10 style tips from French women | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte

Hi, everyone. It’s Justine. There are style rules we all French women agree on. and there are also things they would never do in terms of outfits. Since I work in fashion, and I’m French, I get asked about French style *a lot*. So I discussed this topic with some well-dressed French friends, and we put a list together of things they would never do, and what they would do instead. Here comes the list of 10 tips for French chic. If you are a French woman, you will usually not mix black and brown in the same outfit. It’s either/or. That’s why you own black boots and brown boots, black heels and brown heels, black sandals and brown sandals. You will probably not wear more than two colors at the same time in an outfit. Exception: blue jeans. That would be a third color, but that’s it. Same goes for prints. If you wear one piece in your outfit that has print on it, then the rest of the outfit should better consist of solid colors. Otherwise it’s a bit too loud…a bit too…too colorful. No old jogging outfits. Ever, actually. Without being that dramatic and extreme, that’s the idea. No over-accessorizing. Let me explain. If you’re wearing large earrings, you probably won’t wear a necklace on top. Less is more. Less is effortless, and effortless is great. Also you don’t want to mix materials in your jewelry. It’s either all gold or all silver. In my case, I’m more the silver girl, which you can tell. If you’re a French woman, you will not change styles every season or every year. You know what fits you, in terms of cut, length, colors. etc., and you actually just stick to it. You will invest a high share of your disposable income into high quality key pieces, instead of buying things that are trendy or fashionable. Which kind of key pieces are timeless, you may ask? That’s a separate video, and that’s coming up soon on this channel. Your purse should match your shoes, which means huge closet! Exception though: cocktail outfits and evening gowns, in which case the shoes will have to match the dress and not the purse. So French women will go shopping, wondering, “Hmm, I don’t have a dress in this color yet. I like it, but should I buy it? Because I don’t have the shoes to wear it with… What about the backup plan–black shoes? Uh-uh. Because black is a color! That brings us to point 7, about accent colors. French women tend to rely heavily on neutral colors, taken in a quite broad sense. For instance, khaki green, beige, camel, cognac, champagne…yes, in France we tend to name our colors after alcohol types. True story! I would also add navy blues, grays and whites to that group of colors that are easy to build an outfit around. And then, there will be one accent color coming in to break the monotony, so to say. That could be a scarf around your neck, a nice hat, huge earrings, statement necklace, a big arm cuff on one side (colorful if possible). A nice purse, something like that. You could also go all black, which I love to do and then play the makeup card by wearing a bright red lipstick. International beauty brands have been trying for years to launch, in France, fancy colors of lipstick and nail polishes. It just doesn’t work. French women have always, and will always, wear red lips and red nails. So they can be different shades clearer [lighter] or darker, based on the season or the mood but you will not sell green, yellow, black, white, orange, or anything like that. To close the chapter about color, let’s talk about socks for a minute. If you wear dark or black shoes, you’ll wear black socks. If you’re wear white or clear [light] shoes, you’ll wear white socks. That’s it. If you have any other color in your drawer, it’s probably because once you had to buy a pack of ten different colors in order to get one pair of black ones. Yeah. French women are truly good at knowing how [what] proper fit should look like. They will wear clothes that have their size, the proper cut, not too tight on the belly, not too loose on the bum, not too short if it’s a top, because you don’t want people to see your belly if you raise your arms. And that’s a problem for me personally because I have a long torso, so in France I’m in trouble, believe me! Disclaimer: Are there exceptions to those principles? Of course! Like in all things French, you have the rules and then you have the exceptions. It’s like the language. Now what would be fun would be to reverse the game. You tell me which style rules apply in your countries. I’d love to read that, because the way people dress in a country says so much about the culture of that country. Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up before you watch the next one. Thank you! I’ll see you soon again. Now it’s Wednesday and Sunday every week. Bye bye!


  • A shout out to all fellow subscribers. This is the most uplifting and positive group on YouTube.

  • Love your vids Justine. The NEW NORMAL in the US. 1. No sneakers, Mom jeans and a sweatshirt when out and about (especially when traveling in Paris (Mon Dieu!) 2. Yes to an azure or dark pedicure for summer (not on fingernails though). I have loved Coco Chanel since I was a child.

  • https://youtu.be/yN7Alk96vhA <-54 ->79 79-54 = 25.

  • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Quixote, world king. Berkeid for berkisthan

  • Here in Philippines, jeans and tees are basic outfits thats it jk.

