12 Things Men Wear That Women Love

(upbeat music) Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. Today I wanna go over
the 12 things men wear that women love. The reason why I wanna do this video is because I see a lot of videos out there about men talking about what it is that us women really
love and find attractive. Why not just hear it
straight from the source? So I polled all my
girlfriends and asked them what is it that men wear that we just find so damn attractive? We came up with this list of 12 items. Let’s get into it. Number one on the list,
this it the sexiest item that we thought a man could possibly wear, and that is a nice-fitting suit. So this is basically lingerie for women. When we see a guy in a
beautifully tailored suit, it is just like so sexy. And that’s actually how I met my fiance. He caught my attention with this impeccably
tailored charcoal suit. The moment I saw it, I was
like “Wow, who is that man? “I need to know him.” And then I stalked him. But that’s beside the point. (laughs) Do not wear an ill-fitting suit, that is just an immediately boner killer. The next item that every
woman loves on a man, and this is regardless
of your age or body type, is a nice-fitting T-shirt. Sometimes just the most simplest of items is what really we become attracted to. So wear a nice-fitting T-shirt, and I promise you women will love it. I did a whole video about T-shirts as well as how they should fit, and actually I’ve done
videos about pretty much a lot of the items on this
list and how they should fit. I’ve linked them in the
video description below, so check them out. And along with that nice-fitting T-shirt, I wanna see you, as well as
actually all my girlfriends wanna see you, in a nice
dark-wash pair of jeans. Mmm-mmm. I love a man in a T-shirt and
some well-fitting dark jeans, so sexy, that’s all you need. And the fourth thing
that women love on a man is a great-fitting sport coat. So for those times when a suit
is just way too overboard, a sport coat really does the trick. Number five on the list, every guy needs a nice casual jacket, so stick with a good leather jacket either in black or a chocolate brown, or go with a wool or cotton bomber jacket or a Harrington jacket. Number six on the list is a
nice crisp white dress shirt. Women love just a really nice
white dress shirt on you, and then you can always
like roll up the sleeves. It’s so sexy, but simple, we love it. And number seven on the
list is a crew-neck sweater. I really like camel gray or charcoal. Just pair that with a nice
dark-wash pair of jeans. It’s just a nice really masculine, but still put together casual look. And while we’re on the topic of sweaters, the next one is a more dressed-up version of the whole sweater look, and that is the V-neck sweater. So a V-neck sweater you should always wear with a collared shirt and never a T-shirt because it just looks really cheesy. A well-dressed gentleman would never wear a T-shirt with a V-neck sweater. If you do wanna wear a
T-shirt with a sweater, go with the crew-neck instead. Number nine and 10 are kind of related, so I grouped them together. Number nine is a nice laced-up dress shoe, and number 10 is a casual lace-up boot. A dress shoe is, I mean that’s just a classic beautiful piece that women love. And with a casual lace-up
boot, there’s just something so rugged and masculine about
a man in a lace-up boot. Number 11 on the list
is a nice dress watch a woman uses as an indicator that you’re probably gonna be more mature, and the other aspects of your life will also be more put together. And the last one on the list, and it’s a little bit of a weird one, but all of the women that I talked to said that this was the item that they couldn’t necessarily pin-point, but this was the item that
they found really attractive. And because I do this for a living, I know exactly what they were thinking, and that is the tie bar. Yes, this little piece of metal really makes a huge
difference when you have it with your suit or with a leather jacket. And it’s these little details that really makes an outfit
look absolutely incredible. So those are the 12 things
a man wears that women love. So I wanna know, I
proposed a question below in the comment section, and I’m really curious about your answer, so definitely leave me a comment below. Thank you again for watching this video. If you enjoyed this video,
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(laughs) to this channel for more videos like this. I’m all tongue-twisted today. Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you in the next one.


  • Men wear is money

  • Basicly if you look like a dyke from a distance.

  • your absolutely wrong

  • What women wear that men love would be a lot of t and a. Thats not a good thing though, and neither is this.

