14-Year-Old Prodigy Programmer Dreams In Code


  • clap .. clap .. clap ..

    do tell me more about how good you are. next time try getting the attention of thnkr before trying to be self important

  • OMG so much respect he finds girlfriends a waste of time, wish I could hi-five him.

  • And all I can do is make paint in small basic.

  • I think its sublime text

  • way to be a downer

  • he talks like a robot anyone else notice that


  • That chinese guy and his eyes..

  • screw working for apple have apple work for you.

  • Hey don't worry bud. Those same kids that mocked you and teased you in school will……well I won't even say that they will be working for you later on because they would have to have at least an ounce of your smarts to get even close to where you're headed. No, those kids will be asking would you like mayo or mustard on your subway sandwich during your lunch break.

  • dat teacher's eyes… O.o

  • this guy will probably invent terminators

  • Best thing for such genius is to start his own comapny. And yeah, avoid Apple. Since Jobs has gone Apple is nothing.

  • I do not understand the negative votes. This young man is fantastic.

  • You seem smart. Are you studying in college too?

  • You feel that way because your comparing yourself to him.
    It is very damn impressive.

  • 3:25
    This guy is real-life Sheldon Cooper.

  • someone get that kid to code for the windows phone… we need more apps

  • wtf? apple? really?

  • He talks like a robot (awesome)

  • Am I the only one who noticed no shoes?

  • 4:38


  • 2:33 I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you

  • O yes, like he should ignore a business that has some of the most innovative ideas on the planet and some of the most awesome and safe operating system components and hardware to match. I don't think so.

  • It's a great goal! I mean, my Dad works for Apple, and he is exactly the same way. He speaks programming languages. I do to c:

  • well… when I saw the title of the video I was like oh cool a smart kid… the I read the comments and watch the video…. well he is really smart when it comes to programming and that's about it… still has much to learn of life, relationships and specially GOOD GOALS IN LIFE!!!! APPLE????? what the…..

  • Utterly amazing, but….the gig is up. He's a robot. Just listen to the way he speaks. =)

  • Come on Guys, Apple isn't that bad! They aren't much worse then other companies.


  • 1:17 voicebreak ; D

  • "A tremendous waste of time"


  • nERD

  • "I want to work at Apple"

    This kid is brilliant enough to design his own operating system almost entirely on his own
    And he wants to limit himself to work at Apple?

    I am intensely jealous of his abilities, though. Maybe they need someone like that.

  • I like this guy because he doesn't have one particular subject he's obsessed with, he seems to enjoy a range of topics πŸ™‚

  • I now hate you. πŸ™‚ Best wishes, jake

  • Dude, I want to work with you. GO AND WORK AT APPLE!

  • I know right

  • great parents

  • Don't worry about not skipping school, as it doesn't mean you're worse off.

    You can still be brilliant, apparently you already are, so keep your focus strong, and one day change the world πŸ™‚

  • Shelden coper

  • takes money, time and more money to have a girlfriend. Some people just don't see the point in it. At his age he should have the time to have a girlfriend but since his mental progression far excels most normal peoples he sees his time alone as time he can use to make money and achieve something, not get some pussy because overall it doesn't gain him anything,

  • takes money, time and more money to have a girlfriend. Some people just don't see the point in it. At his age he should have the time to have a girlfriend but since his mental progression far excels most normal peoples he sees his time alone as time he can use to make money and achieve something, not get some pussy because overall it doesn't gain him anything,

  • All these videos make me feel so stupid :((

  • damn, his focus must be off the charts O_O
    I'm 22 and I still bite my nails when I'm stuck with my messy code x'D

  • Maybe, to help Apple and make them better…

  • I would like to talk with this "nerd" he seems cool to be with i would like to be his friend and i also would like to learn to program with him

  • This guy…this guy is just awesome.

  • he reminds me of sheldon cooper

  • This kids to good to work for anyone …. he should create his own path and leave a trail

  • This kid is so much more evolved than others. Sure, he probably falls into the autistic spectrum somewhere, but that can't be seen as a 'flaw' because he is just that brilliant.
    I love that he counter-balances his huge, adult intellect with a child-like temperament and a child-like curiosity in things – something that so many people could learn from.