    -Jeans are always part of our style ever since and when denim style trended it boom here. The denim style still havent fazed here we have jackets, rumper, skirt, shorts and your normal jeans.
    -In tees, we have the normal black and white then we have the statement shirts full of witty qoutes in different colors.
    -In makeup, we have the basic style with just following the eyebrow arc, blush, lippies and esp the 3x whiter foundation since its much cheaper than searching for your right tone in Mac.
    -Also the hairstyle is lifeless straight as in super straight alot of people are rebonding there hair just to get that ready-to-go-and-no-comb hairstyle
    -Last is the shoes, we really wear anything with jeans from sneakers, boots to flipflops.
    And thats the typical filipina when you come around Phil. Other than that we also follow fastfashion mostly teens and also the trend now is to finds goodies in thrift shops. Korean skincare is also a trend here which is also nice people are taking care of skin rather than plastering your face with tons of foundations and concealer.

  • If you look beautiful and feel confident, whatever you wear doesn’t matter

  • I'm not sure I understand: Would the socks be black with dark brown shoes and white with lighter brown shoes?

  • Love ur channel but wht can we do to be chic in tropical countries since its always hot and humid all year round

  • I think I am French 😉

  • Style-wise I identify with the French/Italian more. That being said, when I am financially stressed my style switches up to casual – I've even been wearing baseball hats to work which is OK in Vancouver (It can be pretty casual here, but there's always people you'll see who are dressed well. At some places, it's normal for women to come to work in yoga pants. But corporate is still business casual even here on the west coast). I'm slowly moving back to elegant again, now that things are stabilizing.

  • No Flipflops, PJs and messy hair out in the public, women love colors like blue, red and green NO yellow or orange clothes, Men don't like to wear a red shirt or t-shirts, girls women DON'T show cleavage or butt chicks, hair down, you DON't have to have your makeup or nails done just clean, MARRIED Women wear red lipsticks and red outfit in general. Girls wear converse or flat because they have to walk a lot to catch the public buses, nowadays they have to wear heels because they ride moppets/ motorbike a lot and WATCH is must by all. WOMEN always carry bags with money, umbrella, phones, cards, keys…. IN NEPAL (SOUTH ASIAN COUNTRY)

  • I'm a man. Why am I watching this?

  • Justine, why is it only now I'm finding your channel!

  • ❤️U Justine! I recently decided to upgrade my wardrobe and start dressing prettier and classier so it’s no coincidence I found your channel and now I’m binge watching your videos to upgrade my style. You are so beautiful and classy! A great role model!

  • 4:53 “In French you have the rules and you have the exceptions. It’s like the language.” As a girl learning French in America this hit me HARD

  • I am an American. We have no culture, therefore no style, unless 'no style' is a style. We must look to Europe for inspiration.

  • Hi Justine, Would you give advice for stylish and functional outerwear in Paris during January. Thank you!

  • I live in eastern suburbs of Sydney, my casual wardrobe is activewear and I haven’t been to the gym in a few months

  • I am from America, and older (57), and everything you said was what my mother taught me … she was born in the 1920s. Shoes, belt if you use one, and purse match, one item of stand-out color, etc. I also do not mix black with brown, but I also don't mix black with navy.

  • Here to read the comments after i watched thw video.?????????????????? It's amazing how people in the world share uniqueness when it comes to fashion.???????????????

  • I am from Italy and most of those rules are the one that my mother taught me while growing up… ?

  • I can attest that here in southern Germany, in the Svabian heartland, clothing does not have to fit you or look good in any shape or form. It must be obvious, though, that you got your money's worth from the purchase, to prove you are money savy, and it must not be a hyped brand or celebrity-endorsed thing to prove that you're not a pushover. Honestly, people seem to feel and look their best on Saturday morning at their own or some relative's construction site, all splattered in mortar. This village is clearly no catwalk!

  • I'm from the US. There are no more rules, people dress any way they like. There are regional preferences, of course, some weather-related and some more cultural-related, but overall there is no one standard. You see the full gamut of style possibilities here — conservative, loud, ethnic, boho, trendy, vintage, chic, tacky, elegant, thrift store, you name it. I guess we are, as in all things, a wildly undisciplined lot. I admire French discipline and restraint, but in general we lack the national character for it over here.

  • Love your videos! I have never been able to explain the style of clothing I like to wear to my friends when we're out shopping, but now I see that it is very much French. I love it!

