hey guys welcome back to my channel so I am following up my 10 wardrobe essentials with these 10 shoe essentials that are just gonna carry you through any walk of life like literally they’re gonna like to carry you through any walk of life you guys haven’t checked out those 10 wardrobe essentials I will leave it linked below and you can also click it here I do wardrobe styling on the side I’ve been doing your job styling whoo since I can remember and as a wardrobe assistant that was kind of my duty was to pick out the shoes like we would find you know the hero dress like this is the dress that’s gonna be worn and I would go to different showrooms different stores and choose the jewelry’s and bags and shoes to really complete the outfit so I feel like I definitely have some expertise I always feel so weird to kind of like give myself a pat on the back but I’m just letting you guys know cuz I’m not gonna do like this is my style like these are my shoes I’m kind of treating this video I was like a general guide and as if I were styling you like as if you were my client shoes can definitely add a lot of personality and that’s when like your personal style comes in I feel like is in shoes and accessories like you can dress up any of those basics that I talked about in that first video with shoes and accessories you can literally transform those basics into what your season so shoes I kind of waited awhile long because I’m like they’re so like your style but then I was thinking like no these shoes that I’m gonna share with you guys today are reliable you’re not gonna look dated you’re always gonna look chic you’re always gonna have some shoe to wear with whatever wardrobe item you have at home with that being said let’s go ahead and get started cuz that was a long-winded introduction okay so starting with essential number one white plain sneaker so converse like these Chuck Taylors are such a classic item they’ve literally been around forever and I don’t see them going out anytime soon you can literally wear them with anything you want shorts jeans dresses skirts it’s a type of sneaker that you probably don’t need to get rid of so these are definitely like a repurchase table sneaker that is gonna carry you through life I really love converse another shout that I did want to mention was Adina Adina superstars again have been around forever I know they do seem a little bit trendy right now but my dad has literally been wearing them since he was in high school and he has not let go of them so I’m just gonna throw that out there as well the Stan Smith’s are another one that I feel like are really nice I really love to wear these ones over the converse with like trousers I wear trousers a lot and I like to like wear Blazers and stuff like that and I feel like this is like a sleeker shoe that I can get away with it as well as even with like dresses and stuff like slip dresses I’ll put on like a pair of these sneakers and I feel like because they’re so sleek they don’t make my feet look bulky or they don’t draw too much attention to my feet I am still able to like really carry my outfit the way I wanted it to be presented so in that blog post I definitely have some affordable options for sneakers I feel like they already like these kind of are already affordable right now because the Stan Smith’s are so popular you’ll definitely be able to find some budget-friendly ones I think these were like $70 for me that’s like within my budget and I feel like it’s a reasonable price if you want to go for like a higher-end I also have some higher-end suggestions for you I’m very used to being around high-end shoes not necessarily are they in my closet but through the clients that I work with and just being around like you know we mainly shop at like Barneys Neiman’s that kind of thing so I’m very very familiar in the luxury shoe world so I think the comment projects are a really great pair if you’re looking for like a nice streamlined white sneaker at higher-end bujji level so my next shoe essential is a loafer so loafers are definitely trending right now more so the loafer slides like without the backing thanks to Gucci these ones I’ve owned forever these are from Zara they’re real leather so they’ve really lost in me and they’re still relevant that’s what I’m saying about these essentials all the shoes that I’m gonna be sharing with you guys in this video are still gonna be relevant five years ten years from now they’re just like those classic items I feel like our reliable say if you have an office job you can always use a loafer with the back I don’t know what the rules are anymore i legit have not had a office ii job in my entire life i don’t know how fancy you have to go but i feel like a loafer is a nice like conservative shoe and you’ll look really really put together and black is great if you can go for another one maybe brown is another really great option so loafers are definitely a good idea to invest in the Gucci loafers of course are my pick if you want to go for like a higher end if you have some money and you want to invest in a good pair of shoes but definitely go for the one with the back because we don’t know how long this little like slide moment is gonna be around if you’re saving up that point and you know you’re just gonna splurge on a trendy item I don’t really think that’s the smartest idea definitely don’t go for the fur one if that’s the only one you’re able to buy if you can buy multiple ones then yeah definitely let go for it but if you’re only like gonna pick one you know luxury shoe then do the Gucci loafer with the back and then you can always get like these budget ones if you’re really into this look these are from Topshop I didn’t pay much for them it still gives you that look if you really really want to try out that trend so classics of the moment a loafer is a shoe that’s not gonna let you down so my next essential is the ballet flat where I would wear a ballet flat I tend to replace with the loafer that’s just my style but maybe your style isn’t my style and you like more of a like a feminine ballet flat I think they’re so cute I do have some but not many and I don’t