নোয়াখালীতে হৃদয় কাঁপানো নতুন বয়ান I আল্লামা তারেক মনোয়ার I tarek monowar new waz

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will talk about that I can operate rasool salim abbud original shopkeeper
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Parameshwara Strigoi Luba and follow suit Apoorva and Abba Father in llama J
go to the UNA to be Muslim little poster boy she’d have to be popu Kinte Akhtar
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tomorrow be be Rama tomorrow chilly be Rama tomorrow attaboy shirahama ish of
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shellac equina go to Finland you need tomorrow car polish car for a DHA in
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now George okay hope you know suit ahoy mr. Sumner to know so I think in it
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Shirley Holly showing us our own allegory Saaremaa reading aquatic to me
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desta foolish in today’s parade you’re not gonna like the Riveter : for a
composition a me a stiffy to Nakia Nakia can own a guru piece or signature of
another Quran hula-hula more general emotion campus I’m gonna come officer
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possibility goes alone laryngeal impossible inshallah dementia
I’m gonna child Shara they say officer in charge they come Raja come in Calgary
Ani ha ha ha Papa Veej Idina happenin wha
wah-bah-bah cara cara chileo Cara Mia Shankara everyone he was s-salam de que
la política de Belen a gentleman like Oh Baba Amer a multipolar be repeated it to
me Cavallo tomorrow Mary Mary Doria to give it a go robo are chilly Jovovich a
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I’m gonna dig it up check I’m going to begin a brutal by the tyrannies
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under at the Cairo of it he has not gone I gamma at the Quran Sharif in Jaya at
the top Syrian jaga jaga da da da da la la boule de la vita Ribbit’s la vida
Solomon would call a good boot Posadas like a hammock the Kylie should become a much occupied a step I cannot believe
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room rescue the Guru the Secession Beauchamp to bridge Kanta kebab Jean
Casarez you know gonna talk about feminism dr. chi cigarette guru guru
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example chilakamma chaos chain and kanuk a detention after negative of the key a
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fashion shops tabgha Porsche pure Luca radicular Bora Bora snob Cory Bergeron
kin Tok Tok I be retaking I me Andrew Bob Shiller’s Baja homogeny
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authority Down syndrome rival salami mechanic they are slim more just think
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oniy in Shah Baba – Lobby de semana Lockwood in China
Giada Kato shit Socorro Tomas of Prashant Ranade Baba commercial flow he
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Ginobili para now Angela Beach our calculator guys like Jamal Nestle cable
action film many neurons Ravi momentarily removable Rohini
shaitana Gaurav our core agenda rasulallah mercury
retain sabaha neurobiology bunny in the kunafa loading of the motor change Akane
ibrahim alaih-is-salaam initial original noble Agenor Hadi member lolly me after
Cherokee asking for a volunteer shop Lubbock’s eroded fetuses babaco able to
Anita three-count follicle go to our hidden theory hammer
I mean I’m actually getting bullet see I got a boyish well Abu shop the victim o
Kesava inquired mrs. Deborah the buzzer shot me good chicken ears for to cinta
for an otaku t-ara porn Baba give me power for a commercial it will partially
giggles come on Nene Deacon Gookin who come God my core body
bundling on a quorum an interpreter a Dorito – Subaru kuniko’s cocada Bobby
Kanta became a cinema Denis a guru to marry Bobby into the ibrahim
alaih-is-salaam long cumin and curry de Jong hak pellet Akira is doubly not
Ramona she’s super Shirley to toss out into savasana he shell Foreman Bobby
kuritomi killed me tomorrow’s never solve our
memory after Marshall addictive monster Medina thermally meaning he should even
add a Victorian novel adult care doll carbonara Chennai ot Ossetian who put him over there get
over there share our vision of asking for anything Oh chica – chica a local Maori a
late-afternoon sauna in the salon – hola Vikram Mahavira a la Virgen t’market
sadawa collegiate elevator or the bus came for mr. Namas predict tomorrow’s k5
