20 Wardrobe Essentials Every Guy Should Own in 2020

2020 Wardrobe Essentials
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Let’s start this off with the foundation of a man’s wardrobe, his shoes. Now, when
it comes to casual shoes, the easiest place for a guy to win in his wardrobe is to upgrade
his casual shoes. Running shoes are great, but running shoes
are made for running. So, I do recommend if you’re going to grab running shoes, grab a
bright-colored pair. That way, you’re not tempted to wear them with other pieces of
clothing in your wardrobe, except for your athletic gear.
Instead, bring in a pair of casual sneakers. And you don’t have to go for that bright red.
You can go for a classic white. You could go for a blue that transitions into a white
at the sole. All right, I get it, canvas isn’t your thing.
You feel it’s a little bit too young, maybe a little bit too hard to clean. Well, then,
go with a leather. Actually, relatively easy to clean up.
No. White not your thing too difficult to keep clean too much contrast? Guys, tons of
options when it comes to color and different materials used. My point here is to look at
the casual shoes that you’re wearing every single day and upgrade them to level up your
style. Now, what about the guy in his 30s, 40s, 50s,
can he wear casual sneakers like this? I think, yes, if you’ve got the confidence. But, if
you don’t feel comfortable, then let’s look at the next item on this list.
The next item on my list, a great-looking pair of casual boots. Now, gents, if you’ve
watched a few of my videos you know I love myself a great pair of casual boots. Why?
First up, it’s the heel. This just makes you a little bit taller. It makes you feel
more confident, you stand up more straight. And boots are great because they’re rugged,
they’re functional, they are one of the best pieces of menswear a man can invest in.
That being said, a mistake I see a lot of guys make, they only own one pair. So, change
it up venture out try something new. Maybe you want to stick with the same style, but
you want to go with the different color or change up the color and style entirely. Really,
it’s up to your lifestyle needs and your particular wants.
Next up, we’ve got your casual footwear, and I think this is going to be the year that
I see a lot of men pickup finally the classics, a pair of penny loafers. What’s great about
this, it’s been around for a long time. It’s not going to go out of style. It’s incredibly
functional, slips on and off when you’re traveling going through the airport.
Same thing with the chelsea boot. Again, been around for fifty years. This right here is
a modern classic and I think just a looking shoe that actually is very functional, protects
you from the elements, at the same time, slips on and off incredibly comfortable.
When it comes to style, gentlemen, you don’t need to look any farther than a classic pair
of brogues. You can dress them down with jeans, you can dress them up with a suit. What I
love about these is they’re versatile and just add these to your wardrobe this year
and you’re going to be able to get tons of miles from them.
And, speaking of dress shoes, let’s talk about you guys that wear a suit multiple times a
week. So, you’ve already got a pair of black oxfords. Really, can you change it up much?
Well, you could go maybe with a cap toe maybe have a bit of broguing in there, just a bit
not to make it too informal. Or you could go for a modern classic, guys, I’ve talked
about it before. Bring in a wholecut this year.
Moving off from shoes going over to accessories, let’s talk about glasses. The right glasses
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at GlassesUSA.com. So, now, let’s talk about neckties. Apparently,
these are coming back in fashion. I never thought they’d left, but sales did go down.
So, a lot of guys actually they don’t have a classic necktie in their wardrobe. I highly
recommend that if you don’t own any neckties, you pick one up this year.
But, if you already own a few neckties, why should you get another one? What I would recommend
here is you go with something a bit more fun. Maybe go with a knit necktie. Why? Because
knits are going to be more casual and oftentimes are going to be made from wool, they’re going
to be made from cotton, sometimes silk. But, what you’re looking for here is something
that’s going to be in a solid something it’s going to be in a classic color. So, it’s already
going to match most things in your wardrobe. It’s going to be easy to pull in. But, because
of the texture here, it’s going to stand out. [0:05:14]
Now, when we get over to the silk ties, red is going to be a classic. If you don’t have
a red tie, you don’t need to go for a solid red. What you can do, and I really like about
this one is it’s got a small repeating pattern of three blues. We’ve got a dark blue, a medium
blue, and a light blue. And this makes it incredibly easy to match with any type of
blue suit or blue shirt in my wardrobe. Now, this green is similar to the red in that
it’s got the small repeating pattern. But, green is not going to be something as versatile
as red in my opinion. But, if you own a lot of red ties, it may be an option for you.
