10 Biggest Product Flops In History


  • Once Marijuana is completely legal, Coca Cola will make the Coca Cola 3D.

  • Man, I freaking loved my zune!!! I was the coolest teenager in the town! 🤣…..I lived in a REALLY small town!

  • 8:43 I still have my (the block one) and it still works but has a line on the screen.

  • anyone remember memes about the #1 ???

  • If you want to see a running Newton look it up. It's actually kinda cool.

  • My Pops bought laser disk & betamax

  • Good video! Regarding the Segway… It was not the inventor of the Segway, Dean Kamen who died after riding one off a cliff. It was the British businessman Jim Heselden who bought the Segway company. He died after riding one off a cliff and into a river near his Yorkshire home. Jim Heselden, acquired the Segway company from the U.S. inventor Dean Kamen. I know you said it was the company's owner, however MANY people incorrectly believe it was the inventor who went off the cliff. Keep up the great content!

  • 11:42 Using an iPhone to mock Samsung. Brilliant!

  • This guy needs Ritalin

  • The same year the galaxy phones were exploding the iphone was easily bending when people put them in their pockets so……

  • I'm right about the samsung note 7, been waiting for it hahahaha

  • Is this guy gonna tell me what he found out today??

  • You should make a flop list, part 2, and include the Yugo!!!

    Q: What do you call a Yugo with over a thousand miles on it?
    A: An overachiever!!!!

  • It's pronounced "core," not "corpse."

  • I had a zune I loved it

  • Corps IS NOT spoken 'corpse -a dead body, but CORE as in The Marine Corps, and saying marine CORPSE to a marine you'll probably wish you were a corpse ('cause they no longer feel pain!)

  • New Coke tasted like Pepsi. Those idiots nearly went bankrupt just from changing the recipe, instead of introducing a new line.

  • samsung makes tanks?

  • who else knows about the laser disk because of regular show?

  • I love your videos:)

  • One of my sisters friends had one of those galaxy phones, that was always overheating, they got so hot, Samsung had to replace it three times before she got one that didn't have those problems.

  • I liked my Zune!!! That was the best MP3 player I've ever owned. Hell it works better than my phone. Never had issues with songs not being displayed correctly, or not being able to play. I never understood why Apple became so popular. They give you overpriced restricted junk.

    Oh… I didn't realize it was the basis of Windows 8… That's too bad. That OS sucked balls, but I guess if it was made for a Zune… that explains it.

  • Coca Cola was not the original cola there were quite a few out before coke they are just the biggest , adding cocaine to the mix didn't hurt either

  • It was called New Coke and not Coke II and it was not a flop.

    I was there in 1987 when New Coke hit. I was in 18 and still in high school. So I am not going by Wikipedia.

    Here is the real story from someone who lived through those times. Many people were worried about losing original Coke. So much that before New Coke's release many were stocking up so on original Coke buying dozens of cases.

    New Coke sold billions world wide. But many missed the flavour or original Coke. Dispite what you are saying many liked and preferred the taste of New Coke including me. New Coke was sweeter.

    In a few months by popular demand original Coke was brought back. But New Coke was not pulled off the market. For a year or so New Coke was sold side by side with original coke. And many purchased New Coke.

    Actually bringing out New Coke and then 6 months later bringing back original Coke was called the greatest marketing ploy ever. This made Coke more popular than ever.

    Any other young persons have a question about events from 1978 – 1988 I can give the real story from someone who was there as opposed to a Wicki page. I was born in the 60's and know way more than this guy.

  • Ahh I remember the zune. I got the zune HD and I will always believe it’s much better than any iPhone. I honestly thought it was going to be a hit.

  • i have a zune

  • Hey July 11th is my bday

  • @ 3:29 you said: "corpse"

    It's pronounced: "core"

  • I have dvds

  • Didnt starlord get a zune at the end of guardians of the galaxy 2

  • If we get media implanted directly in our brains that would give 'adult' xxx movies a new angle … Don't do drugs kids 😉

  • I’ll stick to GM cars. I come from a Cadillac & Buick family.

  • Coke 2, the electric boogaloo

  • Flop flip flap that's the sound of….

    me beating my meat

  • Samsung make Ted Kaczynski smile.

  • No wonder you can't buy mobile devices with the word 'Galaxy' or 'Sprint'

  • Please add the new Carlsberg Pilsner lager to this list.

  • Just realized that it was going in chronological order

  • He is unbelievably hilarious I can't stop laughing at him

  • What about Dreamcast?

  • I loved orbitz, when I was young I think I lived on them and the oh so missed PBMax.

  • My family had a Ford Edsel station wagon named Edna growing up…

  • This guy is dumb everything isn't digital. We have 4k discs now.

  • Army corpse?

  • You can say the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded in the market

    Im not sorry

  • Dont lie, betamax and laser disc failed because of porn.

  • I was lucky my Samsung was a active 7 not note 7

  • To be fair to Segway, the inventor died because he was riding on a mountain trail and came around a blind turn where a jogger with headphones was approaching from the other direction. He swerved to miss the jogger and well, went off the cliff.

  • 8:44 Not only that, but if you flip the Zune logo upside-down, it looks like it spells "Anus"

  • Omg I totally had a Zune. I loved it actually.