  • I'm from the US and moved to the Netherlands, and boy did I feel out of place with my random band t-shirts and jeans. Not that people here don't dress casually sometimes but, even going to the grocery store, people still dress up way more than in america. I'm still trying to sort out my wardrobe, since I don't have a lot of money to spend on ONE shirt at the moment, so its a balance between having enough clothes to wear, but also phasing out my old stuff and working towards a capsule-like wardrobe. Plus it doesn't help that I work a lot, so my work clothes, while I have upgraded to a plain, casual, nicer looking t-shirt (since i mean, i work in a kitchen) that's the stuff people see me in most, so I still feel under dressed when I go out later, even if I am wearing something nice.
    For going out however, wow definitely a big difference compared to america. Loud colors or patterns, bold textures (usually kept to one item though, luckily), leather pants are not out of the norm at all, heck even bold patterned suit jacket and pants for women aren't given a silly stare. Bright neon colors, lots of like color-palette outfits. And I've also seen a lot of girls, maybe mostly younger ones, that wear high wasted pants and a fitted tucked in tank top so it looks like a jumpsuit. Needless to say, while I still don't really care about following trends, or fitting in too much, I just feel mmm under-dressed but in a way that says, I'm unkempt, versus, I have my own style.

  • Brazil – top 10 of "musts" for brazilian women in the north/northeast (where is summer all year):
    1. colorful, very colorful clothes and basic shoe colors (black or nude)
    2. tight outfits in general
    3. all colours for nail polish, no problem, but usually women go for white nail polish
    4. animal print is a big for blouses
    5. all types of bikinis in the closet (we dont buy necessarily whats for our body type, we like to try on different ones)
    6. fitted jeans is a must
    7. heels are a must for going out at night
    8. make up usually is more about the eyes than the lips
    9. we tend to use a lot of perfum – floral
    10. being tanned but not having tan line is also considered beautiful

  • Here in Canada too many women wears leggings as pants with a crop top! Sorry but leggings are not pants, you need to wear them with a tunic. I don't want to see the shape of your underwear and your camel toe. Only a handful of people can pull that off, but it's nothing but classy, sorry!

  • Norwegian girls love to play it natural and there’s like a mix of high end fashion and timeless, retro fashion. We’re very individual, though.

  • 1. Do not mix blk and brown 2. no more than 2 colors, or prints, otherwise, too busy. 3. no old jogging clothes, ever, 4. no over accessorising, less is more, 5.no mixing gold colors. 6 No trendy clothes. 7. Purse and shoes match. Except dressy like a cocktail party, and then dress and shoes match. 8. Simple single colors for outfit. No bright colors. Add simple one different color by adding it in a scarf. ALSO..this French girl can go all total black and add color with a red lipstick. French always wear red lips red nails, no exception. AND… Dark shoes dark socks. Light light. AND Proper cut, fit for clothes. ….

  • I'm Israeli, and I think we are similar to french in the sense that it is very important not to look like you made an effort.
    But we usually won't wear all black (except at night, I think) and definitely won't wear things that seem formal on a daily basis. Something fitted and fancy on just another day would be odd. It's very un-israely. Even workplace style in Israel is more casual than in other countries.
    It's important to look at ease, and also feminine. A part of it is balancing out tight clothes and loose clothes, and not wearing things you'll be uncomfortable in, like super high heels. They are not for daily use.
    Also, many Israeli men are short… A real problem :/

    Many keep it long, and all Israeli girls I know have their own little routine with their hair. We often try to make it look free but very clean, so carefully curated messy updo hairstyles… Or just loose, maybe with one/two pins. Or an interesting cut, especially when you have curly hair (because you want them to look happy:))
    You won't see many unnatural hair colors in Israel. The more common thing would be highlighting it. Although there's so much sun so it's really hard to tell when it's natural and when it's not, so idk ?

    As for make up I think the key point is similar to what you said about french girls, only I think Israelis tend to accentuate eyes more than lips (on day time at least). There is so much sun and you want your eyelashes to look like they exist.
    We do fix our eyebrows. Just cleaning them up, mostly, nothing too extreme.
    As for nail polish, I think it's either a shade of pink/nude or something that matches your clothes. But not extremely bright on the hands, except for red. On the toes the colors are often darker, if they don't match. (So, if you picked a grey dress, you might go for grey nail polish on both hands and toes, messy hair, and then some creative colorful wood necklace, or just tons of silver rings plus silver earrings, and sandals)

    Jewelry is something of personal style & often at least some of the collection has sentimental value.

