Обзор оригинальных кроссовок Adidas AX2, Adidas AX2 trail running shoes review (with subtitles)

Hello ! Today I’d like to share a review of Adidas AX2 running shoes They were ordered from Amazon, real Adidas and not fakes. And I’d like to show you what real ones look like in case if you gonna order them online. I ordered them in such a color and I paid around 75 USD To me they look just amazing, here you can see front protection made of relatively hard synthetic leather There is also a protector for your big toe I’d like to stress that even on genuine product you can find some excess glue sometimes. just a little portions of excess glue But it is not a real reason to think that they are fakes – they are originals and such a things happen in original products too And I saw such a things like excess glue byuing shoes in Adidas outlets that are for sure not fakes, and it just happens sometimes. I’m gonna show you the insides og the shoe. Here is a standard tag that tells you the size of the shoe here it is 10.5 US size. Here is a sticker on the insole, the insole is really solid, I don’t like to take insoles out cause I don’t like to put them back – they often fit wrong as I do it 🙂 Stitching is good enough. There is Adiprene insert on the midsole Doubble stitching is very accurate, smooth, feels like a good product in your hands On the thongue there is no adidas logo Looks like this model is done with no logo there Also there is a thing that the name AX 2 is not apperared in full on the side , another shoe also looks having just a part of logo It is fine They are pretty comfortable on my feet, here you can see adidas logo Here are shoes that cost around 75 bucks We’ll see for how long they can last They are actually trail running shoes, even suitable for some climbing They are light enough Thank you for watching my video. Good luck!


  • а нафиг было их заказывать когда в России их можно было прям по распродаже купить намного дешевле…..эту модель не подделывают!

  • так я не в России живу

  • подскажите пожалуйста с какого сайта лучше заказать и чтоб по цене норм было.

  • климбинг!

  • короче по-горам лазить, взбираться…в разумных пределах конечно

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