महिला सुरक्षा के लिए अचूक उपाय | The ultimate solution for women safety | Onkar

Respect the women in this world then only one will receive Food Water and respect The Talks club keep talking, keep learning A flower questions: “Why am I scared?” A girl named Akanksha put this forward and was searching for a solution to this fear more than the words she spoke, much more spoke her facial expressions according to our sciolism, the solution to this, only and only women possess. This has to be applied with sheer strictness. Its culprit are those men whose thinking and mindset have been corrupted. None of the male members of a house, in front of other female members wants to demean himself. A need to circulate and spread this exists. Social Organizations, state and national level Television, radio and print media propagation through the media is needed. This is the only correct path which has to be accepted sooner or later Just like the gardens are beautiful due to the flowers Similarly, this world is beautiful because of girls and women. Inside the humans fear always remains If the women in this world are respected then only one will get at home Food Water and Respect.

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  • Powerful message.

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