shadow miss dumped you because they consider I think the red big now Matthew
Patrick Copernicus Coulthard béla bartók thoughtfully of a mechanical bear paw
economic role in Casa Colorada that be since the delete wah-wah-wah-wah 30 or
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addition the Roku 4 o guru gotta bar Maharaja can do coupon later purple
turkey says new corporate a key syndrome progress of Jeanine Balan
Cherokee need our Jay King jaga shots and ba da da Chicano Chicana embellish
our tank Itamar eaten already Oconee tomorrow’s the solenoids that if
he could be the shot and killed or garage Allah Quran Sharif command o
qaradawi namaz for oscar of quran sharif as the karateka choice and MV max a
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will kiss our down bottom to Chicago I not picking up but Jenna is cool again
Ricky that he that Salah Goodman in the solara-bike are lucky to ghana are Papa
tango – a Basilio Jimmy our cereal two dollars worth of salamba
assalamualaikum warahmatullahi Obara can and will salute they are 10p coronary holistically death are sufficient signal
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kangaroo paw has a la vie de la maza Bettina recent Oklahoma Silvana – Jenna
medina de chillon gentleman see debris Mendoza guy Basha Takeda
namaste a forest already busy what the conductor gossip on Dakara gonna put him
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a second I borrowed a giant wiener so I see me Jeremy rook Buddha he would
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dignity Bush had a beer here Nelson and I could be light or should that’ll do
Ramadi on Chad Lewis you have a vert shock or appear at most disabled TT you
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see going up to me now just sorry I’m already too busy woman Victor – optional
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buzzbooster boil sticky tacky Museveni on particular cornerback jacilla I
Margaret Trudeau Jetta origami mama the phone about the memory submission is
that gonna be of alexei muradov in Chile here surah Fateha pulled o Allah forgive
me Thank You Dorothy Denis has a log across a common-law
sorry the i’ii gariand what request of king ambhi telugu t s gdp union about
cyclist ever says that they say that over the other side he gasps holy memory
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ok Peter Susan salute coulda said that Buryatia homage got to get to legacy who
sign that the unlock one gene anonymous a possible change Anitha sabirah pitch
on a transversal Salam Salam Bukka Reddy hm
Salam Villanova poori Saba conjugates colonial astrological rocky oceans thorn
in Rocky since the Lambada after rhombic you know Elaine Russell
says the humble and Amaranthe American Bachchan ‘ – ji-yong Tip O’Neill ha ha
in in the UE you ha he never talks from his personal whims
what about Reba we used to come to immediately speak out kurudi nigger a
monocot upon my joke oh no he asked abolish a new cult a coruña be monogamous and I came to surah muhammad
arbitral abortions Ruby Munoz Ilana ba-ba-ba-ba who chemotherapy peachy
rasul allah rasool allah rasool allah Ramiro in a pool Allah Jonah sallalahu love emotionally Shingen Allah Allah Allah Karim Jabba
dobby kirk enjoy your job to the judge inaudible dr. vandana gupte gonna charm
me wrestle on condoms efficient Marilla Justino maternal in Canada bitching
subhanAllah job Bowman no possible Allah Japan a hobby pool a pool Illinois a
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alum GOP Adam Bailen impunity Murphy opening kun a ibrahim eid OMG no
caffeine no headed to be honorable job a new head attorney honorable job paper of
i only mala jokbal Subhan Allah Subhan Allah japa
moon Nayla anta super Hana so ba ha ha subhanAllah Allah what Allah thinking of
will no be currently subhanAllah alhamdulillah 40 below
dr. zakir body below ibrahim alaih-is-salaam Chilika Micah Rajeshwari
Chinna Reddy Babu Rajiv our chili Bob kimochi Bob joke with Allah
heart lidanyama if topology level jihad Buddha now joke to me baby now come to
me da Vinci like a big bar general Dostum Armani poorly
I’m a hardcore without evidence an unbeliever character editable troll baba
heart believe in evolution record a amira de la la muralla received and am
here to talk or adeno Who am I – Anita Maharashtra Ebola Oconomowoc pop-a-shot
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Cuba drydock terrible so Mickey engineer so doctor be hard cause right after
vomiting inner engineer hula true hobby to this table Suginami Gonzaga is done
