Took a tuk tuk
we go to Salodan our driver
now we will refuel petrol
cost 28 baht
our transport so we have not refueled
only by car the girl will flood here now
so we drive and travel sometimes talking with
local and something find out and tell you
Capunka Exit to the terrace
ferries run from here bridge
on which we arrived exclusive swamp
ebb and water is gone bird jumps
playing war asked questions about boxing can buy tickets
worth 1200 baht performance up to
60 kg we walked down the street
cafe restaurants travel agencies
yesterday was our driver yesterday
interesting hostel houses for perfume
dishes for bulk products
youth arranged a concert musical instruments
as play it
performance begins metalophone
all sellers come running ice cream soap
smells delicious hats
for winter cute t-shirt
do you want no, why accidentally hit the market
tangerines 35 50 muslum
bake cakes sweet type of our waffles it doesn’t smell very good
mussel shrimp fish
potato root
lime we did not know what a market was
there is and not
long away goats
variety of greens banana flowers
fish again variety of vegetables
horns and legs garlic
eggplant sweet potato
can I buy ready-made sets for soup
everything is cut costs from 15 to 30 baht pancakes
sausages donuts
fried potatoes bananas
4 varieties different tastes
jet fruit Arbus 20 baht kg
suggest guessing a riddle what it is

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