  • Rubbish, Gold diggers maybe.
    I exersize daily and wearing an old worn-out t shirt, it sways with broad shoulders and a small waist.
    At 191 CMS and 87 kgs, women from teens to grandma's perve to the point of being questioned by their partners.
    This in itself makes your 12 things men wear questionable ?

  • So, either a nice suit or t shirt and jeans? Got it.

  • But all those things don't mean shit if you have a lot of money. You can wear sandals with socks and cut off blue jeans with a hole in the crotch. And as long as you're rich, the women will flock to you, and comment on what great care free fashion sense you have.

  • 1. A well tailored suit……… That says Armani (with Ferrari keys in the pocket.)

  • Mentor? Ha ha ha ha fek off!

  • Try those in a tropical country ?

  • A condom ?.

  • A suit makes the man …….

  • Tie bars? no.

  • So wear literally anything and women love it? Got it.

  • Money and Power

  • SPOT ON!

  • No black guy inside ….foolish ideas about white guys

  • The reason why I won’t follow this advice is because I’ll be risking gaining the attention of people like you

  • This young lady is right up my alley!
    My taste for elegance has always been tantamount!
    Nothing to do with age, and I love all the items you highlighted.
    I like to look sexy!
    I have a love for watches as well!
    I also have a love for sexy cars and cruise in a Mercedes Benz SLK in deep metal blue!
    Thank you for the reassurance older need, but cannot ask!

  • How about for stocky / fat / heavy people? Arent all.or most ofnthese.discriminating? OR was it intentional?

  • This is great advice for kids (<40). How about some fashion tips for us older guys over 60.

  • When asking dozens of middle-class women it seems.

  • I thought lingerie for women was… lingerie for woman, but if it's a suit… let it be.

  • this should have been the first : guys with no T-shirt on kind of a thing ? omg just imagining ?

  • How impressive a 9 year old digs how guys dress

  • My shit stain underwear ??????

  • No wonder why I'm still single. I don't wear any of these. Oh well, I'm just going to call it destiny… just wasn't meant to be.

  • A sports car key on a necklace…

  • We don't care

  • I'm just kidding we do care tell me more

  • I wear my American flag cowboy hat almost everywhere I go. Why? Because I LIKE IT! Wear whatever you want. If your outfit is how a woman is judging you, she’s not good enough

  • i slang in my white tee , i bang in my white tee

  • You're describing rich men…what about poor men?

  • Rolled up cuffs should be reserved for tall men; it detracts and is pointless otherwise. You don't mention details and fit for all these items.

  • Tights and leggings are very comfortable.

  • Who cares? Comfort? Style? Cost and value way more important than arousing a lady boner.

  • Doesn't work on dad buds. Make videos like this for different body builds.

  • She is absolutely correct about what women enjoy a man wearing I love wearing my good ol wool suits and silk ties and Italian made shoes and the ladies go nuts cause it looks amazing on me tailor made to fit especially my taupe colored double breasted Canadian wool they wanna know who's my tailor everything else is a toss up for me cause I've got my own style that I like and the ladies always agree..so there you have it…

  • What is with these comments

  • She assumes all guys have great bodies and six pack abs.

  • From reading all these comments it looks like no one likes this woman.

  • Disclaimer: It doesn't work if you're not David Beckham

  • Great info, thanks.

  • Armani, Versace and Gucci

  • Like every background bad guy in a movie. Just distilled it a little. Thank thou fun vid

  • They want money and validation

  • Background music makes me want to blow my brains out

  • All this shit would be considered over dressed for like every where I go

  • Women like it when you wear a lot of money. Literally. Where they can pull the $100 dollar bills off of you.


  • Where you partner?

  • i bought a tie bar and im still single, please help

  • Buy a Rolex sub in 18 k gold?

  • I get tailored suits every once in a while, but my body's always changing.. I get muscular, I get skinny, and I get fat.. I stopped trying so hard ? I just want to enjoy life ?

  • Some girls don't like guys in suits ?

  • I work construction,so wearing a suit is a no go, plus no women, I do like the advice and when I do wear my suit (I have one that was fitted) I wear the tie clip also french cuff shirt so I can wear cuff links. I don't have running shoes (I'm 57 I don't run any where) I do have many fine dress shoes, as for the sandals mine are closed toes lots of breathing and no man toes.