after clicking dr. Bob a witch – gosh I’m Ruben concession on era come on ease of the wrong positions
cable opera company non zero C AB nap margin of the channel Canaan protect a
security under to each other while she cared antigravity
do piss Allah be routine WA big karate now let’s all suddenly Tom Araya
Salam aleykum Selam leave a at the promised an array after Bush has the
same Bush cocktail double shot a hockey gear Salam them
douche kabob by elevating the mighty ocean ecology father pulley shaft rocket
area Samara Jerusalem them who shall marry Bombay girl Salam combi
gonna read you the muscleman Nevada in the get the muscle man
read away Solomon from up will be picked up State Park this salamander Courbet
Gauri salam wa s-salam namazi salam victory
Salam sobbed again Salam Jannetty should ma tremolo Shambhala yes
Murphy laughs oh Allah be Lampinen salamence allah as a profession where
again not a generality resolution be Salam Salam a bow
I’m a director sama Bergen was me Jerry you sure obligate me Sean Daleks he
looked up into salami assalamualaikum it’s a llama look at me a Savannah baby
harmony table Gina’s gonna say haha it will have your own captain they’ve
been a goner in the hospital bandulus a video nice massage – agraja
wall igloo key Honolulu biodiverse of big cat would have either a big cat big
cat go Ishikawa tomorrow she’ll be your shoe store is the big calf or a máquina
ordinary mom at all Pocatello Chocula correct eluded mica foreigners were with
each Anna bar both go back with the circle of our God
guru Basu Roberto Casella ye India children can attend Posada taka bethany
mota Cory a era has marred by hope that about Shana knowledgeable Cassio Shawn
and I’m Angelique will not have got a good even take the retain Bernardo visit
a critically past la Turca better move big blue mana Hazara people they eat see
well a key Nico Juvederm know those repeated even Oh eternal phantom
tomorrow been finding quota by Romero certain Erica Seco de Bouree should the
key beret key Marie Jones body told Bogalusa ashore along hi you mustn’t enter Morocco China Madame
de Chile I talked to the dictionary dictum I decided to develop yourself
curating another coastal change a kolobok permanent o8 o amethyst all the
crucial narrows the remember shara shara Larry Shakti collar at 11:00
Allahu Akbar laughter I have got a solution
exhale go like to bang a rockin a I’m reconnecting a feels sandiago fish the
help you is a fish alkali sea fish the master Khalid Mohammed Khan beep beep
hooray Thank You TIA beep okay so that really
good Allah on he guru Buddha than a unicorn did you say I say we said the
saying of is our es Salaam yo no se hace my Yamaha say ah wah wah wah on Becca
kalapa dress shatter this love hi particularly a mechanic you already hate
John hard time I see I am fine yeah how you doing impression Nova’s pulling
a phil koury beer is a von musel in America will recap podcast drunk drunk a
lot guru me on phone are you gonna see hey John I drink a man clear syllable at
my birthday so what’s your name you’re okay happy birthday too
happy birthday Pluto al-assad has got hit me back they do them ice all right
now we have to say mama I said the euro and I mean remember traumatically la la
la la la la ilaha illa llah have another facilities a king who she calls on the
cable infeed our canary the ad technique that it Coquina they can mohammed sheikh osama a
logical guru-guru consulate arbitrary Kalina looky there
che Ibaka voce happy birthday to the Cano Swapna an AVO a terminal chica –
Armando Devon American kilometer nothing in a
ingredie school apologies will call my god
and if you got constancy online a good kisser is Gotham evolve a la palma de la
da la palma de ella es esto shop Zorich towboat fre see a la voce’ know Giuliana
general Marquez shaman Corbett in Boone cargo of la Jara Jacob memeber – Liam
become – a ah al Optima Khmer practicable for a chain to make each
antenna shopkin man currently in Senate hey Nina honey let me am Mantovani
erectus amoeba heat OHA kuniko miyake tomorrow Sedona should of 1010 corto a
malcontent a cable operate a second or Latasha kitchen table Bahama company so
we were wrong for it commodify a meter and a Babylon followed of currency so
trouble I woke up quarry today Roopa the Ramadan curry they hate America to be
Korea Malaysia Nevada be corrected everything Kamiya them he with Amitha to
Damario fillets other cases na which are Corbin key unlock which are carbon came
to dunya Nagano photographer PETA PETA mattandnicole chosen in the para Velma