Now, purple. I think this is an underused color in neckties. What’s nice about purple
is it’s not going to exactly match any of your shirts or suits. Unless you have a purple
suit and purple shirts, then you know, okay, The Joker. Why are you watching my videos?
Point being is this is the color of royalty. And, because it’s not a color that you’re
going to often find in other parts of a man’s wardrobe, it works great as an accessory piece.
Next up, we’ve got headwear. I think for the rest of this year we’re going to continue
to see the flat cap, the newsboy continue to make a comeback. And, it’s more than just
popular television shows bringing this stuff back, it is actually we’re seeing the functionality
of the hat make it so that men are wearing it again.
And, yes, you’ve been wearing that baseball cap. Okay. So, you’ve already been putting
in the reps, you’ve already got the practice, how about you step it up a bit? Maybe go with
a little bit more fun of a cap or you actually bring in something that has been around for
over a hundred years and still looks great on a wide variety of men.
And, maybe that’s not your cup of tea. Guys, a classic Panama especially during the summer.
A hat like this is functional and good fashion should follow function. So, in my opinion,
hats like this are going to continue to become more popular throughout the year.
Next up, on this list, no surprise, I’ve got dark denim. I’ve talked about it before. One
of the most versatile casual items a man can have in his wardrobe. You can wear it with
a sports jacket. You can dress it down with just a simple white t-shirt.
What I like about dark denim is it slims up the profile. Whether you want to go black,
you want to go indigo, you want to just go with a dark blue, having a dark pair of denim
that you don’t wash too much and you dye if need be, but you keep these dark you keep
them versatile you keep them working in your interchangeable wardrobe.
Now, this next item on the list may surprise you and that is performance pants. Over the
last few years, I’ve watched these hit the market and become more and more popular. And
most importantly, improve not only the style, but the material and the weaves that they’re
using. I own multiple pair now, and I have to say
that when it comes down to it during the summer, these are my go-to pants because they just
fit well. They’ve got a four-way stretch which is incredibly comfortable. And, because now
the styles make them look a bit dressier or casual depending on what you want to go with,
you’re going to find you can wear these sometimes with even a casual sports jacket.
They come in a wide variety of colors. And I think the strength of this is going to be
in your more casual wardrobe. This is going to be an easy way to bring in something besides
jeans and be able to have something that’s actually more comfortable than denim and actually
is incredibly versatile, going to work with a wide range of shirt options in your wardrobe.
Next up, we’ve got a blast from the past, and that is flannel, but not wool flannel,
cotton flannel. Cotton flannel trousers made in jean style have become a lot more popular
with a wide range of companies. And I’ve seen their prices come down, and the fit is spot-on.
Find a brand that works for you. But, I can tell you that something – basically,
it’ll have a napped surface. It’s going to have a bit of texture to it. And, what’s great
about this is that you can wear this with a blazer. You can wear it with a wide range
of sports jackets. Now, when it comes to colors, grays are going
to be your most versatile option, but don’t shy away from tans and browns. These are interchangeable
especially if you’re already wearing trousers like this in your wardrobe.
Next up on the list, no surprise here, we’ve got the classic white t-shirt. Now, the key
to looking great in a classic white t-shirt is to, first up, have the body built for it.
Second up, make sure that you keep your white t-shirts white. I do recommend buying multiple
t-shirts and when you wash them wash them alone wash them with other whites. So, you
just got to follow the rules when it comes to keeping your whites white.