    You can see here a lot of Indian insperation, and enthnic designs are common. Toe rings and ankle bracelets exist too, but outside of office work.
    In general, we use way more color and light than what you described. Just Jeans and plain white/black tee would be too sad, many would add some color (thin cotton scarf works)

    Any Israelis here? Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong:)

  • I was once told I had a European style, and when I went to France I was continually confused for a French person. I was not sure why? Now I get it, as I follow all of these rules naturally. (I am not European or Américaine). My mother taught me all these rules, she is Irish. I wonder if it is similar in Ireland.

  • I feel the same way with patterns! I do not like mixing patterns at all. If I wear patterns, which is only on occasion, I normally stick to florals or stripes. I'm American, by the way.

  • My Mom always told me to show only one body part at a time. For example, not wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless top together.

  • I love French style… it seems so effortless, but still very classy. Here in the Midwest of the US, all you see is women (who apparently never look in the mirror) wearing leggings and tank tops. It's as if they want people to think they've just been at the gym, when in reality, the closest they've ever been to the gym is the Starbucks next door. I wish I could wear heels, because I think they really can add to an outfit… but my feet will have no part of that. I have invested in a nice pair of black ballet flats and some cute patent leather kitten heels, and I guess those will have to do. I agree that less is more, it's crazy though how you can buy some jacked up outfits with enough bling to blind a city, for a few bucks, and a classic nice quality pair of black pants can set you back a day's pay.

  • Haha! I am the total opposite to some of these rules, mainly the more colours and patterns the better! But I LOVE french fashion on other people. Nothing makes me happier than being in France and seeing an old lady walking down the street with some extravagant glasses, perfectly tailored dress and jacket with stylish shoes, all matching with one accent colour! I just want to high five them! Yes ladies, work it!

  • In Brazil we use bright colors (nails, clothes, lipstick, hair color, shoes, bags…),l; we show the tummy or the legs (or both), except at the work place; the makeup during the day is so natural that it looks like you have nothing at all, but at night it's well made and usually we focus on eyes and lips; and we dress up whenever we go out at night, either to have dinner or some drinks, or to go to a fancy party.

  • No one does red lipstick where I come from. Always pinks. (Pacific Northwest US). Pink eyeshadows and nails never go away. The close second is plum shades. I wore red lips once when I was 15, felt like a clown. Looks good on other people, you just don't see it much around here.

  • In Texas, not everyone dresses like they're about to ride a horse. Light summer clothes are worn almost the entire year for good reason, and it's common to have at least one pair of cowboy boots in their closet, especially for dancing and other social events.

    For Texan men, the cowboy hats, boots, and/or jeans have to be old and weather beaten, otherwise everyone will know the "Urban Cowboys" for the frauds that they are. Large belt buckles and bolo ties are quietly tolerated.

    For Texan women, everything is bigger in Texas, at least in theory. Accessories are popular, especially long necklaces and multiple bracelets. Women love their manicures, and afternoons at the nail salon are a popular way to socialize with friends. Thank God the bleached-blond big hair and pancake makeup aren't as much in style as they used to be!

  • Too many rules for my liking! I love my colours and my prints ? Glad that I'm an Indian and not French.

  • I am Russian, and I follow every single style tip you mentioned. Btw, you have a fantastic personality!

  • I'm from Mexico and here big eyes lashes are very important, so eyeshadow too. We use a lot jeans even in the office.

  • Love your channel and love coming back to this video and the comments from around the world. It is insightful. I am originally from Bangladesh where, like most south Asian cultures, there is too much going on at any point. You should see brides on their wedding days sporting heavy gold embroidery on silk outfits and wearing as much gold as they can afford. They literally layer gold over gold! Not to mention smokey eyes, red lips, etc. Even on a daily basis people will mix bright bold colors with lots of jewelry and makeup. It is considered unusual to wear earring but no necklace, etc. Then I moved to Montreal where the style seemed more individualistic but polished at all times. It was a treat to see so many unique styles on the street – elegant, bohemian, effortless chic, edgy, athleisure chic, etc…..but always put-together. Finally I moved to a college town in Texas where the dominating style rule is shorts and tee shirt with sneakers or cowboy boots! Very different. I personally prefer the "Parisian chic" style with some exceptions, and appreciate when people take an effort to look put together irrespective of their style. I felt most at home in Montreal (style wise).

