do this. I don’t know, I get nervous
with the street performers, like, do they know what they’re doing? I’ll go Flop. I’ll go, okay, I’ll go with Flop too. Okay. He’s gonna fall on his face. He’s gonna fall on his face. Ooh. Oh, what? Oh, psych. We were
watching the skateboarder? Oh.. Oh, you were tricky there. Little misdirection. Nice. I think we were right.. I think we were right. I’m gonna go with the skateboarder. I’m.. I’m.. gimme my point. Yeah. Oh, gosh. Big Top. Um… Can’t say no to a dog. I have no idea what he’s gonna do. But, I’m gonna go with a Big
Top and hope for the best. Top. For sure. I like the dog. It’s a dog. Flop. Because I don’t think
he’s limber enough to like… He’s limber enough… Do anything that’s really super cool Did he stretch this morning? No. I have faith in the dog, so Big Top. Me too. Dogs are good. The accent’s fun. No, no, no, no, no, he’s gonna trip. He’s gonna trip. Please… Oh, I thought he was jumpin’ over it. Yes, no. He’s gonna tightrope walk. Oh, let’s go.. Ohh! Oh my gosh! Yes! The dog is more talented than me. Yeah.. Uh, Top for sure. Yep. OMG That was the best one… by far. That’s my favorite, for sure. Big, big fan. Thanks for watching. Make sure to check your
Loper email and vote for your favorite king and queen. We’ll see you Thursday at Lipsync. Go Lopers. Lopes! Woohoo! That was really awkward. Can you say it? You say it. Okay. You go first this time. So you want me to pause.. like after.. Thanks for watching. Make sure you vote for
us, uh, in your.. dang it. Yeah, and vote for Tyler too. Thanks for watching. Make ff.. Now you got me.. Go Lopers!

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