Murph our European logon room dinner chilli Abdullah normal master sister on
TV box any rasulallah amaura bomber became virtual the coroner act in which
a minute do any million finding given resolution salam ala show know Jonathan
Rita Georgia quota act anima barrack condom
um tsumiki for mathematical Familia Michoacana J Lucretia callable ibn amar Shah Mardan
Maki sushi rock a janitor acted on local ah ba ba ba ba cushy rock a little
gentle you look origin k Jericho a little karina Farrakhan in Batman and I
could tape re-emission little cotton embroider will Hager bow to the shoddy
beginner but I mean that with a higher pH of the slogan Thorin Digby Manor a
third Victor shop here Toby she bond affirmative Bill Baldwin bond o Pantheon
raja ammar developer leakage a MOBA should the box integrate bass bundle
male that’s receive an arsenal a resonant or italic a can finish at along
the rebels mahmoud abbas said okay ha ha picking with Lala delete a message okay
Kremlin heroes ago I’m Russell volunteer mother is ill important oh la ilaha
mohammed or again no muscleman there at the boy aaseesh area from Nevada Nevada
oddly h mt kinabalu man not guaranteed call em up not tonight
but these crappy numbers the must compose sorry go to them I’m not
protecting constable kilowatts compulsory go to them to get hunky-dory well you look at yourself capable of
currently after the relic and upon us soon enough but the Menomonee like a
movie mothers are published and fortunately if
you gon say nah I’m a little look I’m sharing means a car there is no mas
bullet pass after all they mostly them label given what I got my God he’s
another tight Amir LaRussa Sheridan male genital and Rishabh Commission on me
Morty desire go to local effect Emily I’m a heretic oh yeah Oh missional the
cavalry commander he can hahaha wicked evil in son care about the
bond o Gurudeva 100 incremental Bala muscle hakuna the locally so gamma local
a system to resist he can afford right and not because an illusion or Moses
brought the Ozuna attack asalamu 10 Jean Azad eternal a mother looked into mine
la voce presented Amla surveillance a local each party Papa ha
hecho hamurana giddy a harbor michigan poor channel officials coroner look
you’ll allah machine company achieved O’Hara’s an exotic ulamas for a tea
party what is it chicken a called quran sharif
into pseudo llama drama bella am i extrude Amavasya since Muhammad
Alara Kalama Latasha Virgil da da Ibaka neomycin o
quadrigemina kalimera but I can manage Cranmer a nasty october
of quran sharif am lolani thank you buddy this is a general
abortion should do huh I’m gonna stall equality Havana should do push una vida
have been a lot big attacked me happen and in the camel a solid cook table a
muscleman politically do open ah-ha-ha-ha in La Mora me less or Leo or
the enemy me Nell muslimeen Muslim emissions Lamia me
amici Toro be a la cuchara KK money nama right that could be that could be
Nussbaum consider connemara hello Santa mother Holle that correct signal us
together from ghana adi me to teach you the rock upon which our lecture in chile
Moraga no las cosas Takei colm online domicile in monte remembrances – a
boreal lo can a phone call diffuser am liquid eye primer e body as he man about
sama phenomenal you see Mauro show us a man is not a computer but a gentleman I
will come here niggas cameras in Valerie me loca rakia Mazda come on – salud i ck
you dude Zhanna Zhanna moody’s I am ah the cheeky legend of the Oracle key
horizon inna allaha la la Natasha a hobby has are not the other you mullahs
Islamic hi hi hi a Beatriz and nothing nom you know what artists are solely I
said here at the vendek a dancer do as I say cosy hobby as an athlete o IQ lamb
kakora Leo egg John Coble Corbin thingy K Jean
McConville current K so what typically have an armed assailant wah oh I can
still go to the attend both high action after ah we should have been off for a
change oh by Winslow Abdullah me nobody so Lola
Hariyama Jonathan caption number Faruk Domino general jung-hwa one who who says
the lumberton ms Aruna a lava gets the RV hm needed Hukilau a villain guide
gamma theorem over silicon on the back porch and roster salam food courtesy as
mother chillin yoga to delay that girl Tina detail kill Devon politically me
Dom are people go for hot villa Takeo poopoo hot detail international arena true ruler una Bala vuvuzela Islam and
burnished watts to power to the avocado core be Corona optimism in Shotokan he
gonna change moon effective nominee in Africa muhammediye China
there are four the reservoir for the roster for Allegra munafa from when I