  • It’s not just the environment that dictates what one wears…. colors best worn also depend on one’s DNA. I was in India and loved all the colorful clothes the ladies wore. I went to several places to have some clothes made, but even with the vast array of fabrics offered, I could not find not one thing that didn’t make my pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes look sickly! Bright, vibrant, saturated colors…though I love looking at them… easily overwhelm me. ☹️ I end up looking like one of those mannequins in dress shops that is just a human form… no features!
    Even with western fabrics and colors, I seldom wear prints …. or I’ll get the same effect. (Sigh)

  • Im from Latvia and all the way while I grew up I remember my mom kept on telling : "You cant wear that skirt , it has flower print on it , it doesnt go with your polka dot shirt – u wear only 1 print item ! " or " look , your eyes has too much eyeliner, remove lipstick if you gonna wear that " or " are you a christmas tree? you dont need the big earrings and the necklace , choose ! " So i guess french fashion went a long way even in the days before internet 😀

  • Serious style question on wearing black and brown together…could you wear a Louie Vuitton handbag and black shoes or outfit?

  • o no..i love mixing prints and also wear silver and gold together..it suits me.

  • I have taken your advice I have just bought a classic cashmere off white coat it’s beautiful I saved for a special classic coat ! Hopefully it will last me ten years ! I am afraid I have always have and always will buy classic clothes but that’s me I take great care of my clothes and shoes and in fact everything I own because I had to save up to buy them ! Classic clothes are quite expensive but very beautiful !

  • I live in British Columbia, Canada. I think our style is fairly casual and natural. The goal is to look healthy and put together, but like you woke up that way (without too much effort).

  • French fashion is the best fashion..comfortable and classy..world actually works around French fashion ?? i love it please keep it this way..
    I'm from India our fashion is kinda festive but you can't always wear it's not veryyyy comfortable but when comes to festival sarees and salwars rocks

  • I agree with your points on the video, Justine. As French women, we undoubtedly have these "rules" taught quite early. The shoe/bag part made me laugh so hard because this is a thing that is so common and agreed on in France that I never realized it could not be the case anywhere else. But let me tell you, for some reason, many French men do not know this – how rude! ?

  • In Canada the rules are very similar but its more casual. I think less women wear perfume and jewlery because its so expensive. One thing though is that wearing tall heeled shoes of any kind is very rare women typically dont wear heels taller than 2 inches especially in winter unless they are really trying to draw attention to their shoes.

  • We are all about feminism these days so women wear whatever they feel like wearing but mostly we change looks depending on the season – Brazil

  • its common in Texas to see mixed metals. Not so much when I was a girl but now for sure. Redheads never wore red before, now that's ok as well.

  • In Turkey women fashion is separated to 2 groups; work fashion and casual fashion. We can describe casual fashion as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And we can describe work fashion as a midi skirt or some pants and a shirt sometimes with blazers

  • In Poland it's a bit complicated
    1. Women tend to wear full makeup on a daily occasions
    2. Wearing high heels on a daily basis is a standard not a rarity
    3. Outer clothing – jackets, coats, blazers are usually the most important piece of clothing in the whole outfit, and we love when they are of good quality – preferably made of wool etc.
    4. We don't really wear much of a jewelry, on a daily basis at most it's one bracelet and small earrings.
    5. We love leather shoes and bags, the ones made of plastic are seemed as a "not natural option"
    6. Colours of the outfit, shoes and bag should match, preferably they should be in the same "tone ".
    7. Women tend to wear feminine, flattering clothes. You can sometime see people wearing loose trousers but it's extremely rare to see someone wearing both baggy trousers and loose top.
    8. It's very important to iron your clothes, if you wear white shoes make sure they are white etc. Take care of your garment.
    9. It's safer to be too elegant rather than not elegant enough, unless someone is going to gym you won't see them wearing yoga pants.

  • Have Just discovered your channel. Greek girl here! Well, unfortunately Greek women's style has nothing to do with The French.They usually wear a lot of make up on a daily basis, including highlighter and permanent eyelash extensions! The hair is like they ve just came out of The salon-even worse, The nails are so big like a witch and with all kinds of drawings on. They tend to Shop fast fashion items and create a confusing, sometimes kitsch image… I say "they" because I try a lot to follow a more minimalistic style as possible of course?

  • I’m a typical American Caucasian mutt….. name a European gene, and I have it! But evidently, my French gene leapt into action the first time I saw those blue, green and yellow nail polishes. I didn’t know whether to administer oxygen to the victim or recommend a doctor who was effective at treating fungus and mold! ? For the life of me, I don’t understand how anyone thinks those colors are attractive. And I’m convinced that those wearing gray polish have never seen a dead person!
    Thank you, my French ancestors

  • Love you Justine, thank you for the videos!!!

  • I find French women's color of dressing are too neutral, in another word, genderless, they don't like to wear red or pink or this kind of vibrant colours which I think is beautiful , you can look very chic and classic in red or yellow blouse with a short black shirt, or white floating pants.

