10 Things You NEED To Look “On-Trend” Right Now!

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  • Satin is pretty, but it shows everything, lumps, bumps, nooks and crannies. Going to have to pass.

  • Cat women boots or kankles? Just asking…

  • Thanks For The Great Tips Shea!! Loved Them!!

  • The reap jeans was not nice

  • Bicycle shorts noooooooooooopoooooooo😱

  • I have 2 pairs of zella biker shorts and I LOVE them! They’re my favorite shorts

  • pls do a video on how to style dresses/skirts w boots from different legnths! ive been seeing those outfits everywhere

  • My All in Favor satin skirt arrived in the mail today. Great minds think alike!

  • Cycling shorts and square toes are just a no for me, unless I’m actually cycling and I did try square toes when I was 14. That is plenty!

  • I am still that person that hates square toe. No matter what pair i tried on, They just scream way too masculine, not into it ~ i tried!

  • Don’t forget to remove the threads from the back kick pleat on the coat. 😉❤️


  • Omg youre soooo funny

  • Nooooooo square toed shoes/boots! Nooooooooooooo!

  • Noooooo cycling shorts, not even to cycle.

  • Not a fan of those ripped jeans… No. but I love blazers especially over jeans and I've been wearing that since the 80s and I still think it's a classic look especially with a bootie shoe ,with jeans or even any kind of boot or whatever, it's just a very good classic look whatever you are wearing underneath….a tank or a lightweight sweater or some kind of shell, it always looks good.
    And I love thigh high boots but not " so slouchy", to me they don't look right, lol. just a little bit more fitted and I think they convey more class especially with a miniskirt because I love that look I used to wear that look even when I was in my fifties I can't pull that off anymore, I'm almost sixty-five . … but I could pull that look off up until I was 52. Yes ma'am. 🙂

  • I love the long floral dress, can you please tell me how tall you are , I want to order the dress ,I am 5'10 and hopefully the dress will be long enough, thank you in advance for taking the time for my question. Have a wonderful day, hello from Canada

  • Omg… from the terrible leggings to bikershorts….. hopefully it will be ONLY on trend in the US, en DON'T come to Europe. I've never understood the leggings, but the bikershorts i really don't get. hihi. stay there please. love from Marleen from Holland.

  • Love you pronounce it correctly, Nordstrom. I don't understand why people say Nordstroms. There's no "s". *shrug. Fun Video!!! TY for the practical tips!! 🙏🏾😊🙌🏾

  • It would probably be hard to do but have u ever done plus size clothes?

  • Shea to be honest I don't like the pretty woman boots and I will leave the cycling shorts to the cyclists. They ,along with leggings are the worst things to ever happen to fashion,in my opinion anyway!! Each to their own I suppose!!!

  • Love the neutral skirt and the print sweater 🥰 thank you for sharing ❤️

  • love your videos, love your new nails!!! love the silk skirt but silk is not so great for overweight big bottom people like me😰

  • Omg, this is too funny! Today, I organised my shoes, amd tossed one of these strappy sandals w….. square toes!!!😂🤔 😜

  • Shea you're so funny. I just love you. Great video as usual. 🙌

  • Wow! Bike shorts with pockets! And so comfy.

  • Wow this is video is amazing I love how everything stayed classy and was suitable for every occasion

  • Really want the sweatshirt (w/bike shorts) and the sunglasses but neither are the ones in links. Anyone know?

  • Yes, I so appreciate the game plan for the grocery store. So on that! ; ) Sensational edit insert on that one! You are on fire Shea! Keep scorching it! XO

  • over top

  • Can you please do a makeup giveaway ☺️😊 please!! Specially for broke college students 😂 I need a closet makeover. I’m finally transitioning from Tom boy to attempting to be girly… some of my attempts have been cringe

  • Wtf that skirt is so strange it’s the same color as your body lol I thought you were wearing a body suit

  • Nordstorm has no clothing i would ever have!!

  • Pass on strappy sandels. 10mm of rain today!! LOL

  • 11. Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Not a fan of the biker shorts and ripped jeans, but your videos are so great, I just look forward to them

  • Your nails look shorter. I love all the outfits, the over ripped jeans just not my thing. I even like the cycle shorts but not for cycling.

  • I love the boots.. are they easy to walk in?

  • I'm looking for a long coat these days. I love yours. Cute luggage.

  • Shea, I think it’s awesome that you’re not afraid to be… “funny sexy” and show off your awesome personality!

  • I love that flowered dress! Also, great idea putting the black shirt over it for a different look…

  • Uck square.

  • Blazer!

  • Shea—with your perfect figure, you can pull off wearing sackcloth and ashes.
    Seriously, everything looks so pretty and classy on you. 😊

  • I had a pair of black Square toe black boots that I threw in the garbage can. No I'm sorry I did. LOL 😀

  • No to the square toe ! It lasted one season in the 90s, enough said.

  • I like the shorter nails on you!

  • Loved the last outfit. Jeans 👖 with blazer 👍🏽

  • Long sleeve sweater and sandals all at the same time???? What's the weather like in your part of the country????

  • When she says it's only a hundred dollars

    My mouth drops on the floor
    But i love ur videos Shea

  • I live a bit further south…Australia 😆. I need to go back and watch your videos on Spring/Summer styling tips. ☀️

  • Lovely 💋 beautiful 💋💋💋

  • I don’t have foot fetish but your feet is so pretty 😍 please share some secrets on a video how you keep your feet pretty even though you wear heels for the most part….please pretty please 🙏🏽

  • Bike shorts and a sweatshirt reminds me of Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • I cannot stand being referred to as a "guy." Please stop referring to an entire female audience as guys.