really even wear these ones these are supposed to be like Miu Miu knock-offs I got them at Zara and I really really love them and I love to wear them with jeans I love to wear them with like black pants they’re just super cute when you want to be comfortable and still wear a flat but not necessarily a sneaker you want to like look a little bit more pulled together then yeah I would definitely reach for a ballet flat this is kind of like a bad example because these are so trendy but if you were to just yeah maybe I can cut them when they no longer served me so if I were to just get rid of all these like straps and stuff I think that’s just a black classic ballet flat is the way to go I know there’s a ton of budget-friendly ones so my next essential is a sandal I could literally get away with just wearing leaves in the summertime because they go with everything and I really think when you’re looking for your like staple sandal go for like a color that’s like closest to you like I wouldn’t say this is nude it’s more like a brown because I’m brown it really helps lengthen your legs and they kind of become invisible where they’re not distracting to your outfit and your outfit can really stand out and I feel like a brown sandal definitely goes with like all those colors that we see in the summer like we definitely see a lot more color in the summer with your Reds with your Pink’s like greens and turquoise the yellow all those colors that maybe black will be too harsh with that’s why I always like tend to go for a nude type of sandal and also with like a nice sleek shape so this one only has two straps if you’re more into like a thong shape you can do that as well like really any kind of like style but try to keep it as sleek as you can that way it’s super flattering on you and then as well as like it won’t really distract from your outfit so the next shoe essential is a Chelsea boot so my like booties has a bit of a heel to it I didn’t I need a heel in my life I love a heel because I feel like it just makes it a little bit more versatile and I personally can walk in a heel like these are so comfortable to me so I can definitely like withstand them throughout the day I feel like a Chelsea boot just makes any look instantly cool I resort to these when going out with my friends a lot I like prefer them over wearing heels these are just like so so comfortable and I love them unfortunately they are no longer available I’ve had them for years they’re from Zara but I have some really really incredible options that are similar to this for anyone’s like budget from luxury to budget so definitely check those out if you are crazy about these like I am I’m also going to share these ones with you really quick so these are like more like moto ankle booties again from Zara so many of my shoes are from Zara definitely look at Zara and especially when they have their sale because I get a lot of shoes when they’re on sale like that cuz then they’re like fifty dollars or something and they’re like quality leather so they’ve really lasted me like again I’ve had these for such a long time and it’s so funny because I’ll be like at Saks or like Neiman’s or something like that and all these like older like rich women are like ooh who makes your shoes and I’m like Zara like they don’t look cheap to me if they can fool a Beverly Hills housewives like girl they can fool anybody I feel like Zara is a really great place to look for shoes if you’re like willing to spend 80 to 150 if that’s like in your budget range and if you can wait for like a sale you’ll definitely get some really cool shoes for like forty fifty dollars because look I hear you I know a lot of people always put Zara in the budget in comparison if I’m looking at spending a thousand dollars on at each single around one yeah a hundred dollars is not that much but if you’re a student then a hundred dollars is a lot and I’ve been there and I hear you you got to do some digging and look for these sales look at quality still but just look for sale go to Nordstrom Rack go to t.j.maxx go to Marshalls those are kind of retailers that have discounted goods are the way to find like better quality shoes at a budget the moving into heels my next essential is an ankle strap sandal heel so something like this these are such a staple even when we’re styling clients and stuff it’s like we watch you it’s always something like this like this shape is just super flattering they’re really comfortable these are the Stuart Weitzman nudists I feel like they’re dressy enough to wear to weddings or dinners or parties I don’t know whatever like fancy little event that you guys got going on in your life I feel like they’re suitable for that yet you can still wear them with like denim which is so nice you can really wear these with like I would definitely say do black in this type of style but also get a nude pair as well so then you can wear them with you know the colors again that maybe black looks too harsh with like yellows or orange like you don’t want to look like Halloweeny I guess that’s when like the nudes come into play they’re just so reliable and if you have those two like I said you are covered in all your dresses and all your special events because they’re just so so beautiful and chic and sleek and I love them so much how many times that I say that they’re so sexy I can like lick them the next essential is a black pump so when you can’t wear an open-toe I would say you can always use a black pump and what’s really really nice about this one it doesn’t have any kind of strap obviously so it’s not gonna cut your leg off and you are gonna have legs for days kind of like my favorite way to look a little bit longer and leaner you can really wear these with whatever you want I love wearing them more with pant suits as when I pull out my pumps as opposed to the ankle strap ones but of course you can wear them with dresses as well or you can wear them with denim you know you can just put these on black denim put these on for like a dinner or a date I don’t know what you guys are doing and then also same thing as the ankle strap you can get them in black and you can get