  • I laugh because without ever watching your videos I apply without thinking all those tips like black with black all silver or all gold. my jewellery has been the same for years a timeless silver chain with black stones.. or a thing gold chain..have heaps of scarfs wool or cotton.. etc nice ..normally solid colours..earring or a chain, not both at the same time unless they are pearls….use a lot of all black..have like 10 black men tshirts..so they are long and loos….etc..I dress like you say..I am missing the good blazer…I am Argentine.

  • American: very casual, outdoorsy or sporty, some bright colors are fine, and we don’t try to match shoes with the purse or anything like that.
    Well, most of us, anyway.

  • In India, eyeliner is a big thing because as Indian women we tend to have large eyes so we like to dress them up. Also, lipstick is quite popular but not foundation as much because it is too hot to wear foundation, so many women stick to eyeliner and lipstick. The youth in urban India are influenced by instagram and are more into face makeup.

  • In India we wear a lot of bright colour and a lot of jewellery to parties, weddings and celebrations. Every Indian woman owns jewellery and it is part of our heritage that goes back thousands of year. Infact, showing up to a wedding with no jewellery would be odd, and it would be very rare.

  • If I had to pin down some rules in the US (which I would say are, however, widely broken) I would say:
    1. Here also, your purse should coordinate with your shoes and your belt.
    2. Never wear just one shade of denim on both top and bottom. If you do wear both top and bottom denim, they have to be very different shades to avoid it looking like a denim suit.
    3. No socks with sandals. No hose with peep-toe shoes or high-heeled sandals.
    4. We use way more prints and florals (excluding polka dots and stripes, which Europe definitely uses). Out prints tend to be bolder and have more colors in them.
    4. We have a LOT more leeway with color. Magenta, teal, and black in one outfit? Sure! Red floral top and red polka dot skirt? Possibly doable, if well selected.
    5. However, in general, it works best if you wear one piece that is the "art" (like a floral shirt) and one that is the "frame" (like solid pants that pick up one of the colors in the top).
    6. Not everyone will agree with me on this one, but there is a much clearer tendency in the US to make a clear separation between "fancy clothes" and "everyday clothes," with very casual clothes coming to be worn in an ever-increasing range of situations and fancy clothes being reserved for a much more limited set of occasions: church, a bridal or baby shower, possibly a date, a wedding, a night club. Many women don't wear dresses or skirts unless it's a pretty formal ocassion. I think they would feel like they stuck out like a sore thumb if they wore a dress to go grocery shopping, ride the bus, or walk down the street. They could wear a business-y dress to work, but a flowy feminine one would probably get raised eyebrows.
    7. Definitely more high heels than in France (unless you're going the opposite direction of wearing your track suit around to run errands, in which case, flip-flops will work).
    8. A statement necklace fixes everything.
    9. And my personal rule: the bigger the earrings, the better (but I likely will have no make-up and often no necklace on).

  • i dont know what the rules are bc i dont follow them bc i like to have fun

  • put 2 spoons in the fridge and put the backs on your eyes. This will get rid of the swelling under your eyes.

  • Brazilian women tend to pay a lot of attention to make up, hair and nails. We always go to hair salons to get manicure and hair treatments (like high lights, hair cut, hydrating the hair). About clothes it depends a lot on the region, but we like to follow fashion trends. In the north of Brazil is always hot, so women usually wear dresses, flowy blouses with shorts, skirts and jeans when is less hot. In the south of Brazil is cooler in the winter, so we wear jeans with ballerinas, shoes, snickers, a T shirt or a fancy blouse (it varies on the person’s style)

  • looks at all my weirdly coloured and patterned socks I REGRET NOTHINGGG

  • I'm from Nepal. Clothes with names/letters etc on chest or bum area is a no no. Two/three finger lengths between clothes and your body is the minimum required in terms or tightness. Colors in clothing is welcome but not for hair… my mom would freak out if I dyed my hair pink ?

  • Интересно ))

  • what is she saying in number 3? I can not figure it out!!!

  • I couldn't agree more about your black brown rule ANYWHERE! It always reminds me of dressing up in poop color. As for this American girl who deals with serious winter issues & has to walk a dog outside, all bets are off the table with clothes at night to brave the elements & stay warm. I don't care what I wear as long as it's warm. The other little girl on fours dresses perfectly French in all four seasons as it's easier & she doesn't have shoes, socks or a purse to wear! Thanks for another great video (I'm from NYC so is my furry girl) ?❤?