  • Not so much the biker shorts and the distressed jeans.

  • im sorry, but i have hated the cycling shorts trend all the way through. jUsT wHY??

  • My suitcase like that has the SAME EXACT scuff marks as yours. 😅

  • Every time l see a satin skirt it makes me think of a petticoat and l think the wearer has forgotten to finish dressing. Now l sound like an old fuddy duddy don't l. :/

  • I like the biker shorts I don’t Own any but think they look nice it’s just like the leggings I don’t we’re those either but i would @ home only its NOT for everyone

  • Personally I really can't stand the look where the skirt/dress hemline meets the top of the boots. It makes your legs look short and awkward. Bike shorts aren't flattering on anyone, to me. It's am awkward in between with regular shorts and bermuda shorts

  • I like how you made these trends more accessible for the mainstream Shea 🙂

  • I do not like naked shoulder looks odd- pretty odd

  • Hi Shea – agree biker shorts – ugh – but if one is wearing in house only, who cares especially if they are comfortable – BTW bought the SHEA necklace and it is awesome – went back and ordered the one small diamond in the middle (forget the name) and the two look great together. The boots are awesome – take care, DJ

  • ‘You’ll look good… flying through the sky’ 😂😂😂😂

  • Here's to hoping that Target has a satin skirt or slip dress and chunky sweater! I have the boots and chunky fall scarf covered….and I'm off.

  • Those boots remind me of pretty woman 😆

  • I can't believe you live so close. I'm in Ohio, I would love to be able to meet you some time. I am so out of fashion and have a low budget. I love your videos!

  • The best use for biker shorts is under a dress or skirt to stop chub rub. Other than that I wear them in my house for comfort wear. I would never exit my home with them on. 😬

  • You do a great job with your editing. Did you teach yourself to edit your video?

  • No way cycling shorts

  • Your finger nails look so much better at this shorter length!

  • I’m still young and trying to work my way up in life to afford designer items, but I love your videos, Shea! I use them to duplicate some of the designer looks you feature and still present myself as a structured person! And, of course, your most important tip, to wear anything with personality and confidence! ❤️

  • Omg I’m seeing everyone dog on the cycling shorts now and I have like 5 pairs 😅 They were a huge staple for me this summer! Especially at festivals when I wanted to be comfy and not have my sweaty inner thighs rub together lmao! They really do look cute and have so much functionality guys! They look good with anything leggings pair with, try it!

  • Over knee boots (black or dark colors) looks much better with black tights (or dark) if you don’t want to look vulgar of course 😄👍 Try and see the difference! Looks sophisticated!😉

  • pass on the cycle shorts, but the rest is pretty cute….

  • cycling shorts? umm nope! and people…pls. don't… just don't. It makes you look like you ran out of clothes to wear!…it's just tacky!

  • I love the tall boots but I wish they weren't so shiny. I think they would be more versatile and timeless if they were a natural matte leather.

  • Yay, Florida! It is still warm here. The strappy sandals are adorable.

  • Those 'square toed' boots are the reason I don't get rid of things. I've had boots like that for years. Like everything else, they come in – they go out – they come in again. Especially animal print. Oh, and no to the bike shorts. They're almost as bad as the dad sneakers last season. Blek.

  • 1. A white room/white themed house with on trend asseccorise.
    2. A DIOR Tote in denim.
    3. Benghali cat.
    4. Manolo B shoes.
    5. A long front bob hair cut and fake tan/boobs/nose/eyebrows.
    6. A handsome pretty playboy husband.
    7. Some Jo Malone candles.
    8. ZARA hairband.
    9. Some flowers that worth 400£.
    10. Collaboration with a brand

    There. Let’s see how many fits in this 😂

  • Giiiiirl Not affordable fashion at all 👀 I better stop watching this video 😂

  • Nails look so much better shorter!

  • Designer bags are a waste of money IMO.

  • I just got rid of a tan pair of square toed boots so sad. The outfit were really cute . I'm not sure of your pet cats name he's really cute I like when you show him.🐈

  • The last blazer outfit is fire!

  • Love these recommendations !!

  • Let's be honest, you could wear literally anything and look good. I do like the cranberry dress, but doubt it would fit quite right on me with these boobies. None of the outfits are for me, but this is good for my wallet! LOL

  • I just could NoT bELIEVE that that old color Burgandy came back IN… UGHS! That LOST my interest..{ yes, at least, mine.}

  • Love you Shea, but these "trendy" pieces are tacky in my opinion! I prefer a classic, more elegant style. Not a fan of any of these looks but, to each their own.

  • While these outfits looks really good on you… I can't see myself pulling off these styles…😬😬😬😬

  • I just can't get on board with the low strappy heels! They remind me of something grandmothers wear. But I do like the skirt and sweater look 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Every time she does a collab with a store, the outfits tend to be kinda off. Maybe because it's forced but no.

  • Nooo! The pretty woman boots, cycle shorts, and (super synthetic) fluffy pink sleeves on that coat were just 🤢
    Who cares about being “on trend” when you KNOW you’ll regret looking cheap and tasteless once next season rolls around?!

  • I’m getting use to cycle shorts.

  • Those black boots are hideous

  • Love the bikers shorts because I actually DO cycle almost every day!! Fun idea!

  • How the F do you look amazing in the hideous biker short? You are just too cute!

  • Can you make a fall lookbook?

  • Suede skirt and boots look 👍

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