  • I really don't agree with 50% of what she and her husband are saying. I am 59, and I get compliments all the time on my style by men and women. And about 50% of what they say to avoid I wear with success. And yes I wear distressed moto faded jeans. Mix that with an expensive button down shirt untucked with stylish black leather casual shoes and you look good. The styles they seem to be suggesting are for dinner dances at the senior living center. I refuse to dress so dorky.

  • What do women think of necklaces?

  • How about using an average looking man rather than models

  • So basically describing everything that men wear under what women like. No creativity what so ever.

  • Where you and your friend from the mid west.

  • Think it's kind of sillly just wear what fits

  • Don’t listen to her, There is only 1 thing men like “no clothes”

  • This is a list for city guys.

  • What about hats?

  • Yes i Googled 'what is sexy in a man' and SO MANY were written by men! I want to hear it from a woman!

  • I hate suits…..Women seem to just love $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • What is a l fitting suit

  • My wardrobe:
    Dickies shorts, trousers, shirts (khaki, grey, black)
    Plain white/black T shirts
    Black denim shorts
    Pro Club polo shirts (striped blue, striped white)
    Black jeans
    Blue converse all stars

    I draw attention wherever I go but not a good look according to this clueless girl in this video??

  • Her voice is so irritating. Imagine living with that tone everyday!

  • A wallet

  • what about earings

  • What about Casual light Washed Jeans? With turned up Cuffs? I think Not on the Cuffs!!! Cuffs look Kinky!!

  • Than I stalked him continues to laugh in crazy.

  • So, basically dress casual to dress professional clothes. Makes sense though…

    Years ago, I wore a suit for a few months and got a lot of attention from everyone, including women (which is rare outside of the suit test). It works.

  • i hate myself for watching this

  • All honesty a man in a turtleneck sweater is absolutely charming and eye catching for me, in a relationship I would honestly prefer a man who would be my wife
    Them being a little spoon and me taking care of them perfect

  • Im 14 i cant wear a suit and that shit i would look like Mr.Thomas the 3rd

  • 12 things white women love about rich guys

  • So basically I need to be rich and have a six pack for women to love me?

  • Tie bars are for waiters tbh

  • Sorry but this is geared to absolute morons who dont know how to 'dress themselves'…yes youre good candidates for a dependent child type relationship with some smart 'cookie' telling you how to think most of the time…..its really offensive to those who are reasonably adult…perhaps can live with and by themselves (dogs and horss excepted) and be content. To Think someone is going to complete you…is cruising for a bruising!!!

  • Did you just “most simplest?” OMG!

  • These tips are useless if the man has subpar looks.

  • Shut up

  • “All of the women I talk to…” …. sound like vacuous horrors so just wear what you want chaps…?

  • What I learned here is that women get boners

  • Thnxs for the video

  • Number one: A thick wallet
    "Women just love men with a thick wallet it's so sexy…"

  • OMG! Suit and T-shirt. Just how poor sense of beauty these women can have.

  • Your fashion advice is terrible. You always mention the obvious and reject the more risky kind of stuff. I do not agree with this channel

  • So chuck's are out?

  • She left our grey sweatpants deliberately, dont lie to me luv i know you love to study my meat swinging ???

  • Celebrity mentor stylist? Go and get a life

  • Hit the nail right on the head!

  • everyone in the comments sucks. If you want a nice woman, you gotta be a nice man. Get off your ass, make some money and be a baller. Simple as that. Its a process, but come on. It beats playing video games all day and being on youtube all day, jerking off every hour. Take the advice and just chill. Women like good looking, well dressed guys. You like the same in women. If not, okay, cool. Women go WAY to hard trying to make themselves look good compared to my clown ass, work shoe wearing, baseball cap idiot. I'm going to improve and not bitch. Great video in my opinion.

  • Money

  • 'And I stalked him…' laughs hysterically smh. If a man said that, he'd go to jail.

  • Do girls like hoodies?

  • Hi OK ????????????

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