1 week of outfits!│Spring Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration │Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, It’s Justine. You often ask me what I wear, what my style
looks like. So I filmed outfits for a typical week in my
life, for you. You’ll see that I dress based on the agenda
of the day. It’s very pragmatic. And I couldn’t film every day during one
week so this video was actually filmed over the course of two weeks. That explains why here and there you will
see some pretty summer-like outfits, because the weather just kept getting better and better. I filmed each outfit in a different location
in Berlin, a place that I like. So you will get impressions of the city at
the same time. Let’s go. Monday is my organization day. I want to try to get all the little things
on my to do list out of the way for the rest of the week. I try to have all of my meetings via video
conference so I don’t have to go anywhere. I save time and can do more in one day. On Monday, I want to be as comfortable as
I only can, so I typically wear dark jeans with stretch in them, so it’s more comfortable,
a knitted jersey top… This one is great because the back is longer,
and I have a long torso so I can be seated and I don’t feel the wind on my back between
the top and the pants. Then flats in which I can walk kilometers. On top of that, if it was a bit colder than
this, I would add a scarf, which would be probably black or golden. This outfit works for basically everyone. You can just make variations in the length
of the pants, and the cut, the shape of the bottom, right? You can do a bit skinny like I did or you
can go wider and wider, or straight, depending on what you prefer for your body type. Typically here my pants are seven eighths,
they’re not full length. It’s something that makes your leg appear
a bit shorter and my legs, I find them short already, so smarter to elongate the legs would
be to go full length or add heels, but on Mondays I really just want to wear my flats. In terms of color palette it’s very minimal. Navy blue and black so to pimp that up a little
bit I added a golden necklace, a statement, one that you notice, and then golden shoes. They also catch the sunlight so nicely so
they really shine when it’s sunny outside. Tuesday is probably the day of the week when
I want and need to look good. Because I’m filming videos for you, because
I’m taking pictures for my Instagram, because I’m giving interviews… There are several reasons why I will be recorded
on Tuesdays, so I want to make an effort and I enjoy styling myself up a little bit but
it’s spring, so I want to be casual and relaxed at the same time. This Tuesday I was wearing those navy blue,
woven, very lightweight pants with a belt so it looks chic, it’s not like I’m wearing
pyjama pants, or too casual jersey trousers; that’s woven. Then a knitted top. That’s a staple. You can own it in 5 different colors. You can layer whatever you want on top. It’s very practical. Cardigan or anything if it gets cooler. Then I was wearing minimal white stylish sandals,
which I love. This will be flattering on you if you have
regular or maybe rather narrow hips. If your hips are your widest point, if you’re
a pear, like me, then you need to feel comfortable drawing attention to that area, because the
fabric is so light and it’s just one layer; you don’t have pockets or seams or anything. So, the fabric really moves with you. You need to be comfortable showing that part
of you. And also, when I wear these pants, there are
no pockets at the back, so before I leave the house I always do a mirror check from
the back to make sure I don’t show an underwear line. In terms of color palette, it’s blue on
blue on white, so it’s very harmonious to the eye. It’s actually monochromatic. It’s cool, but it still gives a clear impression
of spring. Wednesday is my business day, my formal day,
my most dressed-up day of the week. That black tutu skirt makes your legs appear
thinner, and your waist as well because it adds so much volume around the hips. It also turns when you turn, which I love,
and the texture is great too because it’s so much fabric layered. I love a tutu skirt, long or short. With this one I wore a silk top, and a blazer
on top, because it was pretty cool on that day and a blazer styles anything up anyways. This type of silhouette is great to accentuate
your hips. It makes my legs appear a bit shorter because
I’m wearing it low-waist to try to cover up a little bit because I’m tall. So I paired that with heels. But it would actually work with flats as well. In terms of color palettes, I tried something. You know I don’t wear orange. Actually, this is not orange. I don’t know if you see it right, depending
on your screen, but it’s a warm brown so it’s pretty close to orange and that’s
in the risky zone for me. It makes me look very pale. So what I did to make it work is that I broke
it. I toned it down with a navy, a neutral for
me, a very cool color. Navy jacket on top, and I kept it very far
away from my face. Right? Because otherwise it clashes. And next to my face the color that you see
is actually the red of the lipstick. So technically, I’m wearing orange, which