them in nude so yeah these are not my favorite they’re so sensible and like me meat but they have gotten me through a few outfit situations where I was like a nude pump is perfect so they came through and then again with nude I will say what I like about these is that it kind of matches like the tone of my legs like my legs are a little bit darker so it just makes my legs look like extra Long’s I’m only 5-1 so I use every short girl hack in the book I do want to buy a luxury nude pump because the thing with pumps is I’m gonna be completely Frank and honest with you pumps can really really take an outfit south so you really have to pay attention to the way the pitch is and compare to the heel height as well as like the point and how much like toe cleavage you’re showing I would suggest looking at the Gian Vito Rossi they make the perfect pump they are so sexy I don’t know why Christian Louboutin always gets the most praised for their pumps like dude they are so uncomfortable they are like notoriously uncomfortable every client is like get those away from me they’ll wear them because they’re free they’re really beautiful shoes like Christian Louboutin my god beautiful gorgeous but they’re so uncomfortable it’s almost not worth spending that money to be uncomfortable I personally would go for the Gian Vito Rossi ones they’re really sleek I really want to get them in black but especially nude I feel like black pumps you can get away with like a cheaper pair but nude is so hard to fake the funk like these I mean you can even tell so be very selective with the pump that you do choose I think the branch shoots or shuts they make really really great shoes as well they’re more in like the $200 range I mean they’re not a thousand dollars like the Gian Vito Rosie but they’re still gonna give you that look and they also have really great ankle strap options as well so moving on to my next essential is a platform so platforms are like heels on training wheels they are so amazing for those of you guys who don’t really love heels platforms are your best friends I swear because it gives you some height here it kind of cuts off what the actual heel height is so it looks like it’s you know like a three and a half inch heel when really it’s like half of that because of the platform and this is just like a baby platform there are some other ones that have like a really nice high platform I really love these ones again just to like look a little bit more conservative and classy and cheap these are actually from hmm that’s what I mean you can kind of get away with like a cheap black heel but those than any other color I think they would start getting a little bit suss I think a platform is a really great way to add height if you’re wearing like a wide-leg trouser just put a nice thick platform heel and you are gonna look again legs for days so so flattering I myself love doing that it’s such a sneaky way of like adding that height so I really love a platform and also I feel like platforms really just like take up your dress like up a few notches I don’t know I feel like it kind of like dresses it up just a little bit more with platforms I would say like black of course nude why but also this brings me into my next essential which is metallic so I have these ones here and I did get them in a platform these are kind of like my go-to when I know I’m gonna be on my feet all day whether it’s like an event like a wedding that keeps on the era I’ve actually worn these to my sister’s wedding I was wearing like a maxi dress so it really like lengthened me and I was wearing Navy so that’s why I’m bringing that metallics I feel like metallics are such a great like color or finished whatever you want to call it to have in your shoe collection because for those like dresses and those colors that you’re not sure like black doesn’t seem to go but then also nude maybe it makes it look too daytime you want something a little bit more flashy and like more dressy I say grab a metallic whether it be silver pewter rose gold gold anything you want but anything that has that kind of like metallic sheen on it it’s gonna instantly dress up your outfit so yeah for those like colors like navy like I know black and navy some people are still not comfortable wearing them together I personally think it’s fine to do it it just kind of depends on the way it’s more definitely have to see what I’m working with but metallic is definitely like a nice safe way to wear Navy and again these ones were in that nice like classic style that ankle strap style so I can really really wear them with anything I want so I think that’s like a good style to go for you can also do a metallic in the daytime so these are from Chinese Laundry which I’m actually doing something really fun with them over on my Instagram so if you’re not following me be sure to follow me over on there there is a post waiting for you though if you want to enter the contest so I really love to add like pops of metallic into my wardrobe like these maybe a block heel is in your style you can do like a metallic slide a metallic sneaker I personally have metallic sneaker as well I have like these metallic Nikes that I love to pair with jeans and a t-shirt and I just feel like something so basic like that I’m able to kind of have like a pop kind of gives you a little more style and without it being dated or looking like cheesy or anything like that I feel like metallics are gonna be around forever and they’re just like a really nice fun way to add a little bit of personality so the next essential is a mule again these ones are from Chinese Laundry maybe you’re wondering like yo Amy you don’t have wedges in here but that’s because I don’t think wedges really are an essential where you would put a wedge in is where I would replace it with a mule I feel like a mule is a little bit more chic and sleek and you can get away with pairing it with a lot more outfit than a wedge can especially in nude like when I think of a wedge I always think of it being nude for some reason I like brown because you like to wear wedges with like your Sun dresses and stuff like that so Amelie can so wear with