  • It’s changed in the US *so* much! We have a family story of one of my great aunts, who got dressed to do her Saturday shopping and then noticed, in the first store window reflection, that she had one one seamed stocking and one unseamed (new) stocking. She scurried home to change, mortified if anyone had seen her.

    This was before I was born, but the story was repeated at family get together as well past when I was in high school.

    Fast forward to the early 2000s, and I had just pulled up in front of my bank, and looked up to see a man going inside, wearing pajamas and flip flops. I reached for my phone, and called my mother. As soon as she said hello, I said, “Mom, I’ve lived too long..” As we talked, I said, “What makes people look in the mirror before they go out and say, ‘Yes! That’s the look I’m going for today!’” She said I was making the mistake of thinking they looked in the mirror.

    This continues into almost the second decade of our century. Yesterday, I saw a grown woman in a one piece red tartan pajama at the local burger restaurant.

    I don’t think we have any standards here anymore. Raised the way I was, I only wear yoga pants or exercise leggings if I’m going to and from the hockey rink. I never wear sweatpants in public, and haven’t worn shorts in public since I had to haul around more than one child.

    The rule here these days seems to be, if you like it, go ahead and wear it all at once. That includes a different color of polish on each fingernail and none of it has to match what you’re wearing.

  • In Finland 99% of people constantly wear sweatpants or leggins unless in situations where dresscode or uniform are absolutely mandatory

  • I am a Canadian, but have lived up in Northern Ontario, and briefly in the US. I was a plus sized woman for a period of time, and now I have lost 160lbs, I am in awe of styles in general in Canada, but in particular among the young women/girls, and many of the middle aged women. I must be french at heart because I am usually watching your videos, and talking to the screen saying yes that's what I do!! Well here in Canada, in the depth of winter, survival skills take over, and that particular jacket, or coat, or blouse I was certain I was wearing today can't possibly be unless I want to freeze to death each time I step outdoors! However, I think overall Canadians are a practical stylish suited to their lifestyle. I find many middle aged women dress very boxy, and that women in general wear the wrong sized bra, or don't adjust the straps at all, leaving their waist line at the same level at the breast line…. or simply wear the wrong style of bra for their breast size, and mass proportion. The young women seem to have adopted either a respectful, conservative style, or are wearing cut off tops, or very tight pants at the waist with an overhang of belly fat that looks just awful. When I was plus size I was always accentuating my positive parts, but keeping my abdomen covered, even though it wasn't as big as many, still I feel for my own comfort i could find a better way to flaunt the good! Im a firm believer in having good self esteem, and feeling good, but it seems some of these styles that let it all hang out, are almost a middle finger to society! lol
    I thoroughly enjoy your videos, and your feminine, softer spoken execution that seems so graceful! Thank you!

  • can you do a skincare routine video? i heard french women smokes a lot and drinks coffee oftenly also, how do they take care of their skin, i wonder. i also like to watch skincare videos a lot to get more insight from different people.

  • I must have French dna because i have never liked jogging clothing, love my red lip and nails – have lots of polishes and lippies in all shades of red, always preferred dark jeans because – yes… they are 'dressier.' I love perfume. Less is more, elegance… I am a New Yorker.

  • I've had a french sense of style since I was a teenager and didn't even know it! ? Love you, Justine!

  • Can someone help me understand what she said for number 3?

  • I would call the current American style, "Instagram-ready."
    A lot of millenials and generation z tend to look over-done and dramatic in makeup and clothes as if expecting an instagram photoshoot. I think drag queens also have a big influence lately.

    If i try to think of things that have lasted many generations in America: jeans, plaid, boots (items that come out of farming tradition). And of course suit and tie will never go out of style for men.

  • Hi justine, do you use gel in your nails or acrilic power? I love your style, french and chic.Greetings from NY.?

  • You mean Parisian not all french women.

  • I watched this video months ago and remembered that particular tip that your long gown or evening gown should match your shoes. I did it last night, and I got so many compliments. 🙂 thank you!

  • In Russia the clothes have to complement your figure and make you look feminine

  • Hey

  • Wow justine u look beautiful. What beauty u have ??????

  • I am a Puertorican living in the U.S and i love red lipstick to match with my nails,most people think i look like a street walker but i feel & look like a million bucks.??

  • I'm just French in every possible way but, I'm not even French!