  • I think in my school, a girl had one.
    So the explosion wasn’t because she put it under her leg.

  • Actually Coke was a genius. The flop of New Coke introduced Coke Classic and sales skyrocketed!

  • Kinda wanna try new coke….

  • Ironic that the one car he named after his son was the one that failed lol

  • I'm 29 and I've never heard of beta max

  • Did anyone else recognize those betamax and laser disk thingies from Regular Show?

  • Maybe Apple should LOWER their prices SIGNIFICANTLY!

  • Pepsi Clear should be on this list. 😜

  • Fortnite

    When will you leave us alone?!

  • anyone from 2019 where new coke is bring brought back because of stranger things

  • Tried Orbitz as a kid (at Kennedy Space Center), and it immediately reminded me of frog eggs. That syrupy liquid made it seem like I was slurping frog/tadpole eggs right from the pond. 🙁🤢🤮

  • The serious mechanical problems on the Edsel kicked in on the 1959 model year, between the car strikes, and the 59 Edsel being added to the regular Ford line with no extra pay, or time for the extra car added to the hourly output, workers actively sabotaged the car out of spite for the extra grief it was causing.

  • You crack me up lol

  • Gotta get my Matthew Santoro fix, lol. Your channel is as good as chocolate. 💙🐳🦋🐬

  • I still have my Zune.

  • Calling it Google glass is number one

  • I thought the apple Newtown was like an apple flavored fig Newton

  • Edsel oh yeah thats sexy😒

  • I got to drive an Edsel. It was powerful, and smooth as silk to drive. I have no idea why it flopped.

  • Coca cola doesn't offer coca cola classic anymore, they now only sell "new" cocacola. The difference was cane sugar and corn syrup as a sweetener.

  • Windows 8 should have been number 1

  • I used to love Orbitz! 😅

  • I remember the laser disk. We actually owned a laser disk player when I was growing up in the 80s. I remember we had to flip the disks over in mid movie.

  • I ❤️ my Zune 😩😩😩

  • Matthew: Spoiler alert, it was pretty shh- abby… It was shabby

  • Yeah but EVERYBODY is WANTING an Edsel NOW??? LoL
    In 1975 I was 19 and was to worried about trying to make a living? Never heard of Betamax until about 1983 when I purchased my first VHS!!! LoL
    And New Coke just SUCKED!!! So I’m a Pepsi drinking now!!
    My first Apple product was an IPhone 3….🤦‍♂️
    I’m thinking after the IPhone X I should go back to the Flip Phone!! After ALL!! I just need a TELEPHONE!!! Not a POCKET COMPUTER!!! 🤪
    And I REALLY REALLY WANT A SEGWAY!! Because not ONLY am I LAZY!!! But I’m getting OLD!!! LoL
    And the rest of that stuff???? I have NO IDEA!!! LoL
    I’m busy enjoy my memories instead of looking into the future!! But I do use Google a lot!! LoL
    And I’ll be subscribing to THIS CHANNEL, but ONLY because you made me laugh!!!
    Good job!!!

  • It was when Samsung made better bombs than isis.

  • Brings back memories of VHS tapes. Those were the days rewinding back or buying a second hand that wasn't. ^^

  • My car is named Edna. It's a very nice name

  • You forgot to mention for the Galaxy Note 7 that Samsung tried to ban any media related to the phones exploding. However, they were too little too late as everyone already knew about it.

  • If you Google an image of the coke can symbol or a video on YouTube pause it = then spin your phone really fast it looks like a future Coke can ! Its Cool man !
    God is good all the time and all the time God is good ! Be original like Coca-Cola Classic ! aka – Coke !
    Or just make a tubullar gold fish tank and be in awe !
    Be blessed !

  • RIP Steve jobs

  • More ads than useful info…I WILL avoid any video from this mook in the future.

  • Where is the WII U

  • And the Award for Fugliest Car Ever goes to:

    "The Edsel!"

  • The zune was better all day every day

  • I used to be addicted to the clearly Canadian drink

  • That’s weird bc I don’t like Pepsi— I prefer Coke bc…. it’s sweeter lol. Weird!!

  • LOL – I had a cousin named Edna.

  • What Coke should've done is go back to using real sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup crap they're using now.

  • "…so users were paying big money for an unfinished product."

    Hear that, EA?

  • Talk about the Segway but now you got people riding those hoverboard things around 🙄

  • You may have to add the Impossible Whopper. Pretty much no one is buying it

  • How did the Ford flop if they sold 64,000 of them in 1 year? This was the 1950s, keep that in mind

  • 5:19 It wasn't cocaine in the original Coca-Cola recipe.
    From what I recall being told it was coca tea. Hence the name Coca-Cola.

  • VHS owes its success to porn. Seriously.

  • I remember Google Glass. It was there and gone in no time. Sometimes, we debate if it was ever a thing or if it was just a rumor.

  • Why get a Segway just grab an electric dirtbike

  • 3 minutes in and I still dont see the Sega 32x

  • I still don't care I want a Segway

    So I can yell SEGWAY STEVE!!!!!!!

    And be the master at Spike falls

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