forget Eternal Father a sample of protein dignity regular guy enough of
the real common solution can calm nervously gone I’m rapid truck
tournament lordy the Pavarotti attend it will have to allocate a banana Allah
Allah Nanami was Al Gore chi-ji banana quality
for us robots for through de Fora Sparta for Oscar on mana Gerald Ivana
I mean Yara Ferrara mean Brewster for a suburban mall today are so not lawful
for when quality be shot a bikini incorrect namaz Presonus important
sallallaahu aftermarket picture is even after me ma ash shatrah zahramay
I’m probably be actionable children from Lotte did you wrote a mariner after the
miracle about for instant Amato would very much as we can net 50 Magnum and
Ahmad Java technology and Mira the baby mom Jericho shams and I’m a denim and
chambray then I grew from a shaman alive abominable Allah Subhan Allah
alhamdulillah believe is inevitable not a geek or maybe I was conveying to
thalassemia he could wave a levy be a metropolis terminal alhamdulillah mawa
particularly as it is already gossip karma he God who can so Arizona
caricature he’s a super Arabic on to suit for him um shapes of Ithaca skinny
multi-vehicle Hamburg a moose Hammurabi’s and ii ii ii london kakuzu
yamato-kun Gucci CCNA Imam said Kanhaiya can’t am Niharika see what oppose
embarrassin an autonomous correa ban on shoes
namasthe collar again imagine who come guruship zambia karaage be repulsion
patina via correctly chakra yamuna got a shopkins bolivia karappa by tsubasa deny
is dominant that is from an Rima rocky took people phenomenon but it either
with the mothership majority into the chasm already got any shops cash a
Korean idiom equal to pass for a it’s a didn’t avoid rocky Amish amon korra
bosch ascenta some money Coordinating Committee connects immediately became
allocated Regina that we had you know a theater buddy who confesses selenium
Masha simply computing in general manager thing that’s what anonymity
crombie Oh miss Alma Sofia who’d they put on the book then
Russell need you hunted wanna be attacking Ruth in a group family
devilish from the job job the boy she wrote Monta pujita
inner of the Incan I wanna hear about the reason he modeled to Nepal Bhutan
may you not prima donna it’s a naughty naughty either compassion
has been our mantra so truth again shows you talking pinky Mack Shigella ball
change surah Levine terrible chain shops
Ekeroth with a Madonna Puma DHL American pyramid evolution Sammy Cara is 3 Paulo
company VAR da bobba Hamas Allan Levene Amano in rotifer all a pretty Hamas the
moment original of finality become anthropology finacial Ocala RPGs helo
Momina be wiki domina a ba BB corruption evil Oconto ba da da ba ba
I mean look cool Koren Cal Cal Poly ami a company called adamantium our body
Etta after the Raiola camera borrows until another relic approach or American
rosamma shoe shoe body of the Dragon today I’m here to show us an African
American car company God’s eternal okay beautiful it on occasion dinner and
pollution is Coulomb’s mi5 house surrounded by aquatic world of people
who borrows again I get through horrible America since the gorilla Polamalu
oceans electronic keyboard on bow vinegar leg magenta Hannah he does in a
lucky good you can be antibody Noakhali royal de stigma Sunday gala booty get a
fedora hi Jasha professor Angela hi Gary Roenicke Honan sill original genican am
relaxing scene in tanta Lincoln ameralik coj cheetah a Romulan xev chameleon am
relaxing Sakura Sakura reboot eeeh Gupta vada Pattaya combo economist at Maria Bonita
Silvia cobbler bahá’u’llah cobbler foreign jungle a thick by to me camel
chambre de esta camiseta should Magan go to Faro body Shah Jalal or crucially
there will be they say fat Aguirre am Rahab conceal or D tomatillo the javelin o our Shah Pahlavi era scene
Aditi Barbara hakin yep tonight certainly acting booty but they’re not
acting Moody back equal to shove a motherfucker Allah is not a decoration
till I woke up Bobby Tina no be more it for a show pony
no be more Hashanah ricany Ilana honey honey
a la una pajara Karuna beach our dignity allocated a
visit Apollo zoo kokia taratata father of the Shakya the little
tea party amor pop a monkey shahida gonna shame in Chile sameen Collini culo
jumped ocean to the Tonto I love you so don’t go freak that got him well in the
la laa laa nyla
illa anta hasta felucca what to believe Lila illa anta Allah illa anta as the
fukken what will we leave my college education
I’m a doctor to provide ceiling-high hundred minutia modulation avocado quran
ibraheem a.s ER imam abu cheeky rotten girl


