Тапочки крючком (следки, носки). Slippers crocheted (turn on subtitles)

good afternoon my friends guests on my channel, subscribers in this master class I will show you and tell you how to tie these slippers slippers are very comfortable the heel is specially knitted soft and such that would not be wiped and for a long time you have enough looks very nice on the stalk and simply and easily knit you can quickly link them I’m in this master class I’ll tell you what I used a little bit so, let’s begin there are at me such here threads color 207 composition 60% wool 40% acrylic in a hutch I have 50 grams I will use the hooks 3.5 millimeters so do I make the first loop so I’m delaying and I dial 5 air loops the first the second the third fourth fifth I close it all with a ring this first loop like this and in the center of the ring I’m tying 8 columns with crochet do 2 air loops this is the first post We throw and in the center we sew 7 more columns everything will turn out 8. this is the second now there will be a third fourth fifth sixth seventh and eighth put it all in the ring connecting loop we make 2 air loops cape and in each following loop we knit two bars with a crochet first second here the next third in the same loop and another column with crochet and so on, knit now close in the ring connecting post two air loops and now in each loop two bars without a crochet the next two bars the next two bars and so and the end of the series we make a connecting post this series we knit in each loop to one column without a crochet just one bar without a crochet in each loop More and more we will not have applications Now we have to tie our socks now each series will be one by one without crochet Now knit your toe completely your foot to the heel each row one column without crochet I tied my socks this is what we get here to the heel now I’ll show you how to tie a heel in the toe of the heel I I want to add a thread angora she is thin she has 60% acrylic 50% maher now I’ll show you how to do it here is our socks leave on each side for 5 loops five five like this and start tying I take two strings stretch I make a loop first air loop, second I do the Cape and the next I bind next column with crochet next column with a crochet so we tie it that from this side one, two, three, four, five Here we tie it from here billets I tied billets I make two air loops recovery turn over and here is our first stalk we do not touch and here is the second post we knit column now I’ll show you again next column behind the back wall pulling the thread and we sew again cape now we take loop here so stretch pull a string and we sew cape take a string stretch and we sew and so tie this series to the end tied this series Here such it turns out dense heel that she would not quickly rub off now we also knit by drawing tie a heel for how long you need it and so tied a heel That’s the length I got and now we will fix it we will take it like this turn out inside out and in each loop we’ll stick out and knit turn next poking through stretch and fastening loop again the same way in this peresovyvaem stenochku pull out and fix and so you knit to end I did everything connecting loops Here is such a beautiful heel turns out she goes into a circular now simply tying on a circle our slippers this thread is no longer needed just a simple thread fix and in each loop we will knit column without crochet first column without crochet next column without crochet and so on the circle we’ll make the edging and that’s how we get a beautiful slipper if you liked the video, put a husky subscribe to the channel, write comments I answer them always see you soon

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