    To those people who seem so hung-up on his sexual identity (or lack of) – grow up, please. Asexuality exists in humans, deal with it.

  • yeah…Santiago, consider creating your own operating system… you are a genuise!

  • actually i agree what the boy says about girlfriends. They are waste of plenty time. You are getting stuck with them, but you can't also live without them … . Well but I predict thats a question of time and he will change his mind during the puberty.

  • I want to know his name!!!!!

  • If you had any idea about OS's, you'd know one person can't build a functional OS even in 100 years.

  • he's written some apps and programs many languages, what makes you think he can design his own operating system?

  • Sheldon Copper Really exist out there (or in there or whatever).

  • I'm a 2-year younger version of this kid!!!!!

  • he will fall in love for some amy farrah fowler

  • Dude, he sounds like a computer.

  • kid I whant you on my side when im creating a new concel either for ps or Microsoft

  • If he gets a girlfriend, that good stuff women possess will mess him Up!!

  • We need people like him in the world to help us humans progress in technology… a special breed, in a good way.

  • this kid makes me feel bad about myself

  • It's Steve Jobs reincarnated!

  • 2:23 he speaks kind of like a robot, too, haha πŸ˜› But still, I wish I could code like he can.

  • he'll be a slave programmer at apple. but if it is what he wants. why not.

  • I prefer nerds than dumbasses like you…

  • I feel so dumb now

  • the description says he might be the next steve jobs. im not sure about that. steve jobs "just" had a lot of great ideas and the ability to gather the right people to realize them. Steve Jobs was exceptional of course. But in another way.

  • 3:30 This ladies and gentlemen, is a man.

  • Well imagine it yourself, if he will have a girlfriend he will probably break up with her somewhen and if this will really happen that will have a huge impact on him and maybe he will even stop programming because of that

  • HOLY CRAP. girls will be falling on his lap

  • Well now I feel like a shit, considering I'm almost 18 and can't finish a goddamn game in C# XNA :/

  • This guy is… a robot

  • Cant wait to see what kind of weapon system this kid is going to develop for the government war machine, directly or indirectly, its going to be pretty great.

  • Milkions of people have the same capacity to learn as he does, but only a select few are introduced into an environment where those talents are realized and improved upon. He was hoven the right oportunities, dont het me wrong thos type.of talent and understanding is nothing to be overlooked. But I'm just saying, many people could be like this, but they either do not have tje integrity to push on as this lad has, or they were not raised in the right environment.

  • Great job!

  • Wow honestly I am inspired by this young man


  • lol I feel your pain, bro…


  • I would love to know all the programming languages fluently like he does :p

  • Man this guy is cool!

  • what an awesome kid…

  • That teacher speaks with his eyes lol

  • Pretty cool,makes you wonder when his parents say he could have been a disaster.Look at what happened to Jonathan James,could have channeled all that intellect the right way

  • which program he use for programming? looks like a apple app or?

  • It seems perfectly reasonable to not worry about what you're wearing… And at his age with his abilities, I wouldn't do anything differently either! Mom is a little misguided… Thinking that age —> wisdom. Not necessarily……..

  • im 13 and im a programmer and im in middle school i give this kid my word

  • Who's saying he's a "god-like" programmer? The comments getting the most attention here seem to be the anti-Apple ones…

  • what text editor or IDE he using?

  • he should try weed, and STFU.

  • He is everything, but not the new Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an marketing and business genius, but not a programmer. I know it's nitpicking, but I find it so annoying that everyone seem to see Steve Jobs as a computer genius, even though Steve Wozniak did all the programming and engineering and Steve Jobs just happened to know how to sell it.

  • this kid is going to grow up to be real famous and rich but then he will suicide by being miserable like all the greatest smart minds in history we can only predict the future with our history

  • I'm sure the U.S. military will get ahold of him one day πŸ™

  • Well now i know, i am really stupid. Because all i wanna say is. " His voice sounds like a Robot's voice.

  • Nerd!

  • Kind of like me, except that instead of pushing on, I just gave up because the curriculum was too easy πŸ™

  • This kid was in my Astronomy class when I went to Arapahoe Community College in Colorado. Β He is a very cool kid!!

  • an Alien LLOOOL

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