10 Easy Speed Hacks To Make You Run Faster Like Ronaldo!

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys? Matt from the Football Boots team and what we’ve got for you guys today is something a little bit different. We’re going to be showing
you 10 simple speed hacks to make you quicker and give
you better acceleration. So, let’s go. Hack number one, and to be fair, this is probably the most
simple of all of the hacks we’re going to be showing you today and that is wearing
lighter football boots. Now, wearing lighter
football boots, in general, can make you 1% quicker. Studies have shown that
100 grammes difference on each foot can make 1% difference, so if you are someone at
the very top of the game like Ronaldo, that could
make all the difference. Now, when we look at some
of the lightest weight boots on the market, of course,
we’ve got the Puma Evospeed SL, incredibly light weight. We’ve also got the Nike
Mercurial Vapour 11, again, a very light weight boot. I think to class a boot as
light weight, it has to be under about 180 grammes, and trust me, comparing these to the old
school T90 Lasers by Nike, massive difference, so though
they might make a little difference on your feet,
they might make a big difference in your head. How many times have you
guys heard the words lock down used on football boots used the last couple of years? Now, there’s actually a
really good reason for this, because it’s very important. Lock down affects your
responsiveness, and in turn, responsiveness affects
how quick you can actually move around the pitch. Lock down comes from a
boot feeling very tight and wrapped around the foot. When I think about the
boots on the market, which do this the best, you have to go to Nike football boots, because
of their fly wire cables. On the Superfly, it’s
either side, which modulated to the soleplate and that’s
exactly the same on the Hypervenon Phantom 3. This time, it’s actually got
exposed layers and hoops, so I think you can pull these even tighter to give you a more wrapped sensation. But, alongside Nike, we’ve also got Adidas with their new Nemesis
360 agility bandage, does exactly the same type of thing, wraps around your foot nice
and tightly to give you lock down, to give you
responsiveness, to make you faster. Next hack, let’s talk
about stud configuration, because that affects traction. Now, traction is so important to how fast you move around the
pitch, because traction is essentially grip. Now, when you really want the
best level of traction you can on the football boot,
you really have to go for a bladed type of stud configuration. The perfect example is on
the Nike Mercurial boots, the Superfly V and also the Vapour 11. We’ve got those chevron shape
studs all across the boot, and trust me, I have never
felt any more traction compared to these boots right here. You can also go for an Adidas model, which come with these half
teardrop shape styles, like on the Nemesis and
also on the Purespeeds, but you can also get
some conical shape ones, although they won’t give
you the best traction, they will be more comfortable under foot, but if you want the highest level traction to make you a bit quicker,
give you better acceleration, you have to go for bladed studs. This next one, I know, is controversial. There’s probably going
to be so many of you guys digging me out for saying
this, but if you really are interested in making yourself
a little bit quicker, what you guys can do if you
play on AG pitches like this one quite regularly, you can
opt to choose FG soleplate with a bladed stud configuration. Now, we’ve mentioned it
already about traction. If you want the highest level of traction, which is going to make you
move a little bit quicker, then you can opt to choose
bladed studs on a 3G pitch. Little disclaimer, if you do
wear FG boots on a 3G pitch and you get injured,
do come for our heads. Guys, one speed hack
that you simply can’t buy is how hard you actually work in training. Now, if you truly want to become quicker, you can’t be doing what I’m doing now and sitting on my bum. You have to work hard in training and one of the best
types of training methods you can do are
speed-resistance parachutes. Now, it’s preseason time at the moment, so you might see a lot of pros out there, who have actually wear
parachutes on their back, so what you do, is you sprint with them on and it gives you a
little bit of resistance, makes your legs really powerful. So, if you can get your
hands on a speed parachute, this is going to be a great addition to your training programme. This next hack is going to
be for all those boot nerds out there who want every piece
of technology made available in a pair of football boots. Now Storelli has just
released a new product called the Speed Grip insoles
and what they essentially are, are their own version of a sock liner. Now, what you need to do, is
take out the original ones that came in your pair of
boots, cut these down to size, because they come available
in small, medium or large, and once they’re inside the boot, you feel very, very grippy,
snug, locked down, responsive inside the boot itself, which
is going to aid how quick you feel around the pitch. Now, once you put them
in, this is how they look. So they’ve got this heel tab as well, just to make there’s no
heel slippage whatsoever. What Storelli say is that 90%
of the athletes they tested feel faster on Speed Grip. Now, I think that’s probably the case, Although they might not make you faster, they might make you feel
a little bit quicker. We’ve mentioned it already, if you guys want to become
quicker and more powerful, you’re going to have to train hard. Now, one of the best exercises
that you guys can do, which a lot of
professionals do, is squats. You can just squat by
yourself, no weights, or you can use a bar as
well, to increase the weight to make your legs stronger,
which will make you quicker and more powerful. I can promise you that. If you keep doing your squats, one day, you can play like Lukaku. This next hack came from
one of my favourite stories of all time and it’s the
story of Christiano Ronaldo. Now, when he was back at
Man United, his teammate Rio Ferdinand said that he used
to train with ankle weights around his legs, which made
his legs feel very heavy when doing sprint training
and also any skills like step overs. – When he does step overs, he
used to put these mad things on his feet, the weights,
and do mad step overs. I said, “Are you mad? What are you doing?” Until he started bamboozling people. – Now, what this does, is
make your legs stronger in the future, but also when you take those ankle weights off,
your legs would feel so incredibly light weight,
you’d feel you could run faster and also do those those
skills so much more easier. One hack that you can’t buy,
but you can definitely work on is your running technique. Now, when I think of some
of the fastest players in world football, I think of CR7, Gareth Bale and Ian Robbin. Now, they’re all so
electric quick and they all share some similar running techniques. First off, they’re going to
use their toes a lot more compared to the rest of
their foot to sprint. Secondly, they’re going to use their arms to really power through. And thirdly, they’re going
to lean slightly forward. So, those three types
of techniques are ones you could use in your training
to then use in your matches. I can almost guarantee
that some many of you guys, before kickoff, have a
load of water or smash down an energy drink just before kickoff, but what really is the best
drink that you guys can buy to help performance? Well, it’s not water and
it’s not energy drinks. The best thing that you
can drink is caffeine. Now, I know that might sound
a little bit controversial and you probably shouldn’t
do it if you’re too young, but if you do want the best
performance, then you want to drink a caffeine-based drink
about an hour before kickoff, so not right before, not
early in the morning, but one hour before kickoff
and it’s scientifically proven to give you a slight edge over opponents. So guys, that’s about it. Our top 10 simple hacks
that make you quicker and give you better acceleration. But in the comments
section below, what I want you to tell me is, what other speed hacks that you’ve personally tried yourself, and also, from our 10, what
are going to be the ones that you’re going to try in the future. But guys, that is today’s
video all around top future. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed it. Cheers.


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