20 Style Tips On How To Wear Socks With Sandals

The perfect cozy fall outfit consists of jeans, an oversized sweater, cute socks, and flat sandals, like Birkenstocks. For days that aren’t cold but also aren’t hot, pair socks with sandals, along with denim shorts and some optional layers. Socks that pull halfway up your calf are perfect with shorts. Flat sandals aren’t the only thing that work with socks. Wedges also look good, especially when worn with a midi skirt. Add socks into your favorite summer outfit (like wedges, a tee, and a skirt) to make it a little bit more appropriate for fall. Socks are a great way to make ankle-length jeans work for colder weather. Go for a casual boho vibe by wearing a sundress with cute socks and flat sandals. Or you can do the more dressed up outfit – a pretty dress with slim socks and wedges or open-toe heels. Even lace up heeled sandals look good with little white socks. Add a graphic tee to keep things casual. The more layers the better! Wear your denim shorts in the fall and winter by pairing them over tights. Socks and sandals look even cuter. A crop top and jeans is a pretty basic look, but cool socks and flat sandals make it more unique. Go for a vintage vibe by wearing them with flared jeans. Make them cropped to really show off your footwear. Your favorite summery outfit of loose floral pants with a crop top works for fall too – just add some cozy socks. Try something different by wearing sheer ankle socks with heeled sandals. This looks especially cool with the maxi dress. Opt for knee-high socks also. To avoid looking like you’re going to Catholic school, wear this with a funky piece of clothing, like this cool galaxy dress. Roll up your jeans to really show off your chunky knit socks. Your socks don’t need to be basic – pick striped ones for a little bit of a pattern. Or make a statement by wearing bright, colorful socks. Roll up your skinny jeans to really show them off. Go full on ’90s with layers that mimic each other – socks and sandals, and a slip dress over a t-shirt. Dress up the style with nice pants, a cute top, and fun heels. It’s a little hard to see Ashley’s feet here, but pair your socks with jelly sandals for a very unique look that is also really adorable.


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