2015 New Shoes, Healthy Kids

Penny: Today is the New Shoes, Healthy Kids
event, and so we are giving away 10,000 pairs of shoes across 16 locations in Allina. Kids
are being fitted for brand new athletic shoes that will help them be active.
Penny: I think we should go with a girls 6, does that sound about right?
Penny: We are a large community health provider. We are lucky enough to touch about 1 in 3
Minnesotans with our care. So with that size comes significant obligations. We want to
be so much more than about responding to illness we want to be about promoting health.
Penny: I like that you play soccer that keeps you healthy, I’m a doctor, so I like to
keep people healthy. Kid: I’m having a good time
Kid: They fit perfecting Kid: Play and go to the park and just play
Volunteer (I should know her name…): This has been such a fun morning; there are a lot
of volunteers that are sizing the kids, signing them up, after they get their shoes they get
an apple. It’s a really fun day for them. Penny: We’ve had 1500 volunteers involved.
It melts your heart to see the number of people that want to band together and make a difference
for the community. Ryan Shetka: Having fun giving away shoes
to kids that need them so no way better to spend your Saturday
Penny: It actually builds a culture of better health for the entire community and that’s
what we are about. It’s how can we support the health for the long haul and these community
events really allow us to do that in the most profound way.


  • Great job to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make a difference in our communities.  Thank you also to everyone who made a donation.  It was so heartwarming to see the reactions on the faces of the kids whose lives were touched by this event.  I look forward to participating as a volunteer next year for this event.

  • that ead really nice of you'll

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