10 simple outfits for when ur a mess and ur running late | autumn outfits

hello my friends it’s nina and as an expert at being late to everything i’m going to show you 10 of my go-to outfits for when i’m a mess and i’m running late details about what i’m wearing will be in the description so without further ado let’s just get into it we’re starting with outfit number 1 which is this black on black ensemble i’m wearing a black sweatshirt with black sweatpants and this was one of my favorite outfits to throw on when i was in college you can tuck in the sweatshirt if you want but since it’s an all-black outfit you can get away with just letting the sweatshirt be it also just makes bathroom runs easier because you don’t have to worry about tucking your sweatshirt in all the time i’m wearing simple white sneakers because they’re easy for me to slip on i recommend having a pair of shoes that are easy to wear if you’re in a rush if the weather is chilly i like to throw on a nice scarf for warmth and a pop of color finally just add a beanie to keep you warm and you’re ready to go for outfit number 2 i went with this 80s inspired look that i absolutely loved to wear in college it’s just a grey sweatshirt tucked into light blue mom jeans and i’m wearing black high top converse shoes for a casual look tucking in your sweatshirt may be a hassle but it helps to make your outfit look a little more hip this outfit essentially is pretty easy to wear since it’s just two pieces of clothing i think it’s just tucking in that will take some time but just tuck it on your way to class honestly if i’m running late, comfort is definitely something i care about outfit number 3 is another look i go to if i want to dress up a little bit but i also want to aim for comfort and ease this outfit is very easy to wear yet it also kinda has a formal vibe to it a great addition to quick outfits is wearing slippers because because they’re literally easy to slip on they’re pretty easy to find in outlet stores or online i’m wearing a long grey cardigan over a tied up white shirt and simple mom jeans and i’m also wearing a belt for a little contrast this outfit is very comfortable yet it also looks like you tried to put in some effort outfit number 4 is probably my most worn outfit and i think my friends can also back up this statement because i literally wear it so often in front of them as i’m throwing on these converse shoes i’m wearing an oversized flannel shirt over a simple tied up white shirt and dark wash mom jeans for a nice autumn look this outfit is comfy and quick to put on and personally i feel like myself when i wear it which is very important with outfits having outerwear like a flannel shirt is great for quick outfits because you can throw it over the most simple shirt and jeans combo for a full outfit i’m throwing in outfit number 5 just because it was an outfit that i threw on if i was in a rush it’s just a quarter zip jacket with simple skinny jeans and converse shoes honestly i would go for straight leg jeans just because i don’t really wear skinny jeans anymore but it’s also nice to change up your wardrobe sometimes now outfit number 6 is probably my most favorite outfit that i’ve included just because it makes me feel cute usually i wouldn’t think of wearing skirts if i’m in a rush but this outfit is just so comfortable and so easy to wear i’m wearing a floral midi dress over a white t shirt with this nice cozy poofy cardigan i’m also wearing some white sneakers and crew socks for a youthful fun look i like the way that the moods of the pieces kinda contrast from each other but come together for a cute soft casual vibe this outfit kinda has grandma vibes but also looks youthful and as an almost 22 year old that is just a complete mood midi dresses are simple to throw on and very comfortable to wear and i honestly wear a dress over a shirt all the time it’s just a dependable cute outfit now speaking of grandparent vibes outfit number 7 is another quick outfit that can resonate with our desire to just get through our day i’m wearing a classic t shirt and jeans combo with a nice brown sweater cardigan on top i also slipped on some slippers because again these looks are for when we’re running late i think we all haev cardigans in our wardrobe and they’re just an essential to have for fall and winter a great thing about cardigans is that they’re cozy and you can hide from the world in them sometimes you just need to hide they’re also great for the rain! i know when i’m running late i always forget my umbrella so just use your cardigan or again, use it to hide a lot of the time you just can’t think of what to wear when you’re running late so this is just a quick outfit that you can throw on and go it’s a dependable outfit and you just can’t really go wrong with a simple cardigan and shirt and jeans now outfit number 8 is the most reliable and classic running late outfit for me i’m wearing an oversized hoodie with some leggings and tube socks to make the outfit a little bit more fun i’m also wearing slides because they’re easy to take off and i can study more comfortably this is great for days when you’re absolutely going through it yet you have a long day of studying ahead at the library so all you care about is comfort to be honest when i was running late in college for example i wouldn’t be able to pick out a cute outfit because i wouldn’t be in the mood for it even if a cute outfit would make me feel better so i think a comfortable outfit that you can hide from the world in also works as well with your outfits just do what you need to do to be happy to make the outfit more put together you can also throw on an oversized denim jacket i think it makes the outfit more complete and is also good for chilly weather you can also of course substitute slides for some regular white sneakers sneakers are really my go-to shoes because they’re easy to put on and they go great with any outfit this is just another nice casual look that i often wore when i was in college outfit number 9 is good for a warmer day which is good for me because i actually haven’t experienced colder weather yet here in california i am wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt tucked into these light wash wide leg jeans and i’m also wearing some converse shoes for another fun look it’s just another simple outfit to wear i also like to throw on a bucket hat to make outfits a little more trendy and cute i wear this outfit a lot just because wide leg jeans are so comfortable to wear a long sleeve shirt is definitely an essential in my wardrobe and is good for chilly days this outfit only consists of two pieces so it’s just a very practical outfit and i also think it’s a fun look without even trying finally for outfit number 10 i went with a look that looks very put together but again is so easy to throw on so you can get through your day i’m wearing a brown turtleneck sweater that i thrifted and i’m wearing simple skinny jeans with slippers it’s a nice look for a day of studying at a coffee shop or getting stuff done but it also takes no time to wear in the morning so i wanted to end this video with a sort of formal look that is still comfortable, cozy, and practical for when you’re running late and that is my final quick outfit! i hope you enjoyed this video of my go-to outfits for when i’m scrambling to find an outfit and get out the door thank you for watching and i will see you in my next video! goodbye my friends 🙂 go! marco go go go do you need something polo WHAT DO YOU WANT


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