Now, if that sounds like too much work for you, but you still like t-shirts, guys, go
with a solid gray, go with a solid black, go with a darker navy. Find something that
works for you. But, again, remember, fit is key. You got to have the body type to be able
to pull it off. Now, what are some other options when it comes
to the white t-shirt? Look at a v-neck. Why a v-neck? It’s going to actually make the
chest look just a little bit better. So, I think it’s a great option a lot of guys forget
about. And, don’t forget the Henley. This is our
next option. So, the Henley, what I love about this is it draws attention similar to the
v-neck right here to the top of the chest. And it just looks a little bit dressier, again,
assuming all factors the same than a t-shirt. [0:09:51]
Now, before I move on from the Henley, I want to talk about the particular style and color
that is my favorite, and that’s going to be anything in a dark color that’s long-sleeve.
Why? Because this works for a wider range of body types.
So, if you’re a thin skinny guy, if you’ve got a bit more weight around the midsection,
you’re going to find this particular style of shirt is going to work better than anything
that’s short sleeve. Why? Because it just allows the arms to better work with the silhouette
of the body and it frames and slims you up better than any short sleeve would.
The next wardrobe essential on this list, the polo. Now, you may already have a few
polos in your wardrobe, but how are they standing up? How are they looking after a few washes?
Those collars looking pretty bad? Most likely you bought a cheap polo. And the issue with
cheap polos is they use cheap cotton. Cheap cotton, when put under heat in a dryer
is going to shrivel up, and that’s what leads to those bad looking collars. You want to
find a polo made from a higher quality cotton. And, when you’re looking at the different
types the different colors, find a company that makes colors that are going to be a bit
more vivid, colors that are going to stand up to a few washes and not lose their vibrancy.
You want to maybe bring in some bright red color, some bright blue. Maybe just go for
a dark blue that’s just going to look more regal and you can even match it with a sports
jacket. Next up on our wardrobe essentials, the classic
white shirt. You may think you have one in your wardrobe. Go check it out. Is it still
white? Has it kind of gone a different color? Is it an off-white you thought it was a white?
Guys, you want to have a crisp clean white shirt.
Now, if you wear white shirts all the time, are they all looking the same? Have you gone
out there and experimented maybe with a contrasting color? You see that right in there? A little
bit of contrast right in there on the collar. There are so many things that you can do on
maybe the stitching on the buttons. You can go out there and take a white shirt
have a little bit of fun with it. Even if you can’t find those shirts in your area,
take it to a seamstress or a tailor and they can put that stuff in there for you at minimal
cost. And just because it’s a white shirt doesn’t
mean you can’t have fun with the style. So, most of the time you’re going to see a point
collar. Why not go with the spread collar? Or the cuffs, a lot of times you’re going
to see a regular barrel cuff. Why not go for a French cuff? A French cuff is and extended
cuff that folds over on itself and uses cufflinks, basically men’s jewelry to hold the pieces
together. A lot of guys think, I can only wear this
with formal wear. That’s not the case. You can wear this if you chose to wear the shirt
by itself or if you wanted to wear it with a sports jacket. It’s going to look great
and it’s going to add a lot more of I think a just a great little bit of style to your
outfit. So, now, let’s talk about stripes. Apparently,
they’re in this year, I didn’t even know they were out because in my opinion stripes have
been part of a classic man’s wardrobe for over a hundred years. And that’s what’s great
about this is it’s easy to mix and match with a lot of the other items in your wardrobe.
So, stripes do a great job of allowing you to bring in some fun colors. Now, I’m not
going to say that you just have to go with blues and whites and reds, you can bring in
purples you can bring in oranges, whatever you want to bring in. But, I am going to say
the wider range of color, those brighter ones, it’s going to make the shirt just a little
bit less interchangeable. So for me, I like to stick with just variations
maybe bringing a little bit of red just like what you see here or maybe a little bit more
red. You can see how it makes the shirt just stand out a bit more. It’s going to grab a
little bit more attention, but still perfectly fine with a right wide range. Or you could
simply keep it simple, blue and white. Now, it’s the boldness of the stripe, and
when you get down you look at the details on the pattern, that’s what makes it stand
out. Or you can just go with a vivid blue with white stripe on top of it. So, this right
here kind of goes the opposite and I think it’s just a great-looking shirt.
