10 Ways To Look Expensive On A Budget

How to look expensive when you are on a budget? Is it actually possible to look rich without being rich? The answer is yes! And I will give you the methods on how you can transform your style and look more affluent and expensive! So if this is the first time you’re watching my channel – then welcome to the School of Affluence! My name is Anna Bey and I’m here to help you achieve elegance and navigate in the high society. Please subscribe if you like the finer things in life and you want to become the best version of yourself – because on this channel, I give you all the tools you need to become a high caliber woman and level up in the society! But if you’ve already subscribed and you know me well by now, then I want to say welcome back and let’s kick start this video! First way How you can look expensive on a budget number one – Let your style be simple girls! This is something that you really should think about when it comes to looking expensive, well that is “Less is more” and the reason for that is because simplicity is often more associated with being expensive. Look at the fashion houses, you have many expensive brands that have very simple styles in clothing, in the way they create clothes: they let the clothing speak for itself. Like the material of it and the construction of it, and the fit of it. Because all of those elements create the really expensive look that we want to achieve. But in order to see these important details sometimes you shouldn’t put so much clutter on the facade but not only see in simplicity associated with expensiveness people actually pay less attention to your clothing when they are more simple if you really don’t have much money to invest in you know very expensive looking clothes the maybe it’s good to just keep it simple and keep it very neutral my personal style for instance is quite mutual and also a bit plain I love that style for me simplicity is beauty that is my first tip to you keep your outfit simple less is more sometimes that will actually make you look really expensive as a result number two where flattering clothes oh my god do I see so many women forget about this important part you have to have a good fit of your clothing they have to look good on you it has to suit your body shape it has to be flattering not everybody has the same type of body shape so we really need to buy clothes that are suited for our particular body shape and the Conniff largest areas in our bodies that perhaps are less flattering and when you are wearing flattering clothes that really helps elevate your entire way of feeling so basically it makes you feel comfortable and it makes you feel confident and we all know by now that in order to look expensive you really have to show off your clothes with confidence with poise and also in a way make people believe that it’s more expensive than it actually is if you carry yourself with that much confidence that make you look you know expensive and rich even though all you were is just some simple Zara clothes the people who believe it because you have the confidence and you have the grace and you have the attitude really that does the entire trick and this is perfect when you want to fake it till you make it number three in the best in your so jumping a little bit aside from the fashion part let’s talk a little bit about beauty because honestly your grooming is actually more important than your clothes I personally always invest more time and more effort in the way I put my makeup in the way I do my nails my hair and everything that grooming and being polished is all about beauty also cost money you know I’m not going to lie that is the department that does cost us women a lot of money but it’s actually the most important department investing especially if you are on a budget because it’s going to elevate your entire look so I do recommend doing that but the beauty of beauty is that you can actually do a lot of things on a shoestring meaning that there are many affordable ways how you can kind of cheat your way in the beauty department you can do a lot of things at home by doing a lot of things yourself and really take time and really learn the skills you are actually able to create an affluent look to yourself without having to invest too much money in it number four be clever with your budget shopping okay so one of the things you have to become an expert in now if you want to look good on a shoestring and that is to go out it stores like high street shops I’m talking about H&M Zara what else do we have Topshop all these you know high street brands both to these shops and start teaching yourself to become items that are more expensive looking than they are I’m actually going to show you an example here I have two pieces of clothing here one is a good example which is this one which is more expensive looking than the other one and the reason for that is that material I don’t know if you guys can see really the material because both of them are polyester this polyester is a bit like I don’t know if you can see him so this is from Zara and they were super cheap when I bought it I think I paid like fifteen pounds for it but every time I wear it and everybody always asks me is that dolce gabbana and not only because of the animal print but actually because of how this material is and feels and also it’s the type of material that doesn’t become wrinkly which is amazing you know how many times I washed it probably hundred times and it hasn’t lost not even one little color or got damaged so my other example was this this is also budget but I don’t know if you guys can see because it’s black but this is a very typical polyester the way this polyester feels is a little bit rough and you can see like it’s polyester you know what I mean when I wear this top I actually feel a little bit cheap and I can feel like how people can even notice that it’s a bit cheap I do like the design of this talk it’s a bit unusual but I must say the top itself if you see it in real life you would really understand the polyester is really what kills it so this is the