like your Sun dresses you could wear them with shorts you can wear them with skirts you can wear them with denim you can even wear them with trousers where I feel like a wedge you just I think it would look so weird so I would say these are more of an essential I feel like this is the epitome of like cute but cash you know when you’re like talking with your friends and they’re like what are you wearing or like how are you going dressed and it’s like a long you know like cute but cash like this is the epitome of that so I feel like they’re definitely essential and I think they’re so cute for again like brunch or even like dates like it’s not trying too hard I feel like these are definitely more like of a summer staple but I also have some in black that I also wore the crap out of and I really really love these so these are like for what I feel like a nude doesn’t go but I need a black and then these ones are all so close to so I have even worn these in the winter but then again I am in Southern California so I can kind of get away with things like that so those are the ten essential that I feel like will always have your back if you have an outfit and you’re like I don’t know what to wear with dadada definitely refer back to these ten shoes because I am confident that any of these will most likely go with that outfit that you have in mind I have to say so give it a try but I also have three more shoes that I wanted to share you guys like I am a shoe fanatic and like I said I’ve been around so many shoes that yeah I really know the market so I feel like one shoe that will instantly make you feel like a badass isn’t over-the-knee boot so these are a great staple to include in your shoe closet although they may seem like a little extra and a little bit much they’re actually not like I’m so not like an extra type of person these just make me feel so like I don’t know it’s so crazy how like a shoe can make you feel like empowered these make me feel freaking empowered maybe because I feel like a superhero in them I really love wearing them with mini dresses I love wearing them with like a tighter fitting Jean and just wearing them over my jeans I’m all about versatility so I feel like this one I can definitely take from day to night and I just feel like they look super cool so maybe that’s something to also look into adding to your closet so another mention is animal print so same goes with like the metallics so where you can kind of choose like what category whether it be like sneakers mules or boots whatever you want I feel like animal print whether it’s leopard or snake it’s such a neutral and it’s just like a nice way to add a little bit more fun and personality where again it’s like a neutral enough print or like a classic enough print where even 5 years from now it’ll still be relevant so I have these like snakeskin booties here again when I don’t really want to wear like a black bootie because maybe what I’m wearing is like super plain or I just want to like amp it up a few levels I’ll do this and I just feel like it automatically gives me a little bit more Steve so that’s definitely something to consider as well if you don’t want to do a bootie you can definitely do like a loafer or maybe you do like a leopard sneaker whenever you want to like elevate your style just a little bit without much effort this whole video actually my whole life is about like zero effort it makes it look like you tried but you really did it that’s my whole thing so my last essential is a pair of workout shoes oh look speaking of animal print I have leopard workout shoes what’s really cool about workout shoes right now there having their moment like for the past couple years like it’s all about athleisure right so it’s super common to see even the trendiest cool girl in the world where their workout shoes because they can be wearing like a denim jacket a little crop top and jeans and then they’ll have like workout shoes like that’s such a norm or they’ll have like the track pants and like workout shoes and like a little button-down or something like that so yeah workout shoes are kind of having their moment but they’re just an essential because they are gonna help promote healthy living for you I hope you guys are working out so yeah you guys can take it from PE to the streets so that is the end of my shoe essential so these 13 shoes are really gonna carry you like I said through any walk of life for any event for any of your outfit needs these guys got your back for sure they may not be like the statement making fun party lovin what am I talking about you know what I mean like they’re not anything super super special they’re kind of boring but they are reliable and they got your back girl so you can refer to these whenever you’re like I don’t know what to wear with this dress that I just bought just kind of look at these shoes I’m sure something from here will work out for that outfit but aside from these classics I do urge you to experiment with shoes shoes are such a great way to add your personality into your outfit like if you’re wearing a little black dress a black leather jacket and a black pump it’s cute you’re gonna look chic you’re gonna look put together you’re gonna look cool but imagine if you had like a bitchy heel like something strappy or whatever it’s just gonna really elevate that dress so don’t think it I’m sure you guys don’t even think this but just don’t think that you have to stick to these shoes to have like a good wardrobe because not at all shoes is when your personality comes into play so definitely experiment have fun with fashion that’s what it’s all about these are just like the safety guides when you’re like I don’t know what to wear so please subscribe if you did like this video and you’re into more like styling videos because definitely more coming I heard you guys and I’m so excited to keep sharing my knowledge of fashion with you guys and I don’t know just like we’re gonna have fun with fashion together so I’m super super excited about that thanks again so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye [Music]


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