  • I am from The Netherlands and here women love capri pants is summer, mostly white ones. T-shirts in any length, shape or colour.
    Birkenstock Gizeh slippers in metallic especially silver and gold and then the shiny ones in black, dark blue, red and pastels.
    Blue jeans are most used pants.
    Maxi long dresses with sneakers.
    Accessoires: anything goes, earrings, bracelets, necklaces cheap or expensive sometimes combined.
    Shoes and handbags don’t have to match.
    Make-up as you like, hardly anything or everything-the works.

  • I'm American woman. And I will wear anything if it's comfortable! Romantic. Sporty. Dramatic. Edgy. Glamorous. Even masculine! Lol love your channel! Thank u!!

    Ps: never lose French style and culture!!

  • Il y a beaucoup trop de chaussettes colorées dans mon tiroir ? peut être que c'est parce que je ne suis qu'à moitié française ? Pourtant j'habite Paris … enfin, assortir mes chaussettes est un vrai jeu pour moi ! (Je suis assez jeune et j'ai donc aussi plus de couleurs, comme pour le parfum en tenace il y a des âges pour tout !)

  • How about a video on French Kissing.

  • The fashion in the United States varies by region. For example, I’m a native New Yorker and fashion is HUGE, particularly in NYC! I’m a classics girl so I usually buy Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang. Elegant simplicity is key . I love beautiful sunglasses particularly Tiffany and Co, Coach, Ray Ban. The most important must haves are quality shoes, handbags, sunglasses, and of course perfume, my fave is Givenchy’s L’indertit—French

  • Justine. First of all, I love your chanel and your absolutely honest way of communicating ? that said, I'm from Portugal and was taught the French style by my mother. Because she is French? No. Because she believes that sense and sensibility in Fashion intuitively leads to French style ? even my grandmother, now 100 yold, uses to say that féminine beauty is as simple as water and a good soap, in a manner of Katherine Deneuve. I love when you advice to stay away of contouring or to stick to oils, when you say that red IS the rouge color full stop, or when you simply remind the importance of sunscreen. There's nothing more beautiful than healthy skin. And now, at 37 years old myself, I look back and, God, how I'm grateful I was taught this way!… That's why you're a pleasure to watch and a source of inspiration: I always add to my mum's basic beauty principles tips from you. My mantra? If you can't wear really good makeup or skincare products – never buy cheap ones and wait until you can invest in really good ones. Your skin will be grateful ❤️ lots of love from Portugal ??

  • I like all of these rules and can easily have them applied as naturally but maybe except for the first tip. I'm starting to like the black and brown mix (All black with a pop of brown mostly), hope that is not a quick trend though

  • US is very individualistic so I don't really think there are rules. Whatever you decide to wear, you just have to own it and make it seem intentional and it will work. If there are rules, I must not notice or care about them, because I personally don't have any. The only rules are for specific situations or environments like the workplace or a funeral, for example.

  • Justine you have the most beautiful smile!!?

  • In israel where I am from, the everyday "cool" chic it is about looking like you rolled out of bed and you're carefree, and that's why it works. It's mostly a hot country, so except for the winter, you will see a lot of shorts, distressed pants, loose fitting shirts and cool prints/logos, messy buns, flip flops, expressive sunglasses and jewelry. also popular during the day: flowy patterned dresses and 'sharwal' light cotton materials. also really popular is sports clothes, mimicking the 'hypebeast' look of LA/instagram. absolutely not pajama pants or loose sweatpants, but more tight yoga pants and designer sports bras. that is a more recent trend but we have always loved mimicking american style. At night it is more flashy and there's people who go for cool chic cuts of dresses and shirts with high waisted pants and heels (with a red lip) and statement jewelry or really flashy shiny bold colored dresses and shoes that match or contrast(nude/black) Good style icons I would say are Bat Hen Sabag, Adi Himelbloy, Shlomit Malca, Maggie Azarzar

  • Maybe it's the culture, mentality, or even insecurities; I found the latest trend in makeup, fashion and styles are all about putting oneself on display: look at me, praise me, follow me, copy me. When I lived in the UK my friends are from all over the world as we were international students then young adults. They are low maintenance, they don't want to draw attention to themselves but they are put together, very presentable and play with their natural beautiful features and emphasize them. They are very attractive without being loud and brag about the designer labels they own. They are very intelligent and refined. I feel people's behavior changes especially now we have technologies, social media to help showcare what is perceived to be beautiful and it looks like the majority rules. That's why I like your videos as you keep people grounded and not following these hypes and loosing themselves too much. Keep up the good work. My best friend is French xoxo

  • American women (precisely in Mid West ) often wear Vitorias secret clothes when they trying to be fashionable. Awful PINK word on everything that looks like pajamas. Terrible.

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