type of example that I wanted to share with you you really have to start thinking about things like material you need to touch every clothing how it feels you also need to see the wrinkle easy it’s difficult to maintain also things like stitching like for instance do the stitches show very clearly because that always gives away if something is cheap or not and other ways how you can kind of pimp up your budget clothing is by looking at the fit most of the times the things will just be averaged but the secret trick take you cheap Zara shirt for instance and take it to a tailor that is not expensive tell the tailor to make the shirt tailor made according to your body shape and you will be surprised how much more expensive it will look all of a sudden and people won’t necessarily think that that cheap shirt is from Zara number 5 expensive-looking colors there are colors that look more expensive than others and the ones that don’t look very expensive I think some of you can already figure them out everything that is very artificial looking like neon colors like very bright colors of magenta some colors look just very artificial very low budget and very cheap you should really try and spend money on clothing that have more expensive looking colors colors are neutral colors call it a natural looking colors and what are the natural looking colors those are brown beige khaki off-white grey military green etc colors that really come from nature secondly you should also invest in wearing outfits and monochrome colored meaning you wear an outfit in one entire color let it be all white outfit or all black outfit or even maybe all red outfits red is actually a very elegant-looking color it’s a shame very few people actually wear it and don’t forget the spells pastels are very traditional and very common with old money aristocrats you can always wear pastels just make sure that it doesn’t become too girly girly because that usually takes away that expensive looking mess in an outfit a quick message before I continue I have created a free cheat sheet on how you can look expensive if you want some additional pointers that I’m not covering in this video but that are equally important look make sure you download this cheat sheet by visiting the link in the description box number six add statement pieces so okay we all know statement pieces are not going to come cheap I mean I know in the beginning can be a bit challenging and especially if you really are on a very tight budget and just starting out but there are ways to go around it you can buy pre-owned and you can borrow from a friend or you can just tell your boyfriend to give to you so what are the statement pieces that I’m talking about of course we have the handbag that is the number one statement piece for all women high quality handbag if you don’t afford designer handbag and make sure you buy a high-quality leather handbag that doesn’t really have a designer brand there are actually shopped like this when I want to is today so loads of shops with bags made in Italy without a label that only costs maybe 200 euros but they really look like they cost a thousand or two thousand euros on a statement pieces like sunglasses jewelry bracelets pearls diamonds if you have feels quality shoes a hat half is actually a really good trick to look really expensive without having to spend so much it just elevates the whole look regardless if u s– wintertime or summertime a hat always makes a woman look more glamorous and really same goes for sunglasses a number seven shop pre-owned when I first started my luxury lifestyle journey I was actually shopping a lot of things pre-owned because I couldn’t afford any nice things back then and I did want to invest in high quality possible– in designer items so I did go to ebay I went to second-hand shops charity shops etc and just really try them grab my little bargains and that really helped me to kind of create my first wardrobe with some nice designer expensive looking so I do recommend doing that there are plenty of websites today where they sell pre-owned things and if you go to charter shops in wealthy areas in your city you will be able to really grab some really good bargains just make sure that the things that you buy are not updated looking there are things that actually look expensive they are not too worn down and they still look like they have high quality number 8 find the right combination so guys combination is key when you’re putting together your style and you don’t actually need to spend a lot of money on your outfit if you really know how to combine your outfits to perfection that means color combination that means how you combine the actual items together now I know that not everybody is gifted with a sense style or sense in fashion but this is when you have internet on your footsteps so hard to get it right when you have no idea how to style it yourself just look at other people who do it right honestly today on on the internet we have so much access to so many images so just copy away be a little copycat and get inspiration other people like this you will be able to create your own combinations and really learn from the pros number 9 no words to spend so we might already have touched a little bit upon this but I really do want to emphasize how important it is to actually invest money in the right items summon your girls they rather go and spend like I don’t know loads of money on the dress they can literally only wear it once or maybe even twice because that dress they worried wants some party and it was such bright color that everybody paid attention to it they took pictures on it they put it on Instagram and oops what happens now well they can’t really wear it again because it’s so much in your face and so much to be seen and to really be documented okay so they wasted like five hundred dollars on this dress that they’re not going to use again so this is a stupid way of investing your money you should invest your money in things that are like I said earlier neutral simple and plain because like that you will be able to reuse them a lot and I’m saying