I never do, and I combine orange and red in the same outfit. Whew! But I think it works. Thursday is different every week. On that Thursday, I felt like wearing black
and I was organizing and moving things in my studio so I wanted to feel comfortable. I went for all knits. The dress and the leggings, everything is
stretchy as hell. The dress is very short; it’s not one that
I would wear without leggings or pants underneath. I would feel completely naked. I would probably be, even standing. But this way, I feel it’s pretty chic. It exploits the full length of my leg, which
is always good. I paired that with a white belt, turning twice
around my waist. It’s a different texture, a different way
of shining with the light. It helps mark the waist. It pimps up everything, even though it’s
black on black. This outfit makes you look long and lean,
because it’s all in one color. Especially if you leave your hair open, and
you stretch down everything, as I did. And especially, especially if you add platform
sandals. You’re just adding pure height. I like to wear black on black, I don’t mind,
but you could have used that belt otherwise to set an accent of color, maybe match the
belt with the shoes color-wise. My shoes are very colorful so it’s not like
I’m wearing all black after all. It feels like spring and it feels like a good
mood. If I have a second day full of meetings during
a week, I will make sure that it’s on a Friday and group everything on a Friday. There I was very close to a place where you
can still see a part of the Wall of Berlin, so that’s what you see here, together with
the look. The wall is exactly where it was standing,
and the blue sky is a bonus. I was wearing a T-shirt and a skirt by my
label, Justine Leconte, paired with a beige cardigan, because, you know, in spring, it’s
cold, it’s warm, it’s cold, it’s warm. It changes fifteen times within one day. So layering is always a good option. Also, the top, the T-shirt is very lightweight,
silky and flown, while the skirt is a heavier, Jacquard fabric. So it weighs more and it will stay in place. I think it always looks very chic when the
top and the bottom have different weights. Because then they move differently with you,
which you can see very well because it was super windy on that day. A long cardigan, open like this, will make
you look longer, which is an effect I look for, but I still don’t want it to be longer,
to fall longer than the hem of the skirt, because I still want to maintain that spring
feeling, and free up my legs. It’s again a very harmonious color palette. You know light colors attract sunlight and
reflect it around you a lot better than dark colors, so after winter I want to catch and
reflect all the light I can. I’m naturally attracted to lighter colors. I try not to work on Saturday. But I will be out and about running errands,
or visiting a museum or a gallery. There are many great, great galleries and
museums in the street where we shot that look, Auguststrasse. If you get a chance to visit Berlin, have
a look there; it’s one of my favorite streets in the entire city. Here, I was wearing a basic T-shirt, black,
super simple. That’s another staple for your wardrobe. And I pimped that up a little bit with the
necklace, with a pendant that I designed, and then a cool skirt. This one is woven, it has a huge waistband. It’s great to highlight your waist, because
of the cut of it, because you have so much space and fabric here around the natural waist. And the color helps increase the effect. It’s very comfortable, even though it’s
woven, so it’s not stretchy, because it’s almost like a peg skirt. You have so much extra space, because of those
folds around the hips, so it’s extremely comfortable; it gives me a completely different
silhouette for a change. You see that from the side very well. Can we talk about the color palette? Did you notice that the skirt and the shoes
have the same three colors. Very unlikely to happen. I was quite happy when I found this skirt,
given that I had the shoes first. When I saw this skirt, I jumped on it. And then there’s no outfit for Sunday. Sunday is a day where I don’t care about
the way I look. It’s my break. I will go for a brunch and then I will start
replying to your comments when the new video goes live, so right now, I’m commenting
if you want to comment something. And I also prepare topics for future videos,
organize my to-do list for the following week, do some planning, etc. But mostly, Sunday is YouTube day. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. Thank you very much! It was definitely fun to film at least; I
hope you enjoyed that. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
and also to click on that notification bell to get the information when I upload a new
video. I will see you in the next one, and until
then take care. Bye!


  • Hi everyone! If you are interested in the concept of capsule wardrobe, here is the first video of the little series I did last year: https://youtu.be/q97bC0Xv1CY 😉 It will be soon time for a Spring Q&A video: let me know your questions in the comments. It can be anything about my job, about me, about a question you have on your own style, etc.!

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