  • মাশাল্লাহ ।
    আল্লাহ তুমি আমাদের সবাইকে তুমার দ্বীনের হেদায়াত দান করুন(আমিন)।

  • মুহতারাম, আপনাকে ভালবাসি আল্লাহ র জন্য

  • Masaallah

  • Alhamdhulliah

  • শিক্ষা গ্রহণের জন্য এই ছোট্ট ভিডিও ক্লিপসটিই যথেষ্ট।
    সাম্প্রতিক সময়ের জন্য আল্লামা সাঈদীর (হাফিঃ) অত্যন্ত গুরুত্বপূর্ণ একটি ওয়াজ।

  • আলহামদুলিল্লাহ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • মাশাআল্লাহ,,,,।

  • মা বাবার প্রতি ইহসান করা প্রত্যেক সন্তানের কর্তব্য।

  • আমার আলেম সমাজের মাঝে সবচেয়ে ভালো লাগে তারেক ভাইকে। ইদানিং ওনাকে নিয়ে অনেক সমালোচনা শুরু হয়েছে। ওনি সকল সমালোচনার জবাব ও দিয়েছিলেন। সমালোচনার জবাব দেওয়ার পর আমি একটু দ্বিধাদন্দে ভোগছিলাম।আমি বুঝতে ছিলাম না আমার কি ওনাকে সমর্থন করা উচিত হবে কি না? তারপর ভাবলাম ওনি যদি আলেম হয়ে মিথ্যা জবাব দিয়ে থাকেন তাহলে কিয়ামতের দিন ঠিকই ধরা খাবেন।তাই আমাদের উচিত আলেমদের ভালো দিকগুলা নেওয়া। আর তাদের বাদ দিককে নিয়ে বাড়াবাড়ি না করা।কারন এসবই বর্তমানে আলেমসমাজে ফিতনার সৃষ্টি করে থাকে।

  • আমার প্রিয় আলীম মাওলানা তারেক মূনাওয়ার

  • peter griffin led me here!!!

  • যতদিন কোরআন এর বানী দিয়ে চলবে না দেশে , গজলটি সোনার লিংক:- https://youtu.be/dqLT9yEvrZ8

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