a lot because people are now going to pay so much attention to these items that you’re wearing but the beauty in it is that you will have invested money in the meaning they are expensive or maybe there are designers so meaning they are more expensive looking so it’s a bit of a win-win situation for you all your first designer or expensive looking item should always be a neutral that is the first strategy ever all the fancy bling bling crazy or whatever colorful things keep it for later keep it for when you really have money or you have super rich boyfriend that’s going to like shower you and gifts every day until then be strategic so where else should you spend like I said the handbag you should have a handbag you must have a handbag it’s like one of the first most important things a luxurious women have to spend on second about boots work people say doesn’t matter that people don’t pay attention to shoes I don’t agree it can place a lot of role I always expect everyone’s shoes and you can really see cheap shoes and expensive shoes expensive looking shoes are just better made and please if you wear a shoe motto like let’s say a Louboutin I’m gonna leblanc or jimmy shoe there’s kind of recognized that gives you that credibility like oh she’s wearing those Manolo Blahniks oh I know them okay so she she looks expensive you know that type of thing taking about jewelry diamonds pearls yeah you need to invest in jewelry a watch you need to have a watch as a woman as well if want to come across as expensive-looking I know it’s a little bit like nobody should be thinking this way but this is actually how people resonate you know there’s all money they tend not to vote for these type of things but then you money do and trust me the new money are the ones who are going to be judging you so so do invest in those pieces lastly coats jackets Blazers anything that takes up a lot of space on your body is worth investing in but I would say more when it comes to outerwear because these things you can also really see what costs money and what doesn’t because really it really boils down to how it’s made and you can always see it in outerwear so do invest money there but then you know when you have things like trousers you know t-shirts tops dresses honestly those things you can really do in a budget I would say spend money on those lastly unless you want to buy a particular item because of a particular reason or because it has a particular fashion style that you know will just elevate your look and is gonna be worth spending the money okay we have now reached the last one number ten now girls homework for you become expert when it comes to studying people who have done it right so I have a website jessa be calm and this is a blog that caters for women who enjoy the finer things in life I blog about luxury lifestyle and of course what fashion inspiration it’s all about how to dress classy and how to look expensive and on my blog I repost a lot of beautiful women from Instagram women really have nailed their outfits to look on point and super expensive and classy and I want you to visit my website and really have a look around and see which pictures do you like if you want to use other sources transporation use all movie stars use Pinterest use blogs use Instagram whatever any form of imagery of women who look chic look expensive sophisticated elegant affluent rich expensive copy them if not copy them get inspired by them really everybody today is a copycat so don’t feel like oh I have to create my own unique style there is my own unique style anymore everybody’s just getting inspiration left and right from each other so you’re not doing anything wrong here you know it’s normal that we get inspired from each other so do that and trust me you will find great methods how you can expensive on the budget by copying women who have done it right I’ve done it translated into a budget-friendly version that suits your wallet so that was it for me guys and I hope you enjoy these 10 ways how you can look expensive on the budget if you found this useful please support me by adding a like to the video and the force subscribe if you still haven’t done that it don’t forget to feed cheat sheet that offering you to download in the link below in the description box but before you leave I do have a question to all of you ladies for watching I wondered do you find it easy or your outfit look expensive and if you find it difficult please share with me where exactly you struggle and now we’ll try and make future videos on these topics so that I can really help you achieve that affluent look that we all aspire to have so thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video


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  • Man doesn't care you're expensive or not.. Facts: Most Man looking for Natural Beauty with less fancy stuffs before they do/buy something on her
    If girl already fancy and use expensive stuffs, 100% most of the time being avoid by rich man. That girl is a vacuum

  • I love your video and you so much!! <3

  • I'm not investing in superficial BS (Nails,hair,jewelry) I'm investing in Real estates! I find myself successful and Charismatic, there is nothing more attractive than being confident and I can wear second hand as Prada being worn at a Runaway

  • The Duchess of Cambridge is an excellent fashion role model.

  • Fantastic content! I havent put a lot of thought into looking expensive but what you are saying resonates a lot with me. It is causing me to consider which peices I own are best for that and what I can keep an eye out for to elevate my style even more. I have around 40 lbs to lose and I think that is my biggest struggle when buying clothes. I think the style I choose is more of a reflection of how I veiw my body. I spend more on casual less expensive looking items because I do not want to invest many dollars in clothing at this size. But really… i still spend quite a lot on clothes that are not as flattering… this will be on my mind next time I am considering an item of clothing

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