Now, let’s get a bit more casual, go to our essential button-downs. First up, I’ve got
flannel. So flannels made popular in the 1990s. We’re seeing them come back. What I love about
flannels is they’re functional, they will keep you warmer. You want to make sure though
if you buy a flannel shirt, it fits your body right. If it’s got too much loose excess material,
take it to your tailor to get adjusted. Now, when it comes down to denim shirts, you’re
going to see a wide variety of different weights. This one right here is relatively lightweight,
hence it’s going to be just a really nice weave to it a nice drape. But, you’re going
to find some other denim shirts that are going to be heavier built. Some of them even have
snaps on them. Snaps are going to become more popular this
year. I wouldn’t buy into this too much, but if you don’t own one of these shirts, they’ve
been on and off popular since the 1970s. So, if you’re into this type of a look and you
really like the Western feel, I would say go ahead and pick up a denim shirt.
Next up on this list, we’ve got the classic hoodie. Now, a lot of people think I don’t
like hoodies, and that’s not the case. It’s got a very interesting history, and in the
right situation, it’s perfectly fine. But, I do think they’re a bit over worn, so that
would be my one thing with the hoodie. If you’re going to wear it, make sure it’s the
right situation. And, go with a solid dark color, go with something that fits your body
well. But, remember, there are always other options.
So, a wide range of different, you know, jackets made from similar materials as hoodies, just
as comfortable, but I think going to be more stylish especially with the design with the
pockets right there. Now, this next wardrobe essential one of the
most versatile items in a man’s wardrobe, that’s a v-neck sweater. What I love about
this especially this one here in gray is it I can throw this on any type of shirt. I can
throw this under a sports jacket because it’s gray, it’s a non-color it’s pretty much going
to match any color. I can add a layering, just of warmth whenever
it’s cold outside. And, if you want to bring in color, then go over something with a bold
or blue. Maybe go with the tan, wide range of options when it comes to sweaters like
this. [0:15:01]
Now, let’s talk about the essential casual jackets that every man should have in his
wardrobe, the jean jacket. What I love about this is it’s relatively lightweight. It’s
a warm summer night, you throw this thing on, you’re not going to sweat. It’s just simply
going to make you look taller, leaner, it’s going to build up the shoulders, just a great
look. And it’s something that’s been classic in
menswear for a long time. So, you can find some pretty good deals on it. This jacket
right here, a fatigue style. What do you notice? The double breasted pockets are going to build
up the chest. The overall olive drab, this is a color that’s
not really going to clash with your trousers, not going to clash with any of your shirts.
It’s going to add another layer, it’s just going to make you look better when you wear
a jacket like that. And, the classic leather. So, you need to
find a leather jacket that works with you. You want to find a style, you want to find
a color. It’s worth paying a little I think extra money to get the jacket that when you
put it on, you feel like a million bucks you feel great because when you wear a jacket
like this you’re going to stand out from the crowd.
Now, let’s talk about the essential sports jacket. So, if you don’t have a sports jacket,
you want to choose a fabric that’s going to work with most of the trousers in your wardrobe.
Let’s say you’ve already got a lot of tans, you’ve got some jeans, you’ve got some gray
flannels, then this blue right here this blue wool flannel it’s going to work perfectly
fine as one of your first sports jackets. But, let’s say you’ve already got a few sports
jackets, then you want to bring in maybe a pattern. Something like this right here that
I’ve worn throughout this video. It’s got a unique pattern, it’s going to stand out.
You want to add a bit of variety. And, now, we’ve got the essential suit. Yes,
owning a suit is essential because, gents, big things will happen in your life and you
want to be prepared – that interview, your friend’s wedding that you’re going to be the
best man, he tells you last minute. You want to show up and look like a million bucks.
You’ve got big things that are going to happen in your life. This is your suit of armor.
Now, how to buy a suit and not buy the wrong one? How to buy something that actually fits
you and looks good on you? Guys, I’ve got you covered in this video right here. Go check
it out. I talk about everything you need to know to buy the right suit for